Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on that whole subjectivity thing...

So, based on the commentary, a few of you actually decided to read something on this site...for those that didn't, I put up a post regarding subjectivity in the Olympics games.

Well, I was trolling the interwebs and came across the great Yahoo! Olympic blog, Fourth Place Medal

See, Chris Chase is doing a study on how the objective versus the subjective events are turning out, and he's calling it "the Real Medal Count". Essentially, he's removed from the medal totals the events that are completely based on judges scores to determine a winner. Those events are :
  • Diving
  • Equestrian
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Trampoline (an event being chastised on our comment boards)
  • Wrestling
Anyway, Chase has provided a very intriguing count of medals...

First, the current medal count:


China 46 15 22 83
United States
29 34 32 95

Now, the "real" medal count:


United States
25 26 25 76
China 23 12 13 48

Hey, the proof's in the pudding, and as my blogging buddy, Big, might say, "god damned, mongolians!"

Awesome job by Chris over at Yahoo!.

No captions, just laughs.

Hat tip: FFFFound!

Hey wait, we grew up watching that station!

If you have paid even scant attention to sports on the internet, then you're aware of Brian Collins, more appropriately, "the boom goes the dynamite guy".

Here's the video to refresh your memory:


Anyways, seems young Brian has finished his term at Ball State and has found himself working at KXXV in Waco, Texas.

Wait a second, KXXV, Channel 25 in Waco, Texas? You mean the ABC affiliate that broadcasts to the greater Central Texas area? That's right, both mine and Big's hometown, not far from Waco (it's a city commonly known as Assholeofamerica, Texas) , will now be getting a dose of the one and only Brian Collins!

Nope, still not enough to get me to visit my parents.

You'll never be better than Iandoli, buddy, so you might as well find another market.

Separate note, Robert Flores, now of ESPN Sportscenter fame, got his start in the same area on Channel 10, then moved to KEYE in Austin and is now at ESPN. So, you know, Brian does have that one in a million chance.

Think Charles Barkley is an ass hole?

Hat tip: Awful Announcing

Have we got a show for you.

The crown prince of pudge is going to undergo a live colonoscopy on television during a "Stand Up for Cancer" special being simulcast on a few channels.
"Sir Charles, 45, says he was surprised that the show approached him, but was happy to participate in promoting awareness for colonoscopies, which screen for prostate and other cancers.

Barkley said that when he told his friend Fred Lavner, of NB2 Apparel, about being asked to undergo the procedure on television, Lavner replied they were "probably just looking for the celebrity with the biggest ass.""
Celebrity with the biggest ass? Ok, I guess that makes sense.

Here's what I don't understand about the whole cancer screening process...why do men have to go through gay tests?

We get our balls rubbed and asses violated. Really? All the technology in the world, and we're still relegated to a rubber glove with some KY?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Brown goes to the House of Blues to watch...TNA Wrestling?

That's right, you read that title correctly. TNA Wrestling was in town this weekend and put on a little show at the House of Blues. So, El Blogador and I went to check out the scene.

