Friday, December 7, 2007

New Sportscenter Commercial

The newest "This is Sportcenter" commercial has been leaked...

I gotta say, this is the best thing ESPN has going for it. Sure, the content of programming on on-air talent has dropped, but these commercials have been golden forever.

My favorite is Brutus the Buckeye doing everything the anchors are doing.

Make sure you check out the one-hour special about the commercials...

"Beat Brown's Caption" Contest

I'm going to periodically put a picture up with a wacky quote. Use the comment section to beat the quote with something funnier.

"I want prune juice, now!!"

Brown's Bitch of the Week

I complain a lot. Really, I do. Why? I'm a crabby 60 year old man in a 25 year old body, I guess. I hate a lot of things in life, Big included. Every week I'm going to take the thing that bothers me the most and bitch about it. I don't give a flying fuck if you read it. If I think the internet is good for cathartic needs, who are you to judge? Ass hat.

This week's bitch: Teenagers.

I remember being a teenager not that long ago. World was easy then, wasn't it? No responsibilities, no money problems, school was a joke, Natural Light tasted like the best thing on the planet, you know, less is more.

I was probably more of a cynical ass hole then versus now (yeah, right).

(Yes, I understand the irony that I was this person not but a few years ago, but you know what? I have a mortgage, a car payment, a bad shoulder, bad knees and I'm pretty sure an ulcer, none of which I had a few years ago. Blow me.)

Anyways, when I look at teenagers now, be it at the mall or elsewhere, I get this sudden urge to take their head and smash it through a plate glass window.

No one likes teenagers, period. No one.

They're smug little ass holes who live on their parents' pay rolls and think they know everything there is to know. I don't know a god damned thing, and I'm supposed to believe some bastard of a 15 year old does?

They listen to crappy music, where stupid clothing and somehow think emulating people on "the Hills" is the way to live life. Welcome to reality you cock sucking whores.

When I see a kid on heelies, I want to push them over. When I see a young girl in clothing I'm not sure I'd see outside of The Lodge, I hope her car breaks down off of Northwest Highway and 35 at 2 AM. When I see anyone with a faux-hawk or intentionally ripped jeans, I want to punt them as far as my left foot can kick.

Congratulations, youth of America. It's because of you and you're stupid way of doing things that I hope no one ever has kids again.

I don't actually condone violence of any kind...unless it's against those emo punks who wear impossibly tight jeans with Chuck Taylors and a mother fucking duster jacket. What in the fuck has gone so wrong for you by the age of 15 that you're rebelling against the world? Go have a bag of Teddy Graham's and take a nap.

The Brown Five - 12/7/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) Avery Johnson
Thinking about what to call here, coach? Thinking about a run with Terry with a kick out to Stackhouse? I bet you are, little man. Let me give you a piece of advice. You see that big strong German man wearing a #41 over there? You know, the one who averages a double double and won an MVP last year? The guy who's had open looks, yet hasn't touched the ball in the last few minutes? The one you, apparently, think has a problem with your Jewish owner? The only good player on your team right now? THE ONE YOU HAD DROPPING 31 WHEN THE REST OF YOUR TEAM COULDN'T BUY A BUCKET? Here's an idea for you: PUT THE FUCKING BALL IN DIRK'S HANDS.

2) Barry Bonds
Okay, I get it, you want to play still. Understood. You want to go somewhere and increase your record so A-Rod can't break it (though you know he will.) Billy Beane across the bay has decided he might even sign you because no one outside of that area of the country can stand you. Maybe you forgot something, YOU'RE GOING TO BE GOING TO JAIL SOON YOU PUMPED UP LAB RAT! Honestly, who's going to sign you with your legal issues and the fact that Bud Selig wants to distance from you like you've got leperacy?

3) Johan Santana
So, you don't want to pitch in Minnesota anymore because you want to win a title. You want to go to the AL East where you can dominate in a big market. You want $25 million a year...A-Rod "I can fuck muscled women all I want" money. Good luck, buddy, that's a lot of hooch.

