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So, the draft is coming up, two weeks and some change. Me being the big draft dork that I am, will throw out a bunch of nonsense about it. It should be fun. Here is another mock draft, See how it differers from my last mock here.


1 Miami Jake Long OT 6-7, 320 Michigan
- Miami needs just about everything. They could any number of ways with this one, the "noise" out there is they are really liking Chris Long(no relation), so that can only mean they won't take him. Jake Long is an anchor of a left tackle that will help this team rebuild under Big Bill

2 St. Louis Chris Long DE 6-4, 285 Virginia
- The Rams have to get better on d-line, and this pick will help. Dorsey sounds like he is starting to scare people with his knee, so Chris Long should be the next best thing.

3 Atlanta Ryan Clady OT 6-5, 320 Boise State
- Little bit of a reach, but with all the Vick stuff, I don't think they will take a chance on another character guy like D-Mac, and I don't think they want to pay top 3 money to a QB such as Ryan. Clady will be a good, if not great Tackle in this league for a while.

4 Oakland Glenn Dorsey DT 6-2, 300 LSU
- Al Davis likes big names. I bet he would like to pick D-Mac here, but they have such depth at Running Back, and Glenn Dorsey might be the second biggest name in the draft. Perfect guy to fill the over rated shoes of Warren Sapp

5 Kansas City Mike Jenkins CB 5-11, 200 South Florida
- The people of KC might be screaming for Ryan here, but the owners want to give another year to Croyle, so the biggest pressing need on this team is a shut down corner. Mike Jenkins has a speed and athleticism to hang with just about anybody in the league.

6 New York Jets Darren McFadden RB 6-1, 215 Arkansas
- And a smattering of boo's and cheers will explode when this pick is announced in NYC. I really don't think D-Mac will fall this far, but if he does, I don't see how an offensive black hole like the Jets have been passing on this kid. He won't have to carry the load as Thomas Jones is still there, its a nice fit for both teams.

7 New England from San Francisco D. Rodgers-Cromartie CB 6-1, 185 Tennessee State
-With Samuel leaving, the defending AFC champs need help in their secondary. Rodgers-Cromartis is that big, physical player that Bill Bellichk loves.

8 Baltimore Matt Ryan QB 6-4, 220 Boston College
- And here goes Ryan. Baltimore might be the worst team that is only a few players away from contending. That said, Ryan could sit behind either McNair or Boller for a year or two till this team gets to full out rebuild mode.

9 Cincinnati Sedric Ellis DT 6-2, 295 USC
- Who knows where this team will end up going. With Johnson wanting a trade, and Henry getting cut, they might go WR, but if they are smart they will stick to drafting defense. Ellis will help this teams just horrid run defense from day one.

10 New Orleans Leodis McKelvin CB 5-11, 190 Troy
-New Orleans has slowly been getting some pretty decent players this off season, but the hole at CB is still glaring. McKelvin is a speed corner at only 190lbs, but when you go against Joey Galloway, and Steve Smith twice a year

11 Buffalo Vernon Gholston DE 6-4, 260 Ohio State
-They need passrushing and this guy might be the best one of those in the draft. He wouldn't be asked to start everydown, so he can learn as he goes and just be a rush specialist at first.

12 Denver Jeff Otah OT 6-7, 340 Pittsburgh
-The running game is what makes Denver click. The biggest need on this team is finding some people who can help stop the run, but upgrading the line is never a bad idea.

13 Carolina Chris Williams OT 6-5, 320 Vanderbilt
- The Run on tackles contiues, Williams is a less talked about player who can probably be had later in round one, or round two, but based on need, this a great fit. He's big and strong and can step in and help protect Jake Delome almost from the jump.

14 Chicago Malcolm Kelly WR 6-4, 220 Oklahoma
-OK, so I started this draft yesterday, before Kelly ran something in the 4.6's (wow) at his pro day. He will most def not go this high now, but i didn't want to redo my draft. The reason for a WR is simple, they don't have any. Mush is gone, Berrien is gone, and Hestor is nothing more than a bit player in the passing game. While it won't be Kelly, look for it to be somebody like him, big, possession guy.

15 Detroit Calais Campbell DE 6-7, 282 Miami
-The Idea of Detroit overhauling their defense is a constant thought in the draft, yet they go after skill guys almost every year. With as much upside as Campbell has, they can't pass on him.

16 Arizona Keith Rivers LB 6-3, 220 USC
-They need some run stopping help. Rivers is one of the best Linebackers in the draft.

17 Minnesota Derrick Harvey DE 6-4, 270 Florida
- They already have one of the best Run Stopping defenses in the league, now they have to work on their pass d. Best way to stop passing? Sacks. Harvey is beast coming off the edge.

18 Houston Jonathan Stewart RB 5-11,235 Oregon
- Stewart is bar nun the second best RB in the draft, but he is hurt. This might make teams gun shy on the guy, but Houston still has Aaman Green who still has some serviceable time left in his tank, so they can take a "chance" on Stewart.

19 Philadelphia Kenny Phillips FS 6-1, 205 Miami
- The NFC East is becoming one of the most feared divisions in all of football. Dallas and New York both have explosive offenses, and the Redskins aren't far behind. Philly already added a top notch corner, now with the drafting of Phillips, they might once again have one of the best secondaries in the football.

20 Tampa Bay Aqib Talib DB 6-1, 205 Kansas
- Yea he likes pot, yea he gets into some trouble, but the kid can really play. Tampa Bay has always prided itself on its D. Talib can play several possessions in the secondary, so his contributions will be felt from the start.

21 Washington James Hardy WR 6-6, 220 Indiana
- Again the NFC East has some great offensive teams, and James Hardy can help close the gap for the Redskins, giving Jason Campbell a big, nice WR to trow to.