Here's a few notes:
  • Booker T rode to the event in a very elaborate RV and parked it in between the House of Blues and Hooters.
  • Blogador and I ate at the Hooters and had a window staring at Booker T's RV, our main form of enjoyment of was a fat kid in a Kix (the band, not the cereal) t-shirt and a binder waiting for autographs. Blogador and I make a pact stating that if either of us stooped that low, the other would put a bullet in said person's head.
  • Lots of kids at TNA Wrestling meaning, lots of beaten down parents.
  • Jeremy Borash might be the gayest man on the planet
  • Petey Williams's finisher, "the Canadian Destroyer", looks as cool live as it does on television
  • Fans of TNA Wrestling apparently have no sense of humor because Blogador and I tried all night to get chants going to make wrestler's laugh. Nothing caught on, but the old black man across the aisle from us couldn't stop laughing.
  • Blogador and I can get pretty racist without thinking about what we're saying. We both played the "hey, we're minorities too" card and got off scot-free. Take that, whitey!
  • Curry Man's dancing is quite infectious. Even we were dancing like jack asses.
  • I decided, after a few beers, it was the appropriate time to hit on MILFs. Turns out the MILF I chose happened to be the PRESIDENT OF TNA WRESTLING. That's right, of all the people in the building I hit on, it happened to be the president of the promotion.
  • Biggest laugh from our section: when Awesome Kong came out and Blogador screamed "That's a huge bitch!" at a particularly quiet moment.
  • TNA Knockout champion, Taylor Wilde = Nastia Liukin with a boob job...right down to the five-head.
  • Jay Lethal's Macho Man gimmick is more nostalgic in person then it is on television.
  • LAX (Latin American eXchange) got the biggest pop of the night. I started a "De-mo-graphics" one got the joke.
  • If you saw Samoa Joe at the gym, you might think he just got a membership and it's his first time there and not that this guy is the World Heavyweight Champion. Go figure.
So, TNA Wrestling comes on Thursday nights on Spike TV at 8. Check it out, you might recognize some of the older guys that are still wrestling on there.

Why are there subjective events in the Olympics?

If you've been paying attention to the Olympics, which we have in between WWE pay-per-views and Cowboy preseason games, then you might have noticed some fairly eyebrow raising judging inconsistencies in the "subjective" events like gymnastics and diving.

So, what's the deal? Is it anti-American bias? Is it Americans being sore losers? Is there some kind of Chinese political appeasement going on?

The only redeeming quality of Brown University

To be honest, I haven't the slightest fucking clue. I just go by what I see. For example, The Big and The Brown's favorite sexy gymnast, Alicia Sacramone, seemingly got screwed out of medaling last night in the women's vault competition. The Chinese girl, Cheng Fei, fell on her knees while landing, and Sacramone landed on her feet. Yet, somehow, China was awarded the bronze medal and Sacramone got fourth place. Interesting.

The one on the left? 18. The other two? 16. Riiight.

Case two, The Big and The Brown's favorite local gymnast, Nastia Liukin, was seemingly screwed out of a gold medal in the uneven bars last night. A TIED score with the Chinese gymnast, He Xexin (the one in the middle that was 13 about 9 months ago, but is 16 now). She TIED the score, but through some kind of weird tiebreaker system, He Xexin got the gold and Liukin got the silver. In the objective events (track, swimming, etc.) ties are allowed. In fact, Jason Lezak tied with some Brazilian swimmer for bronze because they posted the same finishing time in the 100 Freestyle.

Nastia Liukin took the high road, even though in the picture she's about to release her inner Texan and whoop some little kid's ass.

"It’s nothing I can control, and honestly, I can say it has been very fair to me, and I got the biggest gold medal of them all," said Liukin, winner of the women’s all-around gymnastics gold."

So, what's the deal with the subjective sports? Is it really a good thing to inject subjectivity into sporting events? I'm pretty sure the original Olympics only consisted of measurable and quantifiable know, someone wins a wrestling match, someone runs faster than someone else, someone throws a rock further than someone else. Now with technology, it's that much easier to determine if someone touches a wall one one-hundreth of a second faster than someone else. No subjectivity.

Is it sour grapes to look at the cases of total subjectivity and say that the host country, which has been coming into question left and right, could be pressuring the human element of the judging to edge competition out, regardless of that competition's country? I dunno. It just appears that the Chinese team is sweeping a lot of the subjective events and losing a lot of the objective and quantifiable events.

I dunno, but I don't think anyone will listen to objective reasoning within the context of this argument. If you think America lost a subjective event because of a controversy, it's just sour grapes. If you think America won a subjective event fairly, then it's a double standard.


This is why I prefer pro wrestling. At least the results are known ahead of time and cheating is expected. Way to go, Dave.