Friday, April 4, 2008

Nude Music Friday

As most people who read this site know, I'm a big of a music junky. My fun "job" is working on the weekends here in the big D at a radio station. Music is something that no matter how old, what place in society, or what color you are, can touch you, and make us all feel the same feeling at the same time.

With that said, I would like to introduce you to Explosions in the Sky(myspace page)

Now normally i don't really get into instrumental rock (meaning they have no singer), but these guys have an uncanny ability to reach inside, and touch you that most bands only dream of.

I first found out about this band while watching the best show on TV, Friday Night Lights. I could spend 3 hours telling you how truly great the show is, but his is nude music friday.

The Band is from Austin, which gives it cred all ready. They have 6 albums out, and I suggest you pick up any of them. The Music is extremely chill, its what I like to call headphones music. This means its best listened to with your headphones on, by yourself, lying on the floor staring at the ceiling. The reason for this is how introspective the music is. It takes you on a Journey through you own thoughts and feelings, and when you come too, a full hour has passed and you somehow know whats going on in your life a little better.

I'm not going to tell you that this kind of music is for everyone, but it damn sure is for me. Its music that aids the mind, not controls it. Its not something that you have to pay close attention too. I can't recommend it any more.


Our little budding internet star

I showed you earlyer our buddy the Beast, and his video of his place. Well here is more. IF you wanna see more click on the movie and go to his page. You can search biggievondee for all 10(!) of his priceless videos

And what would an internet post be without a little what what, in the but.

Thats whats up on the whats up

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Mav's lo....wait, What?

Dirks back!

The Mav's beat a their first playoff caliber team with J.Kidd.

J-Ho and JET combined for 59 points.(59?)


Last night saw a "rebirth" of Mav's basketball with their 111 to 86 win over the Golden State Warriors. Its a "rebirth" because its the first time since the Kidd trade they beat a team thats over 500. Its a "rebirth" because it gives us now a 2 game lead over the 9th seed with only 7 games left to play. Its a "rebirth" because, for the first time in a long time, they won the battle of whits against Nelly.

What does all this mean? I don't know. It could mean they are getting their shit in line and are going to start playing like the team as talented as they are, or it could be the last ghasp in for the little Mav's this season.

One thing it did do, is almost certainly punch a titcket back to the playoffs. With 7 games left, they have what amounts to a 3 game lead over Golden State. You take away the will wins, home Seattle, @Portland, @Seattle, that leaves you with just 4 games they could lose. If GS drops just one or two more, it will be almost imposible to catch the Mavs.

So gear up for somemore basketball people. Don't quit on this team yet(like I almost did).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Beat Brown's Caption" Contest!

I'm going to periodically put a picture up with a wacky quote. Use the comment section to beat the quote with something funnier.

Apparently, Roger Clemens is helping with Yao's recovery effort.

A Peek Behind the Big and the Brown

A lot of you know us personally, but at the same time seem to ask us "where the hell do you guys come up with this shit?"

Well, I'm going to give you a peek behind the curtain as to how this all works.

Big and I have known each other for almost 15 years now. We usually share our sports views, but every now and then we've argued over little things. Was Eddie Hervey a better second receiver than Alvin Harper? Was Kevin Green better than Greg Lloyd because he liked wrestling? Was Hakeem a better center than Shaq would become (remember, that was 94)?

Those arguments have grown over 15 years to today's arguments which are pretty much the same. Only now, we decided, why not put the damn thing in blog form. Lo and behold, this little site was born.

As for the peek behind the scenes? Here's an example:

Brown: "Oh my God!! K. Dar Dar was on why today doesn't suck. The K stands for Kirby!"
Big: "I was just going to say that. It's a good day for America"
Brown: "Between that and Wrestlemania on Sunday, I feel like we should celebrate America. Let's go kill and eat a bald eagle"
Big: "Only if we can super size it first."
Brown: "God bless you, Kirby Dar Dar."

That little interchange led to this post.

