Friday, April 11, 2008

Nude Music Friday

Its that time again. Lets crank the tunes, sing out load, and get naked. ITS NUDE MUSIC FRIDAY!

Today for your listen entertainment, I present to you
Two Cow Garage. (Myspace)
This band from Columbus Ohio will rock your pants off. They play that dirty "southern" style of rock that was made famous by Skinnerd, and their contemporary sound alikes are Kings of Leon. This is not a big band(yet) so a cool story the last time I went to see them. My buddy Tioaga, went to see them a few months pryer, partied with them afterward, got their phone number (possibly for groupie reasons), and thought nothing of it.

Flash forward a few months, the next time they rolled into town. He gets a call from some unknown number, lets it go to voice mail, check its, and its these guys with a "HEY WE ARE BACK IT TOWN, LETS GET FUCKED UP AT THE SHOW!" message. Now we first thought that they called everybody that they know in town so that they could sell it out, but when Tiaoga called them back they answered and chatted with him for a good 10 min about shit.
We go to the show not really thinking much of it, but when we get there the lead singer comes over and says whats up and buys my friend a drink(guess he did a good job back stage). That, plus they played an alternating set with the other band that came with them and brent
best from slobberbone(fantastic band if you don't know). Needless to say it was a fantastic show.
From 135
"so you think it's empty now
just wait till it all comes down
when everything you love has gone away
so when it all comes tumbling down
well at least you'll be around
screaming I'm the boy you always wanted to be"
So check out two car. And if that didn't sell you, this is one of their posters.


D-Nasty said...

Mispelling Skynyrd is just sacrilegious, Big... Even if you're a Southern Democrat wishing for a Hillary and Obama ticket.

tioga said...

another comment about them; they played in Denton to pay for the gas to get home from their week at SxSW. They called me up to see if I was swinging by. Me and KT hung out and got shitfaced with them and Brent Best, who produced their last album and appeared on a few tracks. Needless to say when Kevin asked if they were country they laughed and when their set started over an hour later and about 13 beers aswell they covered a Johny Cash tune, (I think it was Cash maybe), and rocked it out aswell.