4) Vinny Testaverde
Oh Jesus, you want to play next year too? At age 45?? You'll literally be more than twice the age of incoming rookies. That is unbelievable. How is it possible that NO ONE questions you're on steroids, Vinny. You're strength coach says you haven't lost any strength in 13 years. God damn it, I don't go to the gym in a week and I feel like a little girl when I go back. I hate you, Vinny, I hate you so much.

5) The Big and The Brown
That's 50 posts, boys. I had this thing petering out around 5. Well, done. We've even got some regular readers. Hooray for us.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Coach THIS!

One of the better parts about college football is that its made for the ADD fan. We get different teams every year for the most part, different players, and if your team sucks, different coaches. This year is no exception. With the Bowl season about set to begin in a few weeks, the AD's and alumni have already began to "restore the luster" of some programs with new coaches. Here is a look at some of the new ones already grabbed, and my take on them.

Baylor - Out is Guy Morriss and in is the coach from Houston Art Briles. This might be my 2nd or 3rd favorite move so far this year. Art Briles put a system in down in Houston that brought that below average team to an average team, that competed for the WAC. Baylor is just the kind of squad that Briles can use to keep his stock going up as a coach. He doesn't need to win big here, just get to a bowl and once in a while upset some big schools. Morriss did a decent job getting better talent into Baylor, but he just couldn't win games.

Ole Miss - Out is Ed Oregon and in is Houston Nutt. Nutt was in Arkansas but never won big there. Nutt is cut from the R.C. mold. He may not ever be good enough to win a nations championship, but you can pretty much bet on a 7 win season every year. Right now, that's what Ole Miss needs.

Nebraska - Well say good bye to the offencive genius Bill Callahan and hello to one of the best young defensive guys out there, Bo Pelini from LSU. There is no doubt that this guys can coach defence, the main question is can he recruit, and can he bring in an offencive guy that will help this team continue to more forward on the other side of the ball. The good news is this team has some pretty good offensive players, so if he can coach up the d, 10 wins next year isn't out of the question.

Texas A&M - Fran was a flop. Enter former cheese head Mike Sherman. Good news, Sherman will install a pro style offence that will make A&M a nice choice for recruits who want to turn pro. Bad news, he has no head coaching experience in the college ranks. He did pretty well up in Green Bay, 57-39, so you know he can coach. Recruiting will be a different story. This might be a Charlie Wise like move where you get a great Coach, but maybe not the best recruiter. This team could challenge for the next for the south, if they can get some speed on defence.

There is still so much to be played out over the next month, and coaches will be jumping ship from left to right. These are the teams, and the type of coach they need.

Michigan - As big of a name as this team is, this might be one of the worst coach jobs to have. Reason is they need a big name who will win now, and win often. Who ever takes this job will have 3 jobs, and they will be in this order. Beat Ohio State, Win Big Ten, Win it all. Piece of cake.

Prediction - Les Miles. They will have a trow a ASS TON of money, but its either this guy or go get an NFL man. Maybe Butch Davis?

UCLA - This team either underachieves or is overrated every year. They need someone who can shake things up a bit and i have the perfect guy for em. Mike Leach, from Texas Tech. Whats the biggest problem with Tech, they can't recruit defence. Well, if you are coaching UCLA, now you can. I really think he could win a nation title here. Mark it.

Georgia Tech - I don't know why this team fired Chan Gailey. So he didn't beat Georgia, he lead this team to bowl game after bowl game. I really think too many people think their team should be a top 3 program. Not gonna happen. I have no clue what these guys wanna do.

Arkansas - Same as Georgia Tech. The same.

Washington State - Not going to pretend to know a lot about Bill Doba and Wassu, but its a middle to bottom of the pack ten program that is second fiddle in the state. Your not going to get any big name guys here. They should look for a solid young, up and comer.

SMU - The last one i am going to talk about. I don't really know why people around Dallas think this is such a great job. I have heard names such as Nutt, Briles, even Mike Singeltary. The latest one is Paul Johnson from Navy. While Johnson is one hell of a coach, i don't know if the SMU job is better than the Navy job. If they get Johnson go for it. If they can't, I would like to suggest going after Fran, or getting Texas Legend Major Applewhite. I don't really know how Brown would take that, seeings as the man crush between him and "the" Major is akin to Wade Phillips love of cheeseburgers, but I bet he might buy one pony hat.