Sure, we have more serious conversations, usually centering around the draft or what movements teams should make.

The point here is that the posts we put up are usually born from a thought one or the other has had while taking a shit and decided to text to the other person. Does it make you uncomfortable knowing you're reading things that have been thought of while expelling the waste of humanity from my bottom? I hope so.

Do we think we're funny? Hell yes.

Do we think you're funny? Hell no.

Do we think we both know a guy who resembles a bear? Hell yes.

Do I remember what the point of this post was? Hell no.

Well, that answers that question

For the two other people who read this (out of the four total) that pay attention to pro wrestling, you might have asked yourselves, "Where were Taker and McMahon during the Flair farewell on Raw on Monday?"

Well, they were there, they just waited for the camera to stop rolling to come out and pay their respects.

Thanks to Pro Wrestling Blog v3.0 here's the video.

(Sorry for the "Cloverfield"-eque quality, it's a damn cell phone camera.)

Greatest. Clip. Ever.

Props to Uni for finding this

Rick meet Beeker.

The 2nd turnbuckle - The most underated body part in wrestling

As we here at the Big and the Brown love all things sports, fake or real, we know that we don't have all the knowledge of some of our peers. We gladly move aside when someone who is an expert in a certain field wants to put his/her two cents in. With that said, here is what should be a "weekly" post about wrestling from our wrestling guru.

So you've done all the crunches. You've done all lifting and sculpted yourself into an Adonis. You've taken the acting classes so you can imrov on the mic. Too bad you'll never recover from that woodshop accident that left you with the ability to only count to 8.

The index finger is the most underated body part in all of professional wrestling. If you have one, it's managable and you'll be the a Inter-continetal champ. Without either index finger you might as well be The Gobbledygooker.

First, you could never point to your opponent in any situation. From the ring to the top of the enterance ramp or vice versa. You couldn't point across the ring at him to say "I'm gonna get you".

Second, if you were in a tag match and wanted to get your partner over with the fans you couldn't point to said partner and then look to the crowd asking if they want him in the match.

Thirdly, you could never declare yourself number one or point to the rafters to thank everyone for you amazing predetermined victory.

Let's say you get past the first to obstacles and are actually in the match. In a scenario where you are down you couldn't be a heel and poke the eyes. If you're a face you can point to the crowd to start the slow clap or USA chant, therefore squashing any hope of a comeback.

More spots you couldn't do in the match rendering you uninteresting.

The "look over there ref" trick that is used in tag matches. This is used either to your advantage or disadvantage if you and your tag partner are about to split.

The "I'm Smart, S..M..R...T". Your opponent whips you into the ropes for the dropkick. You hold on to the ropes, he goes up and flops on his face. You look to the crowd and point to your head show just how smart you are. This sets you up for the bump from behind. In match classic, that you could never do.

You couldn't do the "Dikembe" as it's not in the sports world. In sports-entertainment Hogan did it best. You opponent pummels you and then all of a sudden your eyes open wide and you put your hand up to do the fingerwag to say "No, sir. Not again. I will now do the pummelling". With the primary digit you just hold a up a fist and wag a nub that looks like a clipped dogs ass.

That's why your shop teacher was your shop teacher and not one of the Four Horseman.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Must read

The best thing to come out of ESPN over the past 10 years or so, at least since EPSN2, is page2 on Its a forum for less than normal sports writers made famous by the polarizing Bill Simmons.

L.Z. Granderson has a fantastic artical about how white college basketball stars have felt the brunt of racism.

Granderson is a great read for not only people of color, but anybody who sees the notion that a good white basketball player is always a Larry Bird clone, while a good black QB is always a Randel Cunningham, and sees a problem with that.

Good stuff, L.Z.

Winning an NBA Championship, the contenders

As I pointed out yesterday, With the aid of my video game badassness, I have come up with a theory about the NBA, and what it takes to win a championship. Basically it takes 3 things, and they are, in order of importance.

