Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Growing Older - Its Cool Man

I couldn't find a good pic to go with this post, so here is a chimp on a segway

Growing older: this is something that is often looked upon with large, fear filled eyes. Most people seem to look at the drawbacks, the questions, the……. negative parts of growing older. When should I have a family? Will my body hold up? I can't keep up anymore. Things of that nature. While some of those things are true, there a lot of really good things about growing older as well. As I approach turning 30 years old, I'm tired of all that negativity, let's talk about some of the great things about being a late 20s early 30s guy in 2011. Let's talk about some of those. So here's another list (what? Did you do a list yesterday? What are you, list man from listatinia?) That I like to call:

Big’s best parts of Olddom.


This one is almost no-brainer. Just being alive longer, exposing yourself to different situations, gives you an edge over people who haven't been in them. The experience that you have can be anything. How many fender bender's have I been in over the past seven years? Zero. The seven years before that? At least eight. And this can all stems from the fact that I’m just driving more. It has made me a better driver, and I've been in more driving situations to know how to react when something negative does happen, so I can avoid said accident.

Experience also gives you the ability to give good advice. Talking to a 24-year-old who just got out of college and is chasing his dream, you can literally help him with some sage wisdom that you learned just a few short years ago.

Let's not discount the experience that you gain in the art of courting and pleasing the opposite sex. I saw a comic that I couldn't agree more with when he said, and I'm paraphrasing here, while the libido of the 19-year-old may be stronger than mine, I'm like a well-trained sniper who can one-shot kill from 300 yards, and he is like a baby with a Tommy gun. Sure you shoot more bullets, but hitting the target for you is almost accidental, mine is a precision strike with deadly accuracy.

The arts.

I've always been a fan of the arts, I was in theater my younger days, I played in the high school band as well as taught myself guitar in college, and while I personally have very little artistic ability when it comes to the visual arts, they fascinate me nonetheless.

That said with the more experience you gain, the different emotions you encounter, and the more research you can do that only comes with age, truly gives you more respect and admiration for all of them. How do you truly understand loss never lost someone, I can you understand exploration if you yourself have never explored? Questions like “am I doing the right thing?” “Is this the best I can do?” or “why did this happen?” Helps give depth and meaning to artists like D├ęgas, Shakespeare, or the dude who wrote “alligator rock.”


Speaking of music, this might be my favorite part of growing older. While there's no question that popular music is for the young, artist like Lady Gaga, Bruno Marrs, and Katy Perry are all talented in their own right, and I can even enjoy some of their song stylings, my ability to fall in love with a pop act may be nonexistent nowadays.

And I've never been one to preach things that you often hear “music aficionados” say. Things like “the radio doesn't play good music,” “the bigger the band gets the more water down their sound is,” and my personal favorite “oh so-and-so sold out, and is just doing it for the money.” I don't say those things not because they are necessarily true, because to a degree they all are, just not in the negative connotation that they are most often used, no I don't say those things because to me music is such a personal choice, and depends heavily on your influences, emotions, and more importantly personal taste. If your brain hears Britney Spears’ “If you Seek Amy” and it sparked joy and excitement inside of you, me telling you that you're wrong, and you shouldn't feel that way, is one of the most destructive things that I could do.

So with all my preaching done then, and explain why growing older I enjoy music more. The more time you have to explore things, and try new things, the more often you will find something fantastic that you didn't really even know existed. This has been my experience with music as of late. Diving into genres and sub genres of music lead you to find new and exciting things. The whole alt-country scene (Whiskey town, Casey Anderson), led me to the alt country rock scene (Lucero, Sun Volt), which led me to the indie rock scene (MGMT, Death Cab), which led me to the East Coast indie rock scene (Gaslight Anthem, Airborn Toxic Event, LCD SoundSystem) and who knows where it will go next.

Another great thing about all of this, is most of these bands, or least bands like them, will come through Dallas, and play venues that are not the AAC, or Verizon, or the Yellow Pages, big arena type places. You might catch a band at the double wide, or dada, or aidars saloon, where you can have a cold beer, a shot of whiskey, and stand back and listen to music.

