Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just becasue we celebrate Rick Askley way to much

Kind of mixes the two best songs ever right, Take on me and Never gonna.

Live at the Rangers game

Brown here, reporting from the Ballpark at Arlington.

I've been sitting in the "all you can eat seats".

So far, I'm not too sure what's going on in the game, but I've now ingested the following:

-8 hot dogs
-2 nacho orders
-A box of popcorn
-A bag of peanuts
-4 beers

Starving children in Africa - 0
Brown - 1

Take that, Somalia!

Rangers are up over Oakland, 3-2

Friday, May 9, 2008


So in hockey, when your team is playing like ass, sometimes a guy will start a fight to pick your team up. In the Ranger game last night, I guess thats what happened.

Rangers 5-0 so i guess it turned out OK. At least let the pitch hit you. Damn.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chiming in on the Ticket

So, brown posted a post(redundant) yesterday about if the Ticket has jumped the shark or not. He brought up some very valid points the best of witch is this.

Like he said, I do work in radio here in Dallas, albeit far from the sports talk genre, but its a place that I would like to end up someday. Never the less, here is my take.

My sisters have lived here in Dallas since the early 90's with their husbands. When we would pack the car up and come to Dallas to see them, I remember that listening to the Sports Brothers as soon as we reached the city. It was sports on the radio, and even at an early age I loved it. My earliest memory of Dallas sports talk is when Derrick Harper came back to the Mav's after his stint in New York, and when we finally got the signal they were talking about how much Harper would help the Mav's with his return. I thought they were talking about Alvin Harper from the Cowboys and was confused.

When I moved up here for college in the summer of 2000, one of the things I was most excited about was listening to the Ticket, an all sports radio station that was much more that just sports. Hell one show on the weekend even talked about wrestling.

What made the Ticket so great was that it was all about the normal fans. The guys who liked to joke around and poke fun at stuff, talk about movies and music, and all and all just have fun. Every single one of the Ticket Hosts, with the exception on Norm, who had just started, were people that didn't intimidate you, they didn't seem like bigger than life people that most radio "stars" come off as. I was sure that if I saw any of those guys out at a bar, I could sit down, buy them a beer, and not feel intimidated.

The reason for this is they were just as new working in this format as we were listening to it. We were growing together. Hearing storeys of the original compound where Craig, Gordo and Corby lived for awhile in an apartment gave them even more of an appealing aspect. As the Ticket listeners grew, so did the Ticket. What was once a let's try anything approach, like moving Corby from Bad Radio to the Hardline, Gordo from the Hardline to the Musers, or even the Musers to morning drive, has now been set in stone for the past 6 or 7 years. Its the same format, that we all love, but what kept them on edge and fresh is starting to turn people away for the opposite reason.

Have they jumped the shark? No. They just don't have anybody to push them.

In radio there is an unwritten rule about how to run a station. Find your demo, and exploit it. If you can get a firm grasp on the Demo(a group of people, like guys 25-50), then your almost untouchable. Take a look at these examples.

Sports - The Ticket
Top 40 - KISS
Talk - WBAP
County - 99.5 wolf
Alternative - 102.1 edge or 97.1 eagle
Classic rock - 93.3 Bone
Urban - 104.5

Now for the past 2 or 3 years the top rated over all stations looked like this with each moving a few spots up or down but pretty much where they are at

K104 (urban)
KISS (top 40)
WBAP (news talk)
KLUV (oldies)
2 Spanish stations.(Spanish)

Those are the top guys. The Ticket is on the next level due to the fact that pretty much only guys listen to the station. The only non Spanish station that is on top that even has competition is the Urban station. 97.9 the beat has taken away from K104 many many share points and knocked them out of first, which they were for about 2 years straight.

I know I'm starting to ramble. But here is my point. When you have competition leads to a better product, but less money in the ratings. Right now, the Ticket has no competition, and they are making a quite a bit of money, so why change a good thing right? The problem lies with when will your audience find your bit tired. And it will happen. If they want to stay on top, they will have to shake some things up.

When will competition happen? When Greggo goes to ESPN during drive time. That's when things will get interesting.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Swimming in circles is now an Olympic event

Hat tip: Fan House

There's going to be an amputee swimmer at the Olympics in China.

She qualified for South Africa by finishing fourth in the 10 km open water swim.

How does she compensate?