1. A top 10 overall player
2. A top 25 overall player(s)
3. Role Players with specific and different roles.

Over the past 30 years this formula has produced all but one of the NBA Champs. So who has a chance this year?

First we have to understand that the list of top 10 and top 25 players is a fluid list, meaning there is no true set in stone way to determine who the top 25 are, no would you want to. For example. The San Antonio Spurs. They have 3 stars, Duncan, Manu, and Parker. On any given night ANY of those guys can become a top 10 or top 25 player.

Second we have to define the role players. "Role players" is term that is thrown around a lot these days. It seams "role players" have replaced the praise "average player" in most peoples minds. Not mine. Jaun Howard isn't a "role player" for his veteran leadership and 5 fouls at the end of a game, he just sucks.
For the purpose of this post let us define role players as a player who covers a spesfic need with great play in an area of their game, or a player that complements a star with a specific ability. Example of both of them are from Cleveland, Ben Wallace the first, and Boobie Gibson the second. Wallace has a specific talent of rebounding and interior D that nobody else has on that squad, while Gibbson's outside shooting is a complement to LBJ's drive and dish style.

So here is the list of Playoff teams that fill the criteria, and a few that come up just short.

New Orleans Hornets 50-22 1 in the West
Top 10 - Chirs Paul
Top 25 - David West, Peja Stojakovic
Role Players - Tyson Chandler (Rebs, Inside Def) Bonzi Wells (Bench Scoreing),
Skivvy - Still a year or two away in my mind. The play of West and Peja in the playoffs will be the deciding factor. Can those two continue to be top flight top 25 guys is the issue.

San Antino Spurs 51-23 2 in the West
Top 10 - Duncan/Manu
Top 25 - Parker/Manu/Duncan
Role Players - Finley(3pt), Bowen(def 3pt), Kurt Thomas(inside def)
Skivvy - With Duncan kind of slipping this year, either due to age, or just boredom, Manu has stepped up and been the most consistent scorer, but any of the three can be the big game guy when the need comes. The help players are what really make San An great. They have a great shut down defender in Bitch Ass, and lots of people that can hit open looks, Finley, Bowen, Stoudemire ext.

LA Lakers 50-24 3rd in west.
Top 10 - Kobe
Top 25 - Gasol/Bynum(if healthy)
Role Players - Odam(pts, def) Walton(passing, smarts), Derek Fisher, Sasha Vujacic(3pt)
Skivvy - If this squad would have been around all year, this might be the fav. If Bynum comes back and get back to his form from the start of the season, watch out. This team has the right combo of stardom, and role players. The only thing that's going to hurt the lake show is their interior defense. Gasol is alright, but he can be brought out of the paint by a decent shooter leaving just a rehabbing Bynum or (gulp) Ronny Turiaf to defend the post.

Utah Jazz 49-26 4th in west
Top 10 - Don't have one.
Top 25 - Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer
Role Players - Mehmet Okur(3pt big), Ronnie Brewer(pts energy), Kyle Korver(3pt), Andrei Kirilenko(hustle, lanky defender), Paul Millsap (reb)
Skivvy - One can argue that Deron Williams can become a top 10 player in the playoffs, but as of right now, he isn't playing like one. This is best example of a team that has all the parts in place, just waiting on a superstar to emerge.

Phoenix Suns 50-24 5th in west
Top 10 - Steve Nash
Top 25 - Amare Stoudemire
Role Players - Leandro Barbosa(speed), Grant Hill(smarts), Shaquille O'Neal(reb def), Raja Bell(def), Gordan Giricek(3pt)
Skivvy - I'm sure people will yell at me for putting Nash in the top 10 and Amare not. The fact is that without Steve Nash this Amera would be just a top 25 guy. The way he sets up the team from every aspect allows Stoudemire to flourish. When the Shaq trade went down, not many people could see how this would work out. The recent 7 game winning streak has proven this can work. They can now play a slower, half court game with Shaq and Stoudemire wrecking havoc in the middle.