And that brings me to the last point I want to talk about


drinking is a double edged sword as you grow older. It's very true that bouncing back from a hard night of boozing becomes more difficult older you get. Not to mention the fear that comes with overindulging, for some reason a DWI is far less scary at the age of 22 that is a 29. While getting blackout drunk, and puking everywhere was sometimes a goal to some people in our younger days, now it's kind of looked down upon. More so by yourself and other people.

All that said, drinking still kicks ass as you get older. You can enjoy a good buzz more without needing to get “wasted”. Some people have a little more money(not me), so they can enjoy a finer spirits. Pitchers of Miller lite are replaced with bottles of seasonal Sam Adams, or even gasp, a glass of red wine. It's not as strange anymore to see a middle-aged man with a martini, or a glass of scotch, as it would be if you saw younger man do it.

I could probably go on little bit longer, hell I didn't even get into sports, but as I look down and see this is already over 1000 words, I'm going to Just end it with this.

Getting older, as all things in life, has its positives and negatives, it ebbs and flows, it has its hills and valleys, and I try and take it upon myself when I am in that valley, not only look behind me and say “look up great that hill was,” but look in front of me and say “look how great that hill is going to be.”

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big podcast list

Dog Listening to Podcasts? Dog Listening to Podcasts.

One of the things I've recently been getting into, I say recently but it's been like two years, and to be honest it's probably one of the reasons why don't write much this blog anymore, is the wonderful world of podcasts. We have often joked that the big and the Brown should start their own podcast, and it yet may still happen, but today I bring you the dear readers my list of podcast that keep me entertained. There's a mix of sports and humor history and even little psychology. So enjoy!

This and the Nerdist are probably the two podcasts I listen to the most. When I say the most a mean almost daily. I'll pop

one of these two all my speakers when I'm getting ready in the morning, or when I'm working out, when I'm playing a videogame that doesn't require sound.

The BS report is hosted by Bill Simmons, a columnist for, who writes mostly about the NFL, the NBA, and anything Boston sports related. He's a big pop-culture fan, especially pop culture of the late 80s early 90s. He's a big fantasy fan, he plays fantasy baseball fantasy football and even talks about fantasy basketball every once and a while. His show is a mix of entertainment and sports, with guests like Adam Corolla, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel on the entertainment side and Mark Stein, Mike Lombardi, and Ric Bucher on the sports side.

He is extremely entertaining and I cannot recommend him enough. If for no other reason than to hear him and Dave Jacoby talk about the real world Road rules challenge. Pure gold

This is the other podcasts I listen to extremely frequently. It's hosted by Chris Hardwick, who used to host singled out on MTV, which I know is not high selling point but this guys comedy is extremely good. His interaction with his cohosts Mike Myra and Jonah Ray is entertaining enough on its own, but each week they interview a different "famous person.” Usually another comedia
n, and usually they talk mostly about stand up, where inspiration comes from, how they got started, what they like about stand up what they don't like about stand up, all those normal things that interviewers ask what it's done with great humor and self-deprecation.

It's called The Nerdist due to the website that came before it that Hardwick runs, and Hardwick's philosophy that every body nerds out over something, whether it's comedy, video games, movies, or even food. Because of this show, I've started following different comedians, watching different television shows (like Dr. who), and all in all becomes a much more rounded nerd. Love it.

Fresh Air Podcast

I know it's from NPR, but before you start with the whole “there's big pushing his liberal agenda” bit, here me out. This is a great little podcast that involves interviews and reviews of both pop-culture and the arts. Terry Gross is the host of the show and usually puts out one about every week. Recent interviews were with James Franco Natalie Portman, and Tom Hooper who was the director of the King speech. If you’re into hip hop at all, go find the interview with Jay Z. Great stuff.

Comedy Death-Ray Radio

Comedian Scott Aukerman host this little podcast, and brings with him a lot of his buddys from the world of “alternative comedy” which is a bullshit term, but that’s the label most of the have. Guys like Andy Richter, Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Ian Black, Adam Scott, and Paul F Thompson. If you dig those types of comedians, you’ll dig this show.

History of the world Podcast

This is a series that the BBC did called a history of the world in 100 objects. It's 100 different podcasts that last about 15 minutes each, and each one focuses on one object and uses that object to explain the time period from which it came.

