Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bracket Big

Tonight we have another slate of College Basketball games that are worth checking out. We are inching closer and closer to the greatness that is the NCAA tourney, and these four teams are going to be pretty big players, including, insert a big smile from my Catholic ass, Notre Dame.

Game one

6:00 PM No. 17 Notre Dame at No. 18 Louisville ESPN

Notre Dame is 21-5, 11-3 in the Big East, and kind of a surprise this season. They were thought to be bubble team at the start of the year, but have played their way into a top 4 seed over the past months. Wins over Pitt, MARQ, and KSU give them some validity, but they still need to prove they can hang with the big boys. A win over Louisville tonight could help. The Irish are led by Sophomore Luke Harangody, a 6-8 forward who nets 20 pts and 10 rebs a game.

Louisville is 2nd in the Big East at 12-3, 22-6 overall, half a game back from Georgtown, who they play next Saturday. They come into tonight's game winning 7 straight. They have 4 players averaging over 10 points a game;Terrence Williams David Padgett Jerry Smith and Earl Clark. The Cardinals are coming off a nice win over Pitt where they shot the ball at a 58% rate, and chipped in 6-14 threes and 32 bench points.

Match up to watch.

Terrence Williams f Louisville vs Rob Kurz F ND.

Kurz has been in double figures in each of the last 3 games from the Irish, but its his D that will have to be good to keep Williams off his 12 point, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists a game average.

Game 2

8:00 PM No. 15 Michigan State at No. 9 Wisconsin ESPN2

There are 4 teams that matter in the Big Ten, and these are 2 of them. Michigan State is 2 and half games back from the 3 way tie atop the Big Ten standings at 10-4, 22-5 overall. Ahead of them are Indiana, Purdue, and the team they play tonight, Wisconsin. Where these four teams will be seeded in the dance will mostly depend on the conference tourney, but a MSU really needs a win tonight to get some momentum back after going 3-3 in there last 6. Raymar Morgan is their leading points guy, but this team goes how its senior guard Drew Neitzel goes. In the 4 Big Ten losses, only the Indiana blowout did he score over 10 points.

With a win tonight, Wisconsin is 2 winnable games(Penn St, @Northwestern) away from at least a share of the regular season Big Ten championship. Their 12-2 record is tied for tops of the Bin Ten, with Indiana and Purdue. This teams only losses so far this year are to Duke, Marquette, and twice to Purdue, and they have beaten the likes of Texas, and Indiana, twice. Sometimes they look good, sometimes they look like their record is misleading. The three headed monster of Brian Butch, Trevon Hughes, and Marcus Landry lead the team in points with over 10 a piece.

Matchup to watch. Drew Neitzel MSU vs. Trevon Hughes Wisc.

Hughes is a small guard just like Neitzel, and it will be his responsibility to stay in front and disrupt the streaky Neitzel.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dallas Cowboy Rumors

Asante Samuel for $10 a year.
Here's a solid, pro bowl corner who doesn't want to be in New England anymore and has a vendetta against the Giants now. Why does he have a vendetta? TWo reasons: he dropped the pick that could have ended the Super Bowl and Phil Simms continues to call him "Asante Samuels". Sure it's steep on the price, but if Nate Clements is going to sign for the same money, you gotta pay to get this guy.

Do the Cowboys need him? Yes, I think they do. If Anthony Henry has said he's willing to play safety, that would reduce the Roy Williams fiasco. That gives you Newman and Samuel on the corners with Reeves, Jones or a player to be drafted in the nickel.

Brown's take: Sure, I'd do it.

DeAngelo Hall for a first round pick.
Big thinks he's the best corner in the game right now. I think Champ Bailey might have a solid argument there. Plus, Hall is bat shit crazy. However, who's sane in Atlanta? Brian Finneran? I knew you'd think it was a white guy. Honky lover. I like Hall, and if they couldn't do the Samuel deal, I'd sacrifice a pick, but not both for him.

Do the Cowboys need him? Yes, see the reason for Samuel above.

Brown's take: I'd prefer Samuel, but I don't have a problem with Hall.