Houston Rockets 49-24 6th in west
Top 10 - nobody
Top 25 - T-Mac
Role players - Rafer Alston(skiping to the lou), Luis Scola(low post), Shane Battier(def), Carl Landry(reb), Bobby Jackson(pts, energy), Steve Francis(pts), Dikembe Mutombo(def)
Skivvy - Sorry boys at the Dream Shake, but unless 2 things happen in the playoffs, this is not the team to bring you another Championship. The 2 things that would need to happen is T-Mac playing like a true top 10 guy, (which despite his talent, he hasn't been in 3 years) and someone else stepping up to be his wing man. If Yao were still here, then it would be a different story. However as constructed, 2nd round at best.

Golden State Warriors 45-28 8th in West
Top 10 - maybe Barron Davis
Top 25 - Stephen Jackson/Monta Ellis
Role Players - Al Harrington(stretch def big), Andris Biedrins(reb, lowpost), Matt Barnes(energy)
Skivvy - This is a hard team to figger out, simply because this team plays Nelly Ball. Barron Davis might be a top 10 player, and Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis are both fringe top 25, but in this system all 3 can flourish and really hurt any team. The role players in Nelly Ball are less of a factor than in most other systems, but they have some good ones that can hurt you. Downside? If you can contain the big 3 up there, you can beat this team easily.

Denver Nuggets 45-28 8th in West
Top 10 - Allen Iverson/Carmelo Anthony
Top 25 - the Other one
Role Players - Kenyon Martin(low post offense), J.R. Smith(explosive scoreing), Linas Kleiza(3pt), Marcus Camby(def and shotblocking) Eduardo Najera(energy) Nene(lowpost)
Skivvy - Both Iverson and Anthony can be the top 10 if they want to, and the other knows to play second fiddle to the hot guy. Camby is this teams biggest strenth and will be the reason they can beat anybody in the playoffs, with his interior D. You throw in guys like Martin, Smith, and Kleiza and this team in damn deep. The roster is there, if only they had a coach who gave a damn.

Boston Celtics 58-15 1st in East
Top 10 - KG
Top 25 - Ray Allen, Paul Peirce
Role Players - Rajon Rondo(PG) James Posey(def) Kendrick Perkins(reb) Sam Cassell(pts, 3pt, ass)
Skivvy - Best team from the east by far. For most of his career, KG hasn't had a top 25 guy next to him, now he has 2. What was thought to be the Achilles heel of this team at the begging of the year, their bench, has molded into a fine complement to the big 3.

Detroit Pistons 52-21 2nd in East
Top 10 - none
Top 25 - Chauncey Billups
Role Players - Richard Hamilton(non stop moter, pts), Tayshaun Prince(def), Rasheed Wallace(def, pts, DANCING), Antonio McDyess(reb), Jason Maxiell(ath)
Skivvy - This is the only team in the last 30 years to win a championship with out a top 10 guy. There are nights that Chauncey can be that guy, but not nearly enough for a true top 10 status. What makes this team work is the fact that everybody complements everybody else. Rip hits the jumpshots when he's open, Tayshawn can d-up any back court guy, Billups hits the big shots, Sheed can do just about anything on the floor. All of these things were all it took to win a title against a imploding Lakers team, but the good teams have gotten better and better every year. No chance this spring.

Orlando Magic 47-27 3rd in the East
Top 10 - Dwight Howard
Top 25 - maybe Rashard Lewis, but really nobody
Role players - Hedo Turkoglu(3pt) Jameer Nelson(ass)
Skivvy - Rashard Lewis is paid like a top 25 guy, but rarely acts like one. He is a good player who if were playing beside LBJ, he would be great. But the star on his team is Superman Howard, who has a boat load of potential, but just isn't there yet. With a few more pieces and Howard improving, this team could win one in maybe 2 years.