"There's no real compensation. You just do the hours in the swimming pool, you do the hours of racing and you do the hours of mental preparation. You just go out and give it everything. I don't even think of one leg, two legs. When you're racing in an able-bodied competition you're all equal and you go out there and try your best, and that's what counts."

They're willing to do anything to boost the ratings on the Olympics this year.

Wait until you readers are introduced to "Olympic Big".

Has The Ticket Jumped the Shark?

First, as a disclaimer, I love The Ticket

Second, Uwe Blog had a similar post and it inspired this while listening to BaD Radio waste time making fun of Sean Bass.

I've been a P1 for a long time now, and I pretty much have the station on at all times, much to female passengers' chagrin. (Then again, they're tied up in the trunk, it's not like they can hear anything...gotta get some by any means necessary)

That being said, I think that the hosts and the station in general, in their own words, "let their shtick get tired"

It's always been about funny bits and being "the common man", but that was usually mixed in with some kind of actual sports discussions.


The Musers are more focused on becoming the Gordon Keith show.

Norm is the other extreme where he's breaking down the Colorado Rockies minor league system to dig up potential prospect trades for Millwood

BaD radio spends too much time either being the Grubes show or catering to a group of forum posters (that's right, a sorry blog writer is calling out even sorrier forum people)

The Hardline has pretty much become "let's hate on everything becuase it's not as good as us" (That only works on this blog, buddy)

Most of you who listen are probably thinking that's the same way it's always been.

That's true, and the only reason it has worked is because there is zero competition. ESPN radio?? Really?

Mike and Mike...morning drive should wake me up not put me to sleep.

Colin Cowherd is the only thing worse than Floyd and Engel, so they went with it.

The Michael Irvin show is terrible. It has such potential given the connections that Irvin has and the guests he can get, but it's just unlistenable.

The Hardline could roll out nothing but fart drops and Danny shitting on music and it's more entertaining than Galloway.

When you've got no competition, there's no pressure to improve your product.

How long until a radio station hits the law of diminishing returns?

I'm not sure...after all, I still listen and will continue to do so.

Big's a radio man in this city, maybe he'll have his thoughts.

2nd Turnbuckle - Is MTV news still around?

As we here at the Big and the Brown love all things sports, fake or real, we know that we don't have all the knowledge of some of our peers. We gladly move aside when someone who is an expert in a certain field wants to put his/her two cents in. With that said, here is what should be a "weekly" post about wrestling from our wrestling guru.

So wrestling has had a few things pop up as of late.

First Adamle shows up and tanks. He's improving, but he will always be fighting the urge to throw it down Czonka down on the field of Breakthrough And Conquer with Gemini.

Now one of wrestling's own is making the jump. The first that I can recall. John Coachman will be doing something for ESPN. I don't if he'll be doing Sportscener or E:60 like Chris Connelly from MTV News. But it's Coach on ESPN. A little part of my brain is hurting trying to comprehend that. Will he go over the top calling a highlight? Will he try to set up a feud with Scott Van Pelt? He could be a big contributor to the Sportscenter commercials, if they play up the former WWE bit.

Thirdly, CMT announced it was order eight (EIGHT!) episodes of Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment Produced "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling". Why did I list the producers? Becuase Bischoff-Hervey is Eric Bischoff of WCW/WWE fame and Hervey is Jason Hervey, better known as Wayne Arnold from "The Wonder Years". Hervey has been writing/producing in the Sports Entertainment business for a little over a decade. That's all. The term "celebrity" is being used loosely as the only rumored name out right now is Trishelle Cantonella from "Real World: Las Vegas". I'm sure it will be full of people who are famous for being on other reality shows. At best it will have some "B" list celebs from the 80's. And because people love lists, here is my 5 that I'd like to see:

Dave Coulier
Donkey Lips
Danielle Fishell (Topanga)
Alfonso Ribeiro
Nate Newton

I also watched some classic AWA on ESPN Classic, but that is for another blog. I reccomend it, Saturday nights at Midnight.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So a "friend" of mine has to bet on everything....

And that same "friend" has been itching for something big to throw some cash at since the draft went down.

Then "he" found this, odd for the NBA draft lottery.

"He" couldn't be more excited. "He" is getting +385 on the T Wolves.

Some people call it a problem, I call in fun. To watch of course.

Things "He" once bet on

-whether or not the next girl to walk in the bar was blond or brunette
- whether it was going to rain in Spain today
- whether or not he could jump form his coffee table to the bar.
- what beer commercials would play next during the Super Bowl.
- what would the Bear go after first, a salmon or a pot of honey if both were thrown into a river at the same time.