Well just some rambling from a semi sane big guy who loves college football. As always comments are welcome and will be shot down as I please.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I told you!

See? In my old MySpace blog, I called it. Watch Caron Butler, he's gonna go off this year. Gilbert went down, but Butler and Jamison are more than picking up for him.

Now?? Butler still has his "chewing straws" habit, but he's kicking the big one: Mountain Dew.
"Yeah, I'd be wired," Butler confirmed. "I'd drink half [before the game], and then I'd drink half at halftime. Because, you know, it shoots you up. And then there's a down, and you're flat-lining, and you've got to go back up again. That's what I've been doing, but they don't want me to drink it any more. They done took my Mountain Dew from me."
If Butler puts down the straw as well as the Mountain Dew? MVP and Championship, mark it.

The Brown Five - 12/5/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) Varejao is a BobCav!
Huh? Anderson "Sideshow Bob" Varejao signed an offer sheet with the Charlotte Bobcats, but he did it so he could play with the Cavaliers. Right. Apparently, he signed a decent enough deal to be matched by the Cavs and they're going to do it, so because of that he signed in Charlotte to play in Cleveland. I hate this kind of contract stuff. It's why the trade calculation machine at one understands it.

2) Travis Henry Wins!
I didn't think it was possible, but someone won an appeal against the NFL. He successfully overturned his one year suspension by filing a lawsuit against the leage contending it violated its own testing procedures. It's good news for the Denver in that it gives them one more running back in their platoon.

3) This guy is fucking crazy
Proof that you need to look a little past numbers. Statistician David Berri has decided that Andrew Bynum is better than Kobe Bryant right now, and Bynum should be the one demanding a trade: Bryant for Jason Kidd straight up. I really don't know how to explain this, so I'll just link the article.

4) Billy King was fired, now what?!
Rumor is now, they're going to get rid of Mo Cheeks. Cheeks is in the final year of his contract, and hasn't received any assurance he's gonna continue his job. My prediction? He's so gone.

5) The Mitchell Report, look for it this Christmas!
The biggest comedy is that all these moves that happen during the winter meetings might blow up in people's faces when the players' names show up on the report.

Trade Alert!!

Jeezum Christ, the first big blockbuster trade has happened.

Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis are being traded to Detroit for Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, a catcher and three minor leaguers.

Good. God.

Cabrera's a 24 year old phenom. He's a little overweight, but his numbers sure do make up for it. His bat in a lineup that has Sheffield, Magglio, Granderson, Guillen, and Polanco? Holy crap.

Willis was second in the Cy Young voting 2 years ago. He's tailed off a bit these past years, but he's probably been beaten by the Marlins trading everyone or letting a guy like Girardi go, or just always being on the trading block. He does get to be caught by Pudge who was catching Willis during his best years, don't count that out.

The Marlin's, well only time is gonna tell. The old adage always says "don't trade the young provens for the unprovens", but in the case of Florida that's rebuliding completely, this is actually a pretty good move. From what I read, these prospects are pretty solid and promising.

This marks the exit of every single player from the Marlins World Series win.

What does it mean for the Rangers? Shit if I know. I'm starting to wonder if Jon Daniels forgot about the winter meetings or something.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Big Pimpin up in the Sky

Just a short little thing here. Southern rapper Pimp C was found dead today. He was famous for being a part of the rap group UGK. He was one of the many people who came out of the South Texas music scene. That DJ Screw and Houston rap scene we all love or hate so much. His biggest hit was when he was featured on Jay Z's Big Pimpin. He is survived by his partner Bun B, but totally not in a gay way.

Power is in the Eye of......

Here we go. 4th quarter of the season. The playoff picture is starting to take shape. Two teams are in, New England and Dallas. A couple more could clinch this weekend. The division winners are almost a lock in most of the divisions, so before we look at this weeks rankings, lets take a gander at who the players are still in the playoff. First, the AFC

Division Front Runners (games in front) (1/2 games mean they hold the tie breaker)

East - New England 12-0 (a billion)

North - Pittsburgh 9-3 (2 1/2)

South - Indianapolis 10-2(2 1/2)

West - San Diego 7-5 (2)

Playoff Hopefuls

Jacksonville (8-4)
Tennessee (7-5)
Cleveland (7-5)
Buffalo (6-6)

Now there are some teams at 5-7 that could get in the mix if they win a couple more games, but right now these are the teams in the AFC. I like Jacksonville and Cleveland to surge forward.