Clevland Cav's 41-33 4th in East
Top 10 - Lebron
Top 25 - none
Role Players - Zydrunas Ilgauskas(def reb), Daniel Gibson(3pt), Wally Szczerbiak(3pt, jump shot), Anderson Varejao(hustle), Ben Wallace(lowpost d, reb)
Skivvy - They took baby steps with the big trade, but they still don't have a decent 2 behind the best player in the game. The Role players are there, the star is there. The roster only needs one more player to play second fiddle to LBJ.

Wow, that was long as shit. If you made it this far down, good for you. I'll buy you a cookie. Don't worry Mav's fans, I got a whole post on how the Mav's fair up with this theory. Right now, my heard hurts, from NBA overload. (sorry for no pics, it took me long enough to write this damn thing, i'm not going looking for pics)

Brangelina, meet the Dead Man.

Here's a fun little story from on 205th.

Apparently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are renting a home owned by one Mark Calaway. Who is Mark Calaway? Look in the bottom corner of this picture...

That's right, WWE's The Undertaker.

Apparently he has a giant master bedroom because he needed a giant bed.

That's not a joke, but I really wish it was.

What's the big deal about this?

If you've read anything in the past week or so, you've seen the story about Tiger Woods being the most fined player on the PGA tour because of the amount he goes nuts and starts cussing people out on the course. Namely, this was started because at Doral two weeks ago, a photographer snapped a picture during his backswing and he, apparently, went off on that photographer.

Here's the video, courtesy of FanHouse

So, let's get this straight. All he said was "not in my swing" and that causes an uproar? Look, I don't apologize for golfers requiring total silence when they play. As a shitty golfer myself, I look for any excuse I can for making terrible shots.

As for the uproar on cussing. I'd like to know how many of those people have NEVER said a bad word. Especially on a golf course after a bad shot.

Hmm, I'm standing in a glass house and I've got all these stones. Time for my John Elway impression!

Local announce teams...not bad at all

I'd like to think that every city's fandom thinks they have the best announcers for their sports in all the world. If you're an LA, Chicago or New York, that may be true in that your guys are that famous. However, I'd like to think the four sets of announce teams that Dallas has are very very good. No one is truly annoying, and each set seems good humored enough make fun of each other when they screw up.

Football - Dallas Cowboys - Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg

Brad Sham is all over the place these days. I heard him calling an NCAA tournament game with John Thompson. However, could you really imagine the modern day Cowboys being called by anyone else? Doesn't matter if he is with Babe, Charlie Waters, Grady Tinker, Bob Sturm, Larry Brown. Brad Sham is a guy who you just like to listen to when he's calling the game.

Baseball - Texas Rangers - Josh Llewyn and Tom Grieve

I might be one of the few, but damn it, I like this duo. Sure, show me the Eric Nadal's every now and then. Sure, Knox in the Fox Box is always a good time. However, I challenge you to find me a better time then on a Saturday in May, windows open and the fan on, laying on the couch with a beer and the Rangers game. Now do you really want Buck and McCarver with that call? No, you want Josh and TAG.

Basketball - Dallas Mavericks - Mark Folliwill and Brad Davis

Ahh yes, "Laser Cannon Mouth" himself and the man who stole the job from Bob Ortegal. Again, I like these guys. Would I prefer the national team? Yes. Do I enjoy the channel 21 broadcast? Yes. Plus, when they're on the radio, they have no problem making fun of each other. You gotta love that.

Hockey - Dallas Stars - Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh

If you haven't heard Ralph and Razor call a Stars game, you're missing out. These guys make hockey fun and if you dont think that Razor is down for a bit, then you are kidding yourself.

Big and Brown Idol: Season 1: J-Bizzle

Today's entry comes from J-Bizzle. Remember, if you want to tryout for Season 1 of Big and Brown Idol, send your entry to our email address, You don't win anything, and we're only allowing it for this and maybe next week.

