Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Mid Day Pick Me Up

GMV - Those Crazy Brits

Pop Song? Check

Accapella? Check

Little Person? Check. (apparently calling a little person a Midget is equal to calling a black guy the n word. I didn't know that.)

You know I'm Posting it. Here is some British TV show doing Blink 182's Whats my name again. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

If you don’t watch Game 7, you’re crazy

I’ve mentioned it several times before…this year’s Bulls-Celtics series has been THE most entertaining series in a long time.

Tonight’s game went into triple overtime to see the Bulls stave off elimination and force the Game 7.

Joakim Noah’s level of energy is nuts.  You know how Ryan Hollins isn’t a polished player, but he plays with a level of energy that brings the team and the crowd to its feet?  Multiply that by 10. That’s what the Bat-Boy brings to Chicago.

I think I’m more excited to see Derrick Rose battle Rajon Rondo for the next 10 years than I am to see Chris Paul battle Deron Williams.  Paul and Williams are methodical in the way they execute.  Rose and Rondo are like an action flick. 

Scalabrine made it on to the floor.  I’m going to type that again.  The Ginger Wonder, Brian Scalabrine, was on the floor and saw minutes in the third OT.

Brad Fucking Miller redeemed himself for the end of the last game by sinking his free throws and getting that layup into the basket.

Seriously, if I find out you don’t watch Game 7 on Saturday, I’m going to punch you in the throat and you’ll not be allowed to watch anymore basketball.

GMV - Look what you have done to Sam, TV!

Not really new, but this is the "famous" scene from Snakes on a Plane, showed on TV. Monkey Loving Snakes? Really?

EMBED-Snakes on a Plane - The TV Edit - The famous line - Watch more free videos

for shame.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things sure do look different around here…

That’s right.  We took advantage of all that pristine space to the left of the screen.

We’re wider.

We’re better.

Hey, who doesn’t love fat chicks blogs?

Making my video game weinie go crazy.

Ronnie to Rickey!?! Where's the Patrick Cobbs Love?!

I swore to myself I wouldn't get all crazy for the new Madden this year, as last years was just a pile of crap. The defense was to hard to stop the pass till you got to the end zone where you just picked off the passes one out of ever 3 times, the running game was a non factor, and the dynasty mode took to long during load times.

My fear isn't that Madden is getting worse however, its that I'm starting to lose steam to try and learn the game as I get older. I'm starting to think back to simpler days of Pro Sports Talk Football and smile. I'm really hoping the game sucked and not that "its passed me by."

Anyway, Jon Robinson over at ESPN has a great article about Madden 10, coming out in July or August, about some of the new features in the game.

Here are some High Lights.

New Dog Pile Fumble Recovery

"For the first time in series history, when the ball hits the ground, it doesn't just go to the guy who randomly touches it. In "Madden NFL 10," players will pile on the ball, and gamers will need to pound the button that is shown on the screen to try to wrestle away the rock. As the button commands change on the screen, the ball can switch hands numerous times until the refs actually dig through the bodies and declare a winner. "

I like that, however it's going to play to the "quick fingered"(giggle) players as apposed to who really has the best chance at getting the ball. But hey, its cool.

"Pro-Tak" system that helps control engaging players.

"This includes nine-man gang tackles, a brand new pocket for the offensive line, steerable blocks, steerable tackles and the fight for the fumble feature that really lets you fight for that ball at the bottom of the pile. "

I'm interested to see the "steerable blocks" and how that can help the oft shitty runing game.

Pocket Pressure Rumble Controller.

"So now, when your quarterback is under pressure, your controller will actually start to rumble. And now, when you feel that pressure, you feel that rumble, you can flick the right stick and do an automatic avoidance move."

Love this idea, if only they can attack something to you ribs, that way when you don't get out of the way, it feels like your getting crushed. That would be cool.

The WildCat

"Just as we're adding the Wildcat, we're also making sure our defenses are ready for the Wildcat."