East - Dallas 11-1 (3 1/2)

North - Green Bay 10-2 (4)

South - Tampa Bay 8-4 (3)

West - Seattle 8-4 (2)

Playoff Hopefulls

New York Giants 8-4
Arizona 6-6
Detroit 6-6
Minnesota 6-6

Then you have a BUNCH of teams at 5-7 that are still very much alive. Despite the Giants and there soon to be monumental free fall, they are pretty much in. If Minnesota keeps playing well, they are my pick to go as well, but don't count out Arizona, they don't have to play ANYBODY these last 4 weeks.

So with that little tidbit, here goes this weeks "power" ranking. Again the rating are based on how well this team would fair against a yetti who just had a condom full of coke explode in his belly.

The Opps I Crapped My Pants Tier

32. Miami Dolphins 0-12 - Really? that big of a loss to the Jets? Really

31. San Francisco 49ers 3-9 - They got rocked by the Panthers. Nice.

30. Atlanta Falcons 3-9 - Joey Blue Skis, Byron Leftwich, and now Chris Redman. Wow.

The "We are one good draft and few key free agents away" Tier (no your not)

29. New York Jets 3-9 - Can you really feel good about beating the Dolphins?

28. Carolina Panthers 5-7 - really sad that this team still has a shot at the playoffs.

27. Houston Texans 5-7 - Man, you get Andre Johnson back then you lose Shaub for the rest of the year. Good news is that Defencive front line is starting to really look good.

26. Kansas City Chiefs 4-8 - Starting to not look good for Herm. He might be on the way out. And that makes me sad.

Bad Records, but decent teams, could play spoiler the rest of the year tier

25. Philadelphia Eagles 5-7 - I still think McNugget is done as a QB for this team next year, but they might have won last week if he were in there, or if someone would have told Feeley that Tatupu wasn't on his team.

24. Oakland Raiders 4-8 - Two weeks in a row? Look at you!

23. St. Louis Rams 3-9 - When this team has S. Jax, they are a for real team. Even with the headbutt.

22. New Orleans Saints 5-7 - Will you now believe me that Sean Payton is not that "boy genius" that everyone made him out to be last year? A double reverse when you have the lead late in the 4th? Are you fucking kidding me?

The Bad Teams still holding on to playoff dreams Tier

21. Baltimore Ravens 4-8 - I can totally see Ed Reed and Ray Ray Lewis preforming a "code red" on their head coach.

20 Denver Broncos 5-7 - As soon I think, "You know what? Maybe i was wrong about Jay Cutler, he might have something." He goes and proves I was right all along. There is still time with this guys, but damn.

19. Cincinnati Bengals 4-8 - Lost to Pitt, but they now have San Fran and STL next. If they win both, then there might be some "whoooeeeewwwwwooooo" about them.

18. Washington Redskins 5-7 - Man, on a day where you thought they might have some good Carma, racing man Gibbs farts and falls down.

17. Chicago Bears 5-7 - The Cannon played much better than ol' Eli, but then couldn't come out with a win. Tis a shame.

The What, We really have a shot at playoffs? Tier.

16. Detroit Lions 6-6 - That makes 4 in a row they have dropped. They need to now win out to have Kitna's prediction come true. yea, good luck with that.

15. Buffalo Bills 6-6 - Trent Edwards or JP Losemen? Its this years Joey Blue Skies or Daunte Cullpepper.

14. Arizona Cardinals 6-6 - I really hope this team makes it. Don't know why, but they seem to just be wild ass enuf to do it.

13. New york Giants 8-4 - Had they not pulled that win over Chi town out of their ass, this team would be in full out panic mode. If Brandon Jacobs comes back that will help, but with D.Ward out, and if Jacobs doesn't play, Loss.