Tyler Hansbrough is the best player in men's college basketball this season. I could probably do my research and make all kinds of arguments as to why I wrote the previous statement. However, I feel that enough has already been written about Hansbrough, Mayo, Augustin, Beasley, etc, etc, and, frankly I don't really care who wins the award. I like my college basketball like I like my Major League month out of the year (unless a team I care about is playing, naturally). What is bothering me today is what is sometimes said about these kids, specifically during games.

During the Lousiville and North Carolina match-up, Hansbrough played his typical game. He had a few timely points, a couple highlights and several "deer in the headlights" looks. (Anybody else notice that he always looks like that?) Anyway, sometime in the second half, UNC's right-handed forward drove the lane and finished with his LEFT hand. Holy macarol this kid is "amphibious"! Wait, did I just make a Big-like spelling error? No, no. One of the commentators of the game (man I wish I had this guy's name) actually said that Tyler Hansbrough is amphibious. Poor kid, this guy has ruined his life, because there is only one explanation for this. Tyler Hansbrough is Aquaman!

His secret identity has been ruined. Okay, maybe not.

What Mr. Imadumass (sound it out) meant to say was that Hansbrough is AMBIDEXTROUS, meaning "able to use both hands equally well". He can finish with both right and left hand alike. Instead of mistakingly comparing this kid to a frog or a toad, maybe someone should try reading some literature that is above a 6th grade level. There's no reason..., here's my point, dude. There's no fucking reason...that, while being the color guy of a NATIONALLY televised sporting event, you should use THAT time to try and stretch your vocabulary! Not only was this guy wrong, he was way out in left field, which is in a different sport entirely! Rabble, rabble, rabble!

Like we said, this is your chance as reader to show you can write something or you should slowly step away from the keyboard. Any comments you have should be directed at the author and not us. We take no responsibility. Lately, Big and I are cranking out term papers on this site, so maybe this was more palatable for you.

Monday, March 31, 2008

winning an NBA championship

I, as many of you know, am an avid gamer. I love me some Halo3, Mass Effect, GTA and the like. I own a XBox 360(gamer tag Moose034 if you wanna test your skills)(no for real add me as a friend, i'm lonely). As a sports fan, i'm also am a master of the Sports Video game. Madden, College, MLB, and of course, NBA 2K8.

While playing 2k8 the other day, I was thinking of ways to improve my dynasty and asking myself the question, how do I build a Championship contender? While if I were playing all 82 games, all I would need is a great ball handler, a good 3 point guy, and a good defensive lowpost/ great rebounder. I could probably do OK with say, Devin Harris, Brent Barry, and Dwight Howard. I would do better than OK. I would win at least 75 games, and a championship every year.

But this gaming experience wasn't about playing, but about simming. I know that line up would get drilled in the sim game by just about everybody. This is when my real NBA brain came into focus.

What does one need to win a championship? Is it an all fast break 3 point shooting team? Is it a slow defensive minded grid it out team? Then I came to realization that it isn't even really a team at all. Its about the stars on the team.
Here is what I mean.

You need 3 things to have a championship team.
1. A top 10 player overall.
2. A top 25 player(s)
3. People who serve a specific role on the team.

I chose the Raptors for little reason as they were decent, with upside, and had some good contracts I could trade away. I don't want to bore you with "look how good i am with this game talk," so long story short, In year 2, i won a simmed championship with this roster, Bosh(top 10) Gerald Walace(top 25), Caldaron(penetrating PG), Kapono(3pt guy) Bargnaii(stretch the Def Center), and Chris Duhan(back up points).
Each guy had a role that was used, that covered up other weaknesses.

I know, Its just a video game.

Its not how the real NBA works.

You need stuff like team chemistry, and veteran Leadership, and deep pockets, yada yada yada.

Or is the NBA just like the video game?

This formual seems rather simple in explanation, and surly thats not all you need to suceed in the real life NBA.

Well, lets just take a look back as the last few NBA champs.

O0s Spurs - Duncan - top 10,
Manu/Parker - Top 25
Finley - 3 point, Elson/Oberto - Low post defender/rebounders, Bitch Ass Bowen - defensive guru.