Shrink rap radio

To be honest this is a podcast that I've yet to start listening to, but one that I'm very interested in. The tagline for this is "all the psychology you need to know in just enough to make you dangerous." I've been on a bit of a what makes your brain tick kick lately, and this is just a part of it. Topics of this podcast include: mindful sleep mindful dreams, a psychiatrist most bizarre case studies, and exploring behavioral economics. I know this will be everybody's cup of tea, but I thought my included in this list.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bow to our New Overlord! (and lets see if i can still do this)

Oh Sweet Lord Trebek! What have you DONE!?!?

With brown out this week, Its my goal to give all 14 of you that still come to our little cul-de-sac of the blogoshpere what you expect, fresh piping hot content. Should be good times. I haven't done this consistently for a while now. Its like riding a bike right? So let me just step up on this shwinn here.....OH GOOD GOD!

Does physical humor work on a blog?

(Gets up, dusts self off, trys to hide raging pain boner)

Well that was fun. So on to my point. Whats up with computers? I know right? Crazy!

Man i'm rusty. Bare with me, or this might be a long week. Let me just lead off with the part of this story that i know about, Sports. I mean come on, we are a sports blog right? That's what everybody is here to read about, right? Hardcore Sports Manlove!

Its not like Deadspin has started running daily bits about pop culture.......

Or TBL often starts and ends each day with a round up of non sportie news........

or that Bill Simmons has a highly rated pod cast that often talks about Real World/Road Rules Challenges........

or that the ticket in Dallas despite it's poor 9,000 watt station is out dueling mighty ESPN and CBS radio stations with segments such as "trifecta talk," "top 10 temperatures," and pimping bands at the reconsider lounge......

Wait, all those things are happening? Fuck. I HAVE been gone a while.

One thing will never change, however, and I know this to be true like death and taxes, The NFL and their union will always be the most powerfull being on the planet, and NEVER EVER GO AWAY.......

(receives text from brown)


I swear to all that is holy, if there is no NFL Draft, and i don't get to spend 10 hours a day studding draft film's like a Stevie studies Cunninlinguis tapes.......

(receives another text from brown)

there will be a draft......just maybe no season next year. Good, my stab-ability scale just went down from Julius Caesar to Ron Goldman.

Good, now onto my point of this whole post. The NFL Draft Combine. (wow, even i didn't see that one coming, but give me time, it will all come back around)

The Combine is going on as we speak. (i may or may not be streaming it at

The big name, skill guys on offense (QB's, RB's, WR's TE's) and the o-line went through there drills this last weekend. Let me share with you some of the numbers.

40 yard dash fun facts.

5 Guys so far have run SUB 4.4 40's. (fastest so far being the running back from maryland Scott)

All but 1 QB was sub 5.0. 7 at 4.65 or under. 4 sub 4.5.

2 o-line guys ran a sub 5.0 (Kelce from Cincinnati, and Bartholomew from Syracuse.) and one (Newton from Arkansas State (what up sun belt!)) at 5.01. That means 3 O-linemen ran faster than the slowest QB.

8 Runningbacks ran a 4.5 or under

People of Note:

Jake Locker: 4.59 40, 35 inch vertical, 10' broad jump, 6.77 three cone, 4.12 20yard Shuttle
Cam Newton: 4.59 40, 35 inch vertical, 10'6" broad jump, 6.92 three cone, 4.18 20 yard shuttle

Julio Jones: 4.39 40, 17 Bench, 38.5 vert, 11'3" broad (record is 11'4"
AJ Green: 4.50 40, 18 Bench, 10'6"broad.

I know that's a lot of crazy numbers that i just spit at you, and most of you don't know what any of those mean. Point of all this is let you know this: These guys are freaks. More so now than in past years even. 2 QB's who will play QB in the NFL running a sub 4.6 40? A WR who can jump from a standstill no less, the length that would equal 2 browns head to toe? (He's not a tall man)

All of this can mean only one thing, these guys are..............


Judgement day is here! Watson on Jeopardy has proved computers are smarter than us, now they are faster and stronger than us as well. All hail Skynet!

( I know, it was a long post to get to a stupid, predictable joke, but give me a break, i'm rusty, i'll do better tomorrow. )