Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are you guys still writing?

The obvious answer here is no.

You probably want to know more, don’t you? 

I can’t speak for Big, but I damn sure can speak for myself, so here’s your answer.

I’m not paid to write on this site, therefore, I don’t have the motivation to do what it takes to promote this blog and deal with people on the internet.

Let me hit those points again .

1) I am not paid to write on this blog.

See, I have a job that pays me money.  This money allows me to live my life.  No money = no food, no rent, no nothing.  Should I spend my time doing something that makes me money or should I spend time doing something that doesn’t.  Also, I’m fucking busy at work.  I don’t even know what’s happening in the world or sports or the world in general. “Well, if you enjoy what you’re doing and it makes you happy, you should spend time doing that.”  Idealistic, but valid. 

2) I don’t like writing for people I know.

Does that shock you?  There’s a reason I write under a pseudonym.  It allows to write stupid drivel about things and take shocking stances on things under the cloak of anonymity.  “What a pussy” is what just ran across your head.  Sure, there’s a point there.  However, I live in corporate America.  I can’t just say whatever the fuck I want and have it comes back to me in a negative light.  So, the fact that the only people that read this god damned site are the people I know personally seem to go completely opposite to that.   Therefore, I just don’t care to write anymore.

3) I don’t want to deal with stupid people on the internet

Life is serious enough as it is.  I have to deal with stupid, over sensitive people on a daily basis. You think I want to put up with that shit on the internet too?   Look at Facebook, what the fuck is it with you people?  Stop taking that thing so seriously.  Pick up the phone and call one of your friends and talk about it, status updates and wall posts are bullshit.   Look at this from the former UniTQM.  The guy makes a joke about someone and their blog, and everyone gets all butt hurt about it.  IT’S A FUCKING BLOG ON THE INTERNET.   He shouldn’t have to apologize for anything he says about anyone, and if you’re blog gets criticized, who the fuck cares?  Blogspot isn’t some time honored journalistic institution.  This is the same hosting service that provides Guess Her Muff and Show Me Your Butt Hole to the world, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to maintain journalistic integrity or mind yourself for libel or people’s feelings.

What I’m trying to say is we’ve swung so much as a society that everyone wants to have their pulpit to speak from.  It’s tiring and annoying and I’m over contributing to it (yes, I understand the irony of this post and that sentence. No need to point that out to me.)   We’ve moved from everyone getting to have their 15 minutes of fame to everyone begging for 15 minutes of privacy.   Rather than being treated to me and Gerry Dorsey mocking each other and going prop bet over tomorrow’s game, you’re stuck with nothing.  Thanks, internet, you’ve killed the internet.