05 Heat - Wade - top 10
Shaq - top 25
walker - strech d 3 point, Payton - solid D back up PG, Haslem - Rebounding low post.

early 00 LA Lakers - Kobe/Shaq - top 10
Kobe Shaq - top 25
Role Players - Derrik Fisher, Rick Fox, Rober Hory

90's Bulls - Jordan - top 10
Pippen - Top 25
Role Players - Rodman, Grant, Armstrong, Paxston, Winnington(ok maybe not winnington)

94-95 Rockets Hakeem - Top 10
Drexler/Hory - top 25
role players - Maxwell, Elli, (starting to get into teams I don't remeber much of their role players, I'm sure grunge dave will pipe up with some I left out)

The list can go on.

In fact, the only team in the last 25 years who doesnt' fit this mold is the Detroit Pistons of a few years ago. The reason for this is they ran into a crazy disfunctional Lakers team that was imploding from the inside out. There maybe something to this thery after all.

As to not make this a SUPER long post, I'll come back in a few with how this theroy plays out this year for our little mavs, and for the rest of the NBA.

How good of a GM is Donnie Nelson?

This is a long post, so take the time to read it, or just scroll down past it to read other posts from the week.

Donnie Nelson has been synonymous with the "behind the scenes" Dallas Mavericks since 2000 when Mark Cuban bought the team. Yes, he technically arrived in 1998 and was an assistant coach for awhile, but work with me here.

Donnie Nelson is given more credit than anyone in building the Mavericks from the old 14 win teams of the early years into the perennial 50-win (maybe) contender they are today. You can't lie with numbers either. Since Nelson has been involved, the Mavericks:
  • Have won 66% of their games
  • Have had 4 50-win seasons
  • Have had 2 60-win seasons, including the 67 win season of last year
  • Have made the playoffs seven consecutive seasons
  • Made the Western Conference Finals twice
  • Made the NBA Finals once
  • Won their first Division Title in 20 years
Kelly Dwyer of Sports Illustrated named Nelson the second best executive in the NBA behind R.C. Buford of San Antonio.

Nelson is given credit for building this team through shrewd free agent signings, impressive trades and draft picks. Dirk and Josh Howard via the draft. Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, Erick Dampier, Jason Kidd, Antawn Jamison, Steve Nash, Nick Van Exel via trade and FA.

Make no mistake about it, Donnie Nelson is directly responsible for building this Maverick team, be it the run and gun style with his father or the "defense" oriented style with Avery.

Here's my he really that great?

Let's first weigh the drafts, we'll start in 2000, when Cuban bought the team:
  • Good hits
    • Eduardo Najera (no longer with team)
    • Etan Thomas (no longer with team)
    • Josh Howard
  • Bad hits
    • Donnell Harvey
    • Courtney Alexander
    • Kenny Satterfield
    • Kyle Hill
    • Mladen Sekularac
    • Xue Yuyang
    • Vassilis Spanoulis
    • J.R. Pinnock
    • Maurice Ager
    • Milovan Rakovic
    • Renaldas Seibutis
    • Nick Fazekas