Randy Moss for a shit ton of money.
Best receiver in the game? Maybe, when he wants to. Willing to do whatever it takes to win? Maybe, when he wants to. Able to mix well with the personalities that already exist in the Cowboy locker room, mostly a certain wide receiver that we'll call T. Owens. Wait, that's too obvious, let's say Terrell O.

Do the Cowboys need him? They need a deep threat receiver for sure. Having one of the best ever would be nice, but Owens is enough ego for Romo to cater to already. Big makes a good point. Having to put up with Owens, Moss, Jessica Simpson's family and Bobby Carpenter might be one too many.

Brown's take: I wouldn't do this unless the Cowboys are looking to dump Owens, and why do that?

Rights to draft Darren McFadden for Marion Barber and both first rounders.
I don't know how the Jesus this still has traction. Look, I know McFadden is a sexy and chic pick. (It must be his uber-potent sperm.) But there is no way you package both first rounders AND a proven commodity like Barber for an unknown because you THINK he might be Adrian Peterson. Take it from any Rangers fan, you never trade a known commodity for unproven prospects unless you want to show your fans you are in a rebuilding year.

Do the Cowboys need him? No. They do need a complimentary back for Barber, but with this year's draft so stockpiled with running backs, it makes more sense to go with a Felix Jones, Jonahtan Stewart or even Ray Rice instead and make Barber the feature back.

Brown's take: Not no, but hell no.

Letting Flozell Adams walk.
Norm made a salient point as to why this could work. They didn't franchise him because they have some depth behind him, hence the reason for franchising Hamlin. They can, legitimately, let Adams go if someone makes a Larry Allen-esque offer to him. Adams is a productive tackle, and he's been here forever, so he should be re-signed. However, McQuistan and the other guy can fill in, or one of those first rounders could be used in his spot and that can be "covered" by the rest of the line.

Do the Cowboys need him? I say yes. You're only as good as your line, and he may be old, but Adams is one of the best.

Brown's take: Don't let him walk.

Mavs are not done dealing

Oh really? Here's what I'm hearing:

Sam Cassell

Why? Are we trying to dredge up painful memories of Mavs point guard past? Look, Cassell is a good point guard, but didn't we just do this to get Kidd? Is Cassell really going to be okay being a back up point guard? He's not. Cassell will be in Boston to join that troika of gents.

Jamaal Magloire

Let's see. Played with Kidd in Jersey. A Center that would add depth behind Damp and Bass now that Diop is gone. Pulling down about 4 boards a game. Eh, I guess I'm okay with getting 6 more fouls to give around playoff time. What else do they want from us?

Brent Barry

Don't think that Mark Cuban is going to sit still when Barry goes back to the Spurs. Remember how the league was going to step in and say "Hey, Jerry Stackhouse, you can't do that?" Well, now the Spurs are going to pull the same shit about it with Barry. If Cuban doesn't purposely overpay Barry as a confusing "fuck you", then he's certainly going to piss and moan when Barry goes back to San Antonio.

Yup, that's about right

HT: The FanHouse

A poem about the Texas Rangers

Another year in Arlington, another new idea
A youth movement with Saltalamacchia
But are he, Blalock, Kinsler and Young
Enough to overcome
A pitching staff bought at Ikea

Update: Millwood is not pitching. McCarthy is not pitching. Both are hurt. Could it happen that BEFORE MAY Rangers fans might just give up on the season?

Me Chinese, me play joke

Me not play anymore. ESPN says Yao is done for the year.

Hit up mav fav Rockets blog for some insite as how the boys down south are feeling and what they will do next. The Dream Shake

insert your own "made in china" joke here.

god damn mongolians

Introducing, Bracket Big!

We here at the big and the brown have many faces, many "talents," and many loves. Bloging has become a hobby to the both of us. We don't do it for money, or fame, but just to entertain, and talk sports and the like.

College basketball is like picking up a girl at a party. Its fun, its exciting, you never know what your going to get, yet you know it probably won't last very long. I have watched about 3 college basketball games so far this season. That's it, just 3. I'm no expert, I read the websits, follