Monday, April 7, 2008

I hate rich people

Cry me a fucking river.

Let me get this straight, people are complaining in Plano because other people are building golf nets too tall?

You purposely build your house right next to a fairway or green and then you complain that you have to put up a net to protect your house from the onslaught of golf balls? Then you complain that golf technology is getting "too good" and now you have to build higher nets and that hurts property value? At the same time, you're going to bitch that your neighbor has put up a net to protect his or her house and that ruins your view?

Look, you stupid ass holes, we amateur golfers suck. Even the best golfers I know will occasionally slice a drive off the tee or miss the green so badly they get into a backyard. Unless you build your house off of a golf course in Augusta, GA, you'd better believe this is an assumed risk on your part.

I think that people who have the time to complain about these things in front of city councils should find something better to do with their time.

Want a suggestion? Have a Coke, put a smile on your face and shut the fuck up.


j-bizzle said...

If I could afford to golf more often, and if I could aim, I would hit my shots over those damn nets and right into those whiners' bowls of ice cream, the flavor of which, incidentally, is Pralines and Dick.

gerry dorsey said...

hilarious. i read this article this morning and tried really damn hard to find the news worthiness of this article.