Friday, April 11, 2008

Ramblings from a Bear

Well, arn't we full of guest posts this week? If you have read the site for awhile, you know we have a buddy/reader, who goes by the name of manBEARpig. Bear is buddy of ours who not only likes piknik baskets, and honey, but sports pretty much in general. He sent us a post about his thought about the dallas sports scene. Enjoy.

Something I realized last night as I was heading home from the bar where I caught the last of the Mav’s game, and the start of the Stars/Ducks game. We Dallas fans are either very shallow, or have very short-term memories! Watching Dirk drain a .9 second three to clinch the Mav’s playoff birth, the bar was clearly elated, and my spirits were lifted. Visions of grandeur and hopes that they will get back to finals started to swoon through my head, but just a week ago, everyone was saying that the Mav’s wont even make the playoffs! Or if they do, they won’t make it past the first round!

It was all doom and gloom in Dallas land, not a single sports broadcaster was giving the lowly Mav’s any credit, with speculations of Avery firings and Lottery picks was all anyone spoke of. But a couple of wins later, and they are all switching gears to “Finals here we come!” We do it with all of our teams… The Cowboys, The Stars, The Rangers, The Mav’s, Desperados, FC Dallas (if you follow that) and I’m sure we did it with the Sidekicks when they were here! So why is it that we can’t just enjoy watching our teams play, win or lose? Why is it that when they lose, they’re the worst team in their sport, and when they win they are slated to go all the way (exclude the Rangers from that)? Are we so snobbish from the 90’s Cowboys that any time we have a winning record they’re supposed to go to the Superbowl? Were we so spoiled by the Hitch Stars that every year we’re supposed to be going to the Stanley Cup? Did we get so bought into Avery’s first year that we expect the Mav’s to be in the Finals every year? Imagine if you were a Sonics fan!

at this point, while Bear was writting this post, Brown threw a salmon at him and then hid some honey in a tree. Needless to say we laughed as the Bear tried to get at the honey and killed two people in the process

I think all those have a part to do with it. But that’s called being a sports fan. Period. You always want to see your team do good, and win the biggest game in their sport. Yet, being a Dallas sports fan, especially recently we’ve been a bit jaded by our teams lately! Yes, there’s the undeniable fact that our teams haven’t proven much lately in playoffs (if they make it to the playoffs… Rangers). We’ve had one and dones with the Mav’s, Stars, Cowboys and a even with the Desperados. The Dallas fan has developed a “We can’t finish” mindset and the only cure seems to be winning. The second we get a great win from any team, we are back on cloud nine and proclaiming Dallas sports victory! But why can’t we just enjoy watching our teams play?

Before I make this claim… I have had my times when I’ve cursed the sports gods for my teams performance on the field/court/ice. But I am a sports fan, and I enjoy the sport for the sport. I have cheered for other teams because I respect the history with those teams (unless they were playing my team, and they were the mortal enemy)! I can enjoy a game between two storied franchises and watch the game for the game. Yet, if it’s my team… they better win or die! Is that fair? Probably not, but you know what? That’s the life of a Dallas sports fan! So GO MAVS, GO STARS… give us all the cure we need!

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