Gag me. I love the Wild Cat, but I know people who will use this as there only offense. And I call those people Douchebags. And they should be hunted.

Getting all tough and stuff with Player Ratings.

"Our intention this year was to make the elite players stand out." "Peyton Manning still strut around with a 99 overall rating, backups such as Matt Leinart can only watch as their overall rating drops from a 85 to a 62."

That's what I'm talking about. The days of starting your team with Kirby Dar-Dar are over. Great players dominate bad ones, just look at Brad Johnson last year.

Then They talk about the officials and other visual stuff, nothing interesting. But I must say, even though I told myself I wouldn't get all excited about this game as I didn't enjoy last years almost at all, I'm getting excited about this game.

GMV - I'm going to Grape You in the Mouth!

What is this grape Juice?

Thats "The Whitest Kinds you Know" from IFC. Great show.

Re-visiting my thoughts on Brad Miller

Christian Bale plays for the Bulls!

I was watching the end of the Bulls-Celtics overtime thriller last night (I told you it’s been an awesome series!), and on the last play of the game, Brad Miller airballed a wide open lay up that would have tied the game, and with the foul he took, give him the opportunity to put Chicago on top by 1 with 2 seconds left on the clock.

By that time, Ray Allen and Derrick Rose had both fouled out, so Chicago had a defensive front on the floor, and Boston’s stone cold shooter (who turned out to be PIerce anyway) wasn’t on the floor.

I immediately texted Big the following, “Oh my god, Brad Miller is fucking terrible.”

This is something I think I’ve said since Miller was a Pacer, but never more evident than in his current Bulls uniform.

Then I saw the replay, and I’ve got to cut Miller some credit. Rajon Rondo hit him in the jaw and knocked out a tooth while Miller was going up for the lay up.

Vinny of the Black was begging for a flagrant. Kevin Harlan wanted a flagrant. Only Doug Collins said, and rightfully so, Brad Miller would have had to be on the stretchered out for the refs to call a flagrant foul with 2 seconds left in a playoff series deciding game.

I just wanted to pull back a little bit on my Brad Miller hatred. I’m pretty sure getting a tooth knocked out by the skeletal remains of Rajon Rondo would throw me off my game from a) making a layup and b) sinking 2 game tying free throws in overtime of the playoffs when I haven’t taken a free throw all game and I’m Brad Fucking Miller.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up

Courtesy of Brahsome

Damn the swine flu!

So, how does this play into the CP3 rumor?

That’s an honest-to-God crowd shot from last night

The biggest ass whipping NBA Playoff history happened last night, as the Denver Nuggets destroyed the New Orleans Hornets 121 – 63.  Wait, sources are telling me that the largest margin in the ENTIRE NBA history, not just playoffs.  (Think they’re celebrating the Billups for Iverson trade?  I think so.)


So, how does that affect the Mavericks?  Well, if you haven’t heard, New Orleans is hemorrhaging money right now.   They need to get rid of the big contract players and assume expiring or low cost players.   If the Hornets don’t get out of the first round, there’s serious talk of blowing up what was, not that long ago, one of the NBA’s darling young teams because of financial reasons.

A part of that salary dump involves a rumored trade to Dallas. Josh Howard, Erick Dampier, Jerry Stackhouse for Chris Paul and a large contract (think Peja Stojakovic or Tyson Chandler). 

Pray the Hornets have given up and conceded their franchise.  That means HUGE things for the Mavericks. 

GMV - Crazy Japanese

So this is a Japanese Commercial, and It includes pee, blood, fire, humor, and a nice lesson at the end. Check it.

(not nearly as gross as it sounds, i swear)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Need a Monday afternoon pick-me-up?

Big was drafted on Sunday

I forgot to mention this, but while we were watching the draft, Big had to mysteriously “be at work” during the entire first round.

Then I saw who was drafted by Buffalo…

Eric Hood – Center - Louisville

You sneaky bastard.  Let me know how T.O. is in person.

Stephen McGee. Really?