First Round of playoff loss is like getting a tug job only to have to finish yourself tier.

12. Minnesota Vikings 6-6 - This team is making some noise. Purple Jesus is back, Travis isn't sucking too bad. I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin'.

11. Tennessee Titans 7-5 - I know we all love making fun of Rain Man Jones, but if he was on this team, they might be a top 5 team.

10. Cleveland Browns 7-5 - As soon as Brown and I jump on this band waggon, they lose. W.T.F.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-4 - These guys start the other McCown, and still win. Still wondering where Chris is these days. Is he even on the team?

Dangerous First Round Teams

8. Seattle Seahawks 8-4 - A lot of people are writing this team off as a pretender. Not me. They have a solid D, and a decent passing game. That means they can stay in any game. That's what you don't want to go against during the playoffs.

7. San Diego Chargers 7-5 - Shot at the Super Bowl? Nope. Shot at upsetting someone big? You bet.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-4 - If I were New England, this is the team front the AFC i don't want to play. They are built for cold weather with good D and one hell of a running game.

The Don't forget about us, we are damn good too tier

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-3 - After the bad loss to the jets, they had 2 bad weather games and won them both, don't know what all the means, but we will find out a lot this weekend when they play New England.

4. Green Bay Packers 10-2 - They lost to the boys, but they did show some good fight. Might be a little bit different if they had KGB and Woodson, but we will never know. On a side note, good to see Scott Shap, former lead singer of creed is still working as the back up to Brett Farve. Wait, that's Aaron Rodgers? Really?

3. Indianapolis Colts 10-2 - The sleeping giant of the group. Hard to underrate the defending champs, but they might be a tad underrated.

The Top of the Heap

2. Dallas Cowboys 11-1 - I still can't believe how good this team is. I love it, but there is just something that doesn't feel right. Dammit i hope i am wrong.

1 New England Patriots 12-0 - Not worthy of their own tier anymore. 2 close wins will do that. They may not lose in the regular season, but I bet they don't win it all.

So that's it for this week. Good times. Keep it real and take it easy. Brown is mad at me cuz I'm so sexy, just saying.


What's in a system?

I was watching ESPN's "College Football Live" yesterday while running, and they had an interview with June Jones, head coach of the University of Hawai'i. The main comment that he had that made me furrow my brow was in regards to Colt Brennan versus Tim Tebow for the Heisman.

I don't have the quote ready, but it went something like this:
You call Colt Brennan a system quarterback, but I disagree. Colt Brennan is an NFL ready quarterback. Tim Tebow is a system quarterback and wouldn't crack the starting line up at my school.
Whoah. That is the definition of a hot sports opinion.

Now, Jesse Palmer's thoughts aside, I'm going to play devil's advocate here and allow for the discussion in the comments.

Arguments for Colt Brennan:
-He's a better quarterback than Timmy Chang ever was, so I don't think this is the "Kliff Kingsbury and Graham Harrell" kind of argument.
-He's consistently delivered year after year in Honolulu.
-(According to Jones) he has the ability to run any kind of system, be it running, throwing, pro style, spread, west coast, etc.
-He has won games for his team when they weren't supposed to win.

Arguments against Tebow:
-He's got spotlight because he plays in Florida. Any other school, and he's Jevan Snead.
-Urban Meyer's system allows for quarterbacks to succeed while running the ball AND using the spread: Omar Jacobs at BGSU, Alex Smith at Utah, Tim Tebow at Florida
-Tebow can not run a pro style offense, or any offense that requires precision passing

Some "instant feedback" on ESPN had some questions that made you think:
"How come when Brennan is called a system quarterback it's okay, but calling Tebow a system quarterback isn't allowed?"
"If the Heisman is solely based on stats and records, doesn't it have to go to Brennan?"
"East Coast bias rears its ugly head again".

For the record, I think Tebow is a bad mother fucker, and I think June Jones might have had some bad lomi lomi salmon or something. However, after being immersed in Hawai'i football for weeks on end, I gotta tell you, Brennan does look like a lot more than "just a system" guy.

Discuss in the comments or at the coffee pot.