Let's weigh the trades
  • Good
    • w/Bucks for Dirk Nowitzki (yes, this was 1998, but Nelson is given credit. Dirk is the cornerstone of the Dallas Mavericks)
    • w/Suns for Steve Nash (yes, this was 1998, but Nelson is given credit. Fan favorite, led to the Mavericks upsurge to prominence.)
    • w/Wizards for Juwon Howard, Calvin Booth, and Obinna Ekezie (new blood to a new team chemistry)
    • w/Nuggets for Raef LaFrentz, Nick Van Exel, Tariq Abdul-Wahad, and Avery Johnson (provided the run 'n gun stylings for Nellieball)
    • w/Golden State for Antawn Jamison, Danny Fortson, Jiri Welsch, and Chris Mills (added to the run 'n gun stylings for Nellieball and provided contracts to move)
    • w/Boston for Antoine Walker and Tony Delk (added to the run 'n gun stylings for Nellieball and provided contracts to move)
    • w/Golden State for Erick Dampier (he's the starting center, and he's serviceable and shows flashes of brilliance)
    • w/Atlanta for Jason Terry and Alan Henderson (Terry is a big part of this team and Henderson was a "defensive specialist"
    • w/Washington for Jerry Stackhouse and Devin Harris via a draft pick (Stackhouse is a big part of the team and Harris WAS the future)
    • w/New Orleans for Darrell Armstrong (don't underestimate what Darrell Armstrong was to this team's finals run)
    • w/Milwaukee for Keith Van Horn (a great trading chip...maybe)
    • w/Indiana for Anthony Johnson (was a "defensive specialist"...kind of)
    • w/Minnesota for Trenton Hassell (I liked Hassell and would have liked for him to stay instead of packaged to NJ)
  • Bad
    • None that are truly bad come to mind, as all trades above held value and led to positive gains for the team
  • Unrated
    • w/New Jersey for Jason Kidd, Antoine Wright and Malik Allen (kind of leaning towards the bad)
Not bad at all. His reputation as a trade wizard is well deserved.

Let's weigh the free agent signings
  • Good
    • Marquis Daniels
    • Avery Johnson
    • DeSagana Diop
    • Adrian Griffin
    • Brandon Bass
    • Jamaal Magloire
  • Bad
    • Wang Zhizhi
    • DJ Mbenga
    • Pavel Podkolzin
    • Rawle Marshall
    • Doug Christie
    • Greg Buckner
    • Devean George
    • Pops Mensah Bonsu
    • J.J. Barea
    • Eddie Jones
    • Juwan Howard
Given that some of these guys are still playing or yet to be truly rated, I'd call this one a wash.

I think that, on the whole, Donnie Nelson is a good GM. He's damn sure responsible for dragging this team out of the cellar. However, I think he's a guy who tinkers entirely too much. He's terrible at the draft, and his free agent signings are just "eh". He's a wizard at trades, but it's almost as though he drafts and signs to make trades.

I listed those trades as "good" because in retrospect, they did lead to the team advancing as a whole. Problem is, that was when this team needed to make moves to rebuild themselves into being a contender. Now this team is being compared to the Sacramento Kings of the early 00's as a team that just can't push through. I don't like trade flurries and bad drafts/signings that are made that don't address what a team truly needs to breakthrough. As the windows close and time ticks, the moves seem wasteful and pretty stupid. If Donnie Nelson is as good as the numbers advertise him, he'll do what needs to be done to cut the fat and get this team back on track.

Sometimes, even I've got nothing to say

I know what you're thinking, "that's not possible, Brown's full of piss, vinegar, and hot air."

Well, it's true. Sometimes there just isn't much to say.

It's the beginning of baseball season, but I've already given up on the Rangers (record pace, normally that happens at the end of April). Sure, I could spend any number of posts bitching about the Mavericks, but I won't do that. The draft is still too far away, so the Cowboys aren't on my radar. I love soccer, but I don't pay for Setanta sports and the MLS is weed to a crack head, just not enough buzz. I could write a review of Wrestlemania, but the people that would give a damn were watching it last night.

Since I really don't want to resort to link lists and YouTube clip posts, though I have done so in the past, I want to open the door to others to get their write on.

I know a fair share of you think you can write better stuff than Big and I, so here's your chance. Write up a post, email it to us (link's on the sidebar), and if it has any kind of substance, we'll post it. Think of this as "Big and Brown Idol". So all you people who, like we used to do, just sit on the sidelines and talk shit, here's your chance. We're not looking for other bloggers (got that, Unit and Dorsey?) . We're looking at those people who put on the airs that they know everything there is to know about everything (ass holes like me).

Fair warning, we're not claiming responsibility for these guest posts. You write it, we post it, you catch praise/heat for it.

Phone lines are open.