I really don’t know what the Cowboys were doing yesterday during the draft.  I can’t make sense of, well, any of the picks. 

A shit ton of tweener linebackers.

A so-so secondary set.

A meh offensive lineman.

A kicker???

And a quarterback.

Look, I don’t claim to know more about football or the draft than anyone employed by the NFL, or a majority of people I know.  But, you can’t look at me with a straight face and tell me that the Cowboys’ number one goal was to draft a new special teams squad.

As for McGee.  It made me shake my head to make sure I wasn’t still drunk from the prior night.  I got about 10 different text messages regarding it as well. (That’s right, I know 10 different people! Who’s popular now!?!) 

If you ask me, Jerry needed to sell tickets to the new stadium, and Aggies are just stupid enough to buy tickets to cheer McGee on the sideline. 

(Commence the “oh yeah? He beat Texas twice!” comments.)

The Best Series You Aren’t Watching

If Dallas’s interest in their own team is any indication, no one is focusing on what is the most entertaining series of the playoffs, and what could develop into an AWESOME rivalry to come.

If you aren’t paying attention, Chicago and Boston are locked up in a really entertaining series.  They had a few great games in the middle of the season, but no one thought they’d have four games of it in the playoffs.

Oh, and this is with injury depleted rosters and two terrible coaches.

Chicago won game 4 in a thrilling double overtime.  They won the first game in overtime, lost game 2 in the shoot-a-palooza between Gordon and Allen, and were blown out in game 3.

You’ve got the rookie of the year, Derrick Rose against the still improving awesome Rajon Rondo.  The underrated, could have been Maverick, John Salmons playing his best defense ever against the old man, Paul Pierce.  Gordon and Allen pretty much playing HORSE against each other. And the spare bigs battle of Noah/Miller/Thomas against Powe/Davis/Perkins.

If you aren’t watching this series…I suggest you do.  It’s what the Boston-Atlanta series was last year…fun and entertaining

Okay, Go Mavericks

A lot has been made that television ratings have dropped for the Mavericks this season.  You could point to the 2-7 start, the fans perceived “tiredhead” regarding the same starters, the total dominance of Kobe and LeBron as issues.  However, people thought that a playoff series against the hated rival Spurs was going to be what the fan base needed to re-energize.

But…television ratings haven’t really gone up or come close to what they were three years ago. Why?

It can’t be a sense of entitlement. We haven’t won anything.

It can’t be a sense of doom and gloom because Dallas is up 3-1 and playing some of the best basketball they’ve played in years.

It can’t be a sense of “luck’s about to run out” because, again, this team is playing the best basketball it’s played in years.

It’s not lack of starpower, Dirk, Josh, Kidd and JET are a great nucleus of stars.

So, what’s the deal?  Why are fans not gunned up for the Mavericks this year?

It’s fear.  Plain and simple.

The Dallas sports fan is a fairweather fan.  Those of us who have weathered the 11 win Mavs seasons and constant Ranger failures are the few and the proud (?).   Dallas fans are married to the Cowboys, and the heartbreak that has been caused by the team since 1996 is well etched on Dallas’s fanbase.  We’re afraid that if we truly follow and believe in a team, we’re going to get let down again.

No one believes that the Mavs can win the finals. Why?  Because they can’t.  No one is beating the Lakers in the West, that’s a given.  Because of this, fans have resigned that the season is over already, and all the playoff pushes in the world won’t matter.

All I can say is what I’ve told everyone who’s shown a slight disinterest in the Mavs:

Don’t Lose Faith.

As George Dunham said, “you know how your favorite movie ends, but you still stay till they roll the credits, don’t you?”

gmv - monday after the draft

So the draft was this weekend. Have no fears, we are going to do a little coverage of it. But first, i wanted to bring to your attention something I found on the Warming Glow, its a you tube group called Auto Tuner News.

The name pretty much says it all. They use Auto Tuner with news to make fun songs. You know, like Kanye and T-Pain. Funny.