The Brown Five - 12/4/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) That's the collective "Shit" from the rest of the NBA you hear.
Turns out Tim Duncan is okay and not seriously hurt. I'm not someone who really wishes for people to get injured (except for maybe seeing Big fart and fall down) but a no-Tim Duncan spurs is a lower hurdle for Dallas. Speaking of Dallas, they ended their losing skid by beating the Bulls last night. Take a look at the standings, yes, my eyebrows are up because the Katrina bees are winning.

2) Does the BCS really matter?
I've tempered a bit on college football these days, more because I see it for what it is. Minor league NFL, and a money making venture for school. Don't kid yourself and believe Big in thinking that the bowls have some kind of meaning. The only reason bowls exist are for schools to make money, NOT because of any other reason. That's why there is not playoff. My question is, who gives a shit if you don't make a BCS game? Does anyone but OSU and LSU get a chance at a national championship? No. The only bonus? Money. The BCS doesn't matter because the schools that need money never make it.

3) The 76ers make the best move in awhile.
Billy King is gonna be fired today. Ahhh, a team in Philadelphia pulls its head out of its ass and realizes there is more to life than futility and borderline mentally retarded trades. They are supposed to announce the hiring of Ed Stefanski, GM of the Nets. A little suprising to nab a division rival's current GM, a good GM at that, but so much the better.

4) I hate blaming refs for stuff...
but, come ON! Did anyone watch the game between the Ravens and Patriots? It's a little too suspicious when the Patriots keep getting second life over and over and over on ticky tack penalties on the Ravens. Look at the tuck rule, look at at Willie McGinest "temporarily injured" to stop a Colts drive. I'm not insinuating anything, but if the NFL knows that a team is going to generate loads of money by going undefeated, maybe a call here or there to keep things going isn't too crazy.

5) Watch the Nationals
Dmitri Young, Lastings Milledge, and Elijah Dukes are going to be on the same team. Oh. My. God. THIS is a reality show I'd watch.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Brown's Nightmare

I'm not kidding when I say that I see this face when I'm sleeping at night and wake up in chills and afraid of rape.

I can't believe I used to like the Steelers. This had to be Ben Roethlisberger's idea.

BSC, it has their cake, and eats it too

Well, well, well. Another college football Saturday, another crazy ass day. I have been ranking teams and telling you, the sexy reader, what each team should do to get in the championship game, and boy have I been wrong.

I thought Ohio State would lose to Mich, didn't happen. I thought West Virginia would win out, didn't happen. I thought Oregon would ride Dixon to the champ game, didn't happen. I don't mind being wrong. While it doesn't make me look good, it does allow me to think about things i haven't thought of yet, and formulate new thoughts. What i don't get is how LSU AND Ohio State are in the big one.

Ok there are 3 schools of thought out there for ranking college football. There is the record only people. These people are the ones that say Ohio State is 11-1 and therefore has to be the best in the nation. That's cool, I get it. I don't agree, but I get it.

Now there is the people that take the team A beat team B, and if need be team B beat team C, there for team A is best. These are the people that have LSU in the big game. Again, I understand this point as well.

The last group of people are what i like to call "pollsters." These are the peeps that will drop a team that loses at least 4-7 spots in the polls, no matter when they lost or how they lost, or who they lost too. These are the same people who it takes a BIG win over a BIG team to move up the polls if there is 2 teams with the same record. These people probably think Georgia or VaTech should be in the game, and they also are the ones that would most DEF put in Ohio State. These people are shit heads. I don't understand them at all.

Now, if a perfect world all three of these groups would pan out and be weighted equally, and the 2 of the best teams would play for the National Championship.

Then we come to this year. I think that we got probably the "safest" two teams this year. I don't really have a problem with it. I know more people will watch with LSU and OSU. More people will go to the game. Its good times.

This is what i don't understand, and what i don't like. Ohio State is in cuz its got the best record of a major conference team, but LSU got in because they are the "strongest team" from the "strongest conference" despite having 2 losses. These are 2 massively different reasons for teams to be have a chance to play for a national title. Neither one of them makes since if they are taken out of context. Let me explain.

If we are going to by record. Then its Hawaii and OSU/Kansas.