Needless to say, "he" won almost all those bets.

I bet i could whoop Turks ass at steak too...

I mean "he"


Hat tip: We are the Postmen

Please, not another Barbaro

This Eight Belles thing is getting a bit out of hand.

We get it, PETA hates humans.


However, just because a horse that is trained to do nothing but run broke its ankles I don't think that the sports world needs to focus on doing a steroid test on a horse autopsy. It's really not that important.

I understand that for the next few weeks, everyone pretends they give a rat's ass about horse racing because of the Triple Crown. You can be damn sure that this blog will be interested because our boy is the leader in the club house.

That being said, our buddy said it pretty perfectly last night:

"Who fucking cares? It's a running bottle of glue."

Personally, I'd like to think our boy, Big Brown, was in some way a descendant of the horse that Gus used to protect himself from the Native Americans that were chasing him.

How did I miss this?

Similar to my laughing at Adrian Peterson, I now turn my attention to laughing at Ryan Perriloux.


Ryan Perriloux is gone from the LSU Tigers.

Why? Failing a drug test.

You know that had to be like the 20th failed drug test for him, he was supposed to be the starting QB for the defending national champs.

Forget all the comparisons to people in the pros, his new benchmark is Quincy "Yak Tongue" Carter.

Why am I laughing?

Ryan Perriloux gave a verbal commitment to Texas in 2005. Texas shut down it's QB recruiting afer that because they had the number one guy in the country. They ended up offering the job to Colt McCoy...Musburger's object of affection.

So, let's get this straight:

-Turned down the chance to take the reigns from Vince Young
-Told the Baton Rouge media he would win multiple national championships and Heisman trophies
-Sat behind Jam Jam Russell
-Sat behind Matt Flynn
-Suspended from the team once. Reinstated.
-Suspended again. Reinstated.
-Got caught up in an FBI investigation on counterfeiting
-Teased LSU fans by winning the SEC Championship when Flynn went down
-Suspended from team AGAIN. Reinstated.
-And now he's gone

Fuck with Texas and shit happens. Either you break your collarbone multiple times while you watch Texas win a national championship and then go on to NFL greatness a la Peterson or you outright get fucked like Perriloux.

What happens when you play sports at my alma mater? College greatness. Marijuana addiction. No NFL success.

I'm only buying Western Digital now

Hat tip: The Consumerist

Apparently they've got a funny man (or Spurs fan) working at Seagate or the shipping department at least...

"I received an order of three Seagate hard drives today, either someone in the Seagate factory has too much time on their hands, or Seagate has a “Mavericks Suck” model drive now."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bill Simmons inadvertently describes Rangers fans

I was reading Bill Simmons's latest column regarding the "death" of the Phoenix Suns.

Imagine my surprise when he accidentally described the feeling of almost every Ranger fan...

"I can't imagine why someone would want to own an NBA team if he cared more about breaking even than winning a championship. What's the point? Why not sell to someone who cares more about a title? Like so many other NBA fans, I have a pipe dream of stumbling into enough wealth to own an NBA team some day. It will never happen, but really, it's my ultimate pipe dream other than my daughter turning into a world-class tennis player and me turning into one of those deranged Tennis Dads who shows up for every match flashing hand signals and intimidating the judges. Anyway, if I were fortunate enough to own an NBA team, I would never, ever, EVER favor my pockets over a chance at a title. I just wouldn't. It's like going to Vegas for a guy's weekend and refusing to lose more than $100. Why even go then? Just stay home."

If you cut through the general "Simmons-ery" that is in that paragraph, you'll notice how he describes Tom Hicks to a tee. Yes, you can argue this for a lot of teams and their owners, but this blog is based in Dallas, and Cuban and Jones will pay whatever it takes. Only Hicks is the ass who cares more about the bottom line.

On a side note, everyone needs to understand something: the Mavericks are not going to have the success you expect them to have in the next few years. Dallas is old with no direction and no Spurs-like nucleus. New Orleans and Portland are going to be taking Dallas's and Phoenix's perennial playoff spots.

I'm not happy about it, but at the same time, it adds a bit of flavor to the season when you know the team has to fight every game instead of coasting.

Talk about fishing for a silver lining...

Holy Crap, It's Cinco de Mayo!

Big was kind of enough to send me this picture of him and El Blogador celebrating, so I thought I'd share it with our sexy readers.

That's El Blogador on the left, and he's presenting Big with our Kentucky Derby gift.

