Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lets go Bowling

Here is todays game! And by golley its a good one!

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia
Boise State vs. TCU
San Diego Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 23, 8 p.m.

Quite possibly the best two non BCS schools not playing for the BCS. TCU has only lost to Utah and Oklahoma, and Boise hasn't lost at all.

Big's Pick: TCU, the defense is nice.

Boise State Prospects: RB Ian Johnson, OG Andrew Woodruff, DE Mike T. Williams,

TCU Prospects: TE Shae Reagan, ILB Jason Phillips, OLB Robert Henson, FS Steven Coleman, SS Stephen Hodge.

Good, strong stuff, as i'm rocking 2-3 right now.

Nolan Ryan calls out his pitching staff

Nolan at Spring Training this year when pitchers and catchers report

The fellas at the The Sporting News dug up this nugget regarding Rangers President, Nolan Ryan.

Nolan, apparently, wants to see his pitchers throw more complete games and he's tired of seeing the Rangers run to the bullpen all the god damn time.
It all starts with stronger pitchers.

"To me, it's a matter of physical conditioning, and then you get into the area of mental toughness," Ryan said. "That's what we're trying to address now."

Ryan wants Texas pitchers to learn the difference between being sore and being hurt.

Ryan suggested pitchers are too willing now to stop when they feel the tiniest of twinges. An examination invariably shows something wrong, because pitching is an unnatural act for the shoulder.

"Pitchers feel pain sometimes and think they're hurt," Ryan said. "A lot of times, they're not. They have to learn to pitch through it."

In short, Nolan just called the Rangers' pitching staff a bunch of pussies.

I love this guy. I mean, it's not like pitchers can't do this anymore, right? What's a torn labrum and Tommy John's here and there? And the 108 degree heat for two months of the season...suck it up, pussies. Ryan did it age 45. Blog about that, C.J. Wilson.

We take you now, to the locker room of the New Champs

Erin Andrews: Thanks guys! I'm standing in the locker room of the newly crowned champs of the Low Carb league, the Failed Anorexics! The fervor of this storied franchise is boiling over into child like happiness. People are throwing towls, spraying each other with champagne and beer, high fiving, and even a few tears of joy are being shed.

After a long season, where at times it looked like this team was done, they have emerged on top of the world, as Champions, for the first time. Lets see if we can get ahold of some of the players.

Matt! Matt! Do you have a second?

Matt Forte: Whooo, We're number one baby!! Whooooo!

EA: So, tell me how it feels right now to be the champs! You were a part of the Monday night game that sealed the victory for the Anorexics?

MF: Its awesome. I know we had a good shot coming into tonight only needing one point, and me, Aaron, and Robbie could all do that by ourselves, so we were excited. I want to take this time to thank God, our lord for making this blessing possible. Yea!!!! Go Anorexics!

EA: Thanks Matt. Lets see if we can grab WR Antiono Bryant, the WR that lead this team in scoring during the playoffs. Antonio, tell us what's going through your head right now.

Antonio Bryant: Ohh man, I just got to thank God, for letting this happen, and coach Big for believing in me, we did it man!

EA: You were on another strong team at the beginning of season, got cut and was picked up off waiver's by the Failed Anorexics, tell me what was going on at that time.

AB: well, I had played a couple of good games to that point, but I was told there was no room for me on the Evil Empire, so he had to let me go. I knew I was going to play for someone, I'm just glad this team needed a 2nd WR and I'm glad I could chip in.

EA: Chip in you did! You lead the team in Points over the playoff run, congratulations on that!

I'm joined now by QB of the Failed Anorexics, Aaron Rodgers. Aaron tell me how strange a season this was, you were drafted late to be a back up or maybe even third string, and at the end of year, here you are, QB of the Low Carb champions. How did this all come about?

Aaron Rodgers: Wow, its been a strange year. I just want to start by thanking God, without him none of this is possible. I knew at the start of the season, I would have to prove myself that I could start in this league, and when coach Big called me and asked if I would QB his team, if I was ready for that challenge. I told him we could win alot of games, and that's when the trade happened. He struck with me though a few bad games here and there, but I think I proved myself as a starter, and look at now baby, World Champs!

EA: Thanks Aaron, lets go see if we can catch up to the man of the hour, the owner and coach of the Failed Anorexics, Big. Big, can you spare a second?

Coach Big: This is the happiest day of my life! YEA baby, i don't think even seeing those maguvies of yours bounce while I'm tagging you from behind would be a better day Erin!

EA: O.....K......

Big: Love to give it a shot though!

EA: Maybe later, Coach tell me how this season has shaked out, and how you got here to be the best in the league.

Big: Ohh wow, I want to first thank God, for his blessing and understanding that my cursing during game time wasn't directed at him, but just a show of my frustration. Wow, we really did it right? After making the playoffs 4 out of 6 years, we finally won it! This is just great!

I would like to thank our MVP of the season, Michael Turner, his consistent play over the last season was what a leader does! Uhh, Brandon Marshall for his play at the start of season. It got a little shaky during the meat of the season, but you came through during the Playoffs baby!

Aaron Rodgers, for coming here and being this teams leader. Ohh and the Defense. Who could forgot the second most points scoring defense in the league! Big ups to you baby!

To my parents, who never stoped believing in me! I love you Dad! uhh, To Mc Donald's for helping me be as big as I am, and all the other girls I've dated who have turned me into a cold, heartless, loner, Thanks for giving me nothing to care about but this team! I couldn't have done it unless i was so very alone!

And to my other owners! Let this be a lesson, If I can change, and You can change, maybe we all can change!

EA: that Last part doesn't make any sense.

Big: Big is number One! Big is number One! Big is number One!!!!!!

EA: that's it from here. Thanks everybody for a great season, We will see you next year!

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