22 Dallas from Cleveland Antoine Cason CB 6-0, 182 Arizona
- Even if they get Pac Man, its not a sure thing that he is still the same player, and if he can stay out of trouble. Cason give's the boys much more flexibility to move Newman on the slot guy from time to time, and play Henry at safety to cover the blemish that Roy Williams is.

23 Pittsburgh Branden Albert OG 6-6, 335 Virginia
- Without the running game in Pitt, the team doesn't go anywhere. Albert is the best non tackle in the draft, and when you start getting the late rounds, a solid 6-6 guard is a nice thing to start thinking about.

24 Tennessee Limas Sweed WR 6-4, 220 Texas
- Sweed may not have lived up to much of the Hype that he had at Texas, but he still a fantastic player. It still baffles my mind that Tennessee is as good as they are without any receiving threats. Giving VY a nice target like Sweed is something they need to do.

25 Seattle Brian Brohm QB 6-3, 230 Louisville
- Surprise pick of the draft. Hassellbeck is a great QB, but he is getting up there in age, and at times last year looked like he had had it. In what most people think will be Holmegrons last year, he might just draft this guy so if he becomes a superstar he can always say "The last thing I did in Seattle was draft a top QB and set them up for years. "

26 Jacksonville Phillip Merling DE 6-5, 272 Clemson
- Merling took over for the now Tampa player Gaines Adams at Clemson and filled his shoes nicely. He isn't as much a pass rusher as a run stopper, but that's something that Jacksonville needs.

27 San Diego Gosder Cherilus OT 6-6, 320 Boston College
-You have LDT, you have an explosive passing game with Gates and Rivers, help them all out with Cherilus, another good Boston College OT.

28 Dallas Felix Jones RB 6-0, 207 Arkansas
-While I don't really care for Jones as much as some people, it looks like this will happen. Jones can be used to upgrade the return game, and help spell now number one back MB3.

29 San Francisco from Indianapolis Kentwan Balmer DT 6-5, 290 North Carolina
San Fran went from a chick pic to just plan bad. Alex Smith is inching nearer to bust, the running game with Gore is good, but not great, and the defense is ageing. They did good last year with getting Patrick Willis, but another big body to clog the middle would be a very nice thing.

30 Green Bay Branden Flowers CB 5-9, 180 Virginia Tech
-Harris and Woodson are both at the end of their road. Flowers is speed guy who can be used in the slot while he trys to get bigger, so he can fill the everyday void.

31 New England Forfeited
-ha ha

31 New York Giants Dan Connor LB 6-2, 233 Penn State
-New York is the prime example of how you need to have your draft picks pay off right away. Dan Connor dosne't have as high a celeing as some other guys, but he can help out right away.

(I will just put some quick thoughts on these)

32 Miami Joe Flacco QB 6-5, 230 Delaware - Bill likes small college QB's.
33 St. Louis DeSean Jackson WR 5-11,165 California - Bruce is gone, Holt is old.
34 Atlanta from Oakland Jerod Mayo LB 6-1, 235 Tennessee -Will be nice complement to Hanysworth
35 Kansas City Sam Baker OT 6-4, 310 USC - Need help on the line
36 New York Jets Reggie Smith DB 6-0, 200 Oklahoma - Play other side of Revis.
37 Atlanta Chad Henne QB 6-2, 233 Michigan - Clean Cut, well spoken guy to lead post Vick.
38 Baltimore Justin King CB 5-11,185 Penn State
39 San Francisco Chilio Rachal OG 6-5, 315 USC
40 New Orleans Pat Sims DT 6-3, 315 Auburn
41 Buffalo Devin Thomas WR 6-1, 215 Michigan State
42 Denver Rashard Mendenhall RB 5-11,195 Illinois - If he goes here, early fav to win ROY
43 Carolina Trevor Laws DT 6-1, 295 Notre Dame
44 Chicago Carl Nicks OT 6-5, 335 Nebraska
45 Detroit Ray Rice RB 5-9, 200 Rutgers
46 Cincinnati Xavier Adibi LB 6-1, 225 Virginia Tech
47 Minnesota Fred Davis TE 6-4, 250 Southern California
48 Atlanta from Houston Tracy Porter CB 5-11, 185 Indiana
49 Philadelphia Quentin Groves DE 6-4, 255 Auburn -thought once as a top 10 pic
50 Arizona Charles Godfrey CB 6-0, 210 Iowa
51 Washington Lawrence Jackson DE 6-5, 270 USC
52 Tampa Bay Mario Manningham WR 5-11, 180 Michigan - glad to get the fallen WR to upgrade/replace Joey Galloway
53 Pittsburgh Curtis Lofton LB 6-0, 240 Oklahoma
54 Tennessee Patrick Lee CB 6-0, 200 Auburn
55 Seattle Dre Moore DT 6-4, 310 Maryland
56 Green Bay from Cleveland Matt Forte RB 6-0, 225 Tulane - not sold on Ward
57 Miami from San Diego Marcus Harrison DT 6-3, 315 Arkansas
58 Jacksonville Early Doucet WR 6-0, 205 LSU - One of their WR has to hit, right?
59 Indianapolis Erin Henderson LB 6-1, 236 Maryland
60 Green Bay Anthony Collins OT 6-5, 310 Kansas
61 Dallas Andre Caldwell WR 6-0, 200 Florida
62 New England Jamaal Charles RB 6-0, 200 Texas - makes a strong running mate with Kool Aid
63 New York Giants Jeremy Zuttah OG 6-3, 303 Rutgers

Less than 3 weeks. Already got the shakes.

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