It's a sweater!!!

I'd like to think we had a hand in this...

You might remember a certain anti-meth advertisement from Montana.

Well, the state of Montana decided to take those ads down from the highways.

"One recent outdoor ad pushed the envelope pretty far. The ad (seen above) depicted a young woman on the ground with a man, mostly out of frame, over her, in an implied sexual position. The copy says, "15 bucks for sex isn't normal. But on meth it is." According to a story in the Helena Independent Record, the Montana Meth Project agreed to remove the ad in response to complaints from a parents organization. The ad was running on about 10 billboards around the state. There are other outdoor ads in this series, with disturbing images of people with bruises or other injuries, but this was the only one involving sex.


The campaign has a signature look of sharp, high-contrast, color images, showing models with clammy-looking skin in extremely grim surroundings."

If you're interested, click here for the full gamut of anti-meth ads that Montana was running.

UPDATE: The Great Barstoolio has made these into sports-centric ones. God bless you, sir.

This is about tires, nothing more

Hat tip: Hot Clicks

After watching that, a few things come to mind.

1) Yes, I think I need new tires.

2) A lab is dating a poodle, who's getting fucked by a bull dog. That's like my walking in on a white girlfriend getting drilled by a black guy. Also known as "Brown's College Years"

3) Why aren't the dogs doing it doggy-style? I'm very there some kind of Canine Kama Sutra?


I'm sure Blogador will have more

Hat tip: Awful Announcing

Break out the Lone Star and Keystone, and give your wife that extra special punch in the throat. ESPN is hiring WWE Announcers!! can confirm Coachman has been hired by ESPN as an anchor. There's no word on when Coachman will debut for the cable sports network, but internally, WWE sources believe Coachman will be finishing up shortly, if he isn't done already with the company.

Coachman had been with WWE since December 1999, working as an announcer and on-air heel persona. Prior to his work with WWF/E, Coachman was a sports writer and sports anchor in his native Kansas.
That's right, Coach, Corso and Vitale are going to be on the same network. Can't the hire Joey Styles for Sportscenter highlights?


Is this the alternate 1985?

Help me, Emmett L. Brown! What the hell is going on?

I step away for a few days to handle some personal stuff (fucking life, always interfering) and the world and sports landscape goes crazy

  • Roger Clemens fucks 15 year olds
  • An old Austrian man fucks his daughter in a basement dungeon
  • An obvious mafia hit on the "D.C. Madam"
  • The Mavericks are seriously considering hiring Rick Carlisle. RICK CARLISLE!!! The guy couldn't win the Eastern Conference!
  • A horse, supposedly trained by one of our avid readers, wins the Kentucky Derby with such an obvious "Brown-esque" move: the horse behind him was a female with two broken ankles that got killed during Big Brown's celebration! (If that's not scene control, I quit.)
  • The Stars reminded Dallas that they're relevant and can do things that no one else in this city can do. You know, win when it matters.
  • Cedric Benson gets pepper sprayed, arrested and HE WAS THE ONLY ONE ON THE ENTIRE BOAT that had it happen to him in Austin. (Right, "I'm not Ricky" my ass.)
  • Mark Teixeira has a good April and is now, supposedly, rumored to become the new Yankee first baseman.
  • Every MLB team will be playing against Indiana Jones on May 22nd
  • The New Orleans Hornet set the floor on fire, literally
  • Chris Cooley looks to supercede Gilbert Arenas as the world's most favoritest athelete blogger.
  • Papa John's Pizza angers LeBron, therefore the state of Ohio.
  • A soccer streaker gets to pose for Playboy, and she'll end up making more than some players in the league.
  • Jessica Simpson is going to write and RELEASE a song about Tony Romo. (By the way, why in the hell did "D" Magazine say she's the most popular blonde in Dallas?)
  • De La Hoya wins against Steve Forbes, as to why a multimillionair magazine titan is boxing, you've got me.
  • And Kobe is slated to win his first MVP award.
Now, someone tell me when I'm supposed to go back to and stop Bear from getting the 2015 Grey's Sports Alamanac.

And so it shall be true

Every thing we touch, turns to gold.

Our little buddy Big Brown had a great weekend, winning stage one of the triple crown. By simply having the same name as what we do here, propelled him to victory over everybody else in that race. Hell it even punished the horse that came in second, Eight Belles, just for coming close to our horse Big Brown.

See what happens when you side with TB&TB?

we are the anti bad radio.

We Rule.