How would be choose who got to play between OSU and Kansas?
Well, OSU won its conference with out a Conference championship game, and Kansas finished 2nd in its conference without playing in its conference game.

Edge OSU, but really slight.

The one loss? OSU lost to the UN RANKED at the time Illinois, Kansas lost to the number 5 ranked Missouri.

Edge Kansas.

But how did the team that they lost too finish the season, that might be better now once we look at the big picture. Well Illinois is ranked 13th, Missouri is ranked 6th.

Edge still Kansas.

I'm not saying that Kansas is better than Ohio State, but if you were going by just record, Kansas might be slightly favored over OSU, and most deff over LSU.

But that's not the way we pick who gets to play. We take all that and put in our own opinions on who is truly the best teams in the land. That's how LSU got in. They jumped 3 teams when they barlery, beat Tenn this last weekend. I get it, they play in the hardest conference in all of football. They never lost in regulation, they only times they lost were in triple overtime( i fucking hate that argument, they still lost.)

Here is my problem, LSU's 2 losses were to unranked teams at the end of the year. When they lost to Kentucky they were ranked, but we have since seen what kind of team they are. When they lost their 2nd game to an unranked Arkansas team, they dropped to number 6 in the BCS, behind Missu(lost),WVU(lost), Ohio St(idle), Kansas(idle) and Virginia Tech(beat #11 BC). Now tell me how a win over #16 is better than a win over #11? I can see it being worth jumping the teams that didn't play, but how can a voter who voted LSU below VT last week, say the win over Tennessee is a better win than the VT win over Boston College? I don't' get it.

Its almost like the voters are saying,"SEC, we are sorry about the whole Auburn thing a couple of years ago. Here is gift for ya." It makes me sick.

The problem with the BSC isn't the picking the 2 teams, its how. There is no real rhyme or reason. Fuck, just let me know and i will be cool with it. Don't tell me its the best record for one them, and then the team we like the best for the other one.

You ask me who the best 2 teams in college football are? Oklahoma and USC. Those are the two teams that are the most complete and they only reason they aren't in are because of Injury's. Fuck it.

I will do a full blown Bowl preview later in the week, so stay tuned.

The Brown Five - 12/3/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) BCS Chaos
Well, shit. Illinois gets in, and everyone is bitching about Kansas jumping Missouri. Ohio State gets to have its doors blown off by an SEC team again. Georgia is gonna expose Hawaii for the frauds they are. I'm most interested in the OU and West Virginia game. UWV got it's pants pulled down by Pitt, so you know Pat White is gonna be pissed off, and OU is just the BCS sacrificial lamb they need. I'm suprised Notre Dame didn't get invited, I hate the BCS.

2) How does everyone forget about Dwight Howard?
Is it because he plays in Orlando? I'm a little surprised. Dwight Howard is making a name for himself as one of the premiere big men in the NBA, and everyone forgets that he's only like 22. Watch an Orlando game someday and be impressed. Sure, over $100 million for Rashard Lewis was dumb, but that's quite the squad SVG is running out.

3) The Browns got robbed
I've conceded the fact that Grimmus and Horse Balls have all but taken away the hope that Dallas gets a good draft pick, so I've jumped on the Browns bandwagon. How can you not? That being said, Cleveland got ROYALLY SCREWED by refs in the game against Arizona. Winslow made a damn near impossible catch in the end zone, was forced out and STILL managed to drag one toe...but since you can't review being forced out, they said "incomplete" and the Cardinals one. Bull and Shit. Thank you.

4) Grupo de Muerto
Well, it happens every time. The "Group Of Death" has been drawn for the Euro 2007 championships. Three of the top 10 tems in the Europe (world in my opinion) have all drawn the same group: Holland, Romania, Italy and France. I wish Portugal would have been in this group as well, and then it'd be like the NBA, where everyone just watched one group and cares about no one else.

5) Are you the next Elway?
Really, how long does Jay Cutler have until he joins the ranks of Brian Griese and Jake Plummer as Denver quarterbacks who have failed in the shadow of John "Barbaro" Elway? Leave it to Denver fans and their skeletal coach to platoon running backs all day long but forget that it takes time to develop a quarterback.