Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk

So, as a fan of sports, I'm sure you watched, or at least read this morning about the NCAA championship last night. Kansas came from down 9 to beat Memphis in OT. Good stuff.

Mario "Super Nintendo" Chalmers won the MOP (unstable), for his gritty play, and more importantly his 3 point shot near the end of regulation that sent the game to overtime.

All ready this morning, most talking heads are talking about how Memphis blew it in the end. They couldn't shoot free throws, they did foul when they should have, yada yada. All in all, these two teams were very well matched, they both liked to run, and in the end, Memphis went cold, while Kansas got hot.

I said all year that Kansas could beat anybody with the style of play that Bill Self roles out there, and the fact that anybody on the roster could go for 20.

As for Memphis, it was a travishshammockery that the refs called a tricky tacky foul on Joey Dorsey late in that game that fouled out the senor. I don't know if they could have pulled it off if he was still in the game, but the fact that he had to sit on the sidelines and watch the end of last game he would ever play in college is wrong.

Derrick Rose is the real deal. The kids 19, and in the biggest game of the year, had 18pts, 6 boards, and 8 assists. I don't know what kind of pro player Chris Douglas Roberts will be, but he showed a lot of guts last nights, even with missing those free throws.

So congrats to Kansas, and to the biggest Kansas fan I know, April, your hawks did it, I'm sure Presley couldn't ask for a greater birthday present.


Brown said...

Thank you, Big and Baby Santa God that we have a sports post to open the day.

I thought we became Perez Hilton after the Mariah Carey post and the serious commentary that followed.

Big said...

Trust me, i was shocked as anyone, who knew Mariah Carey was such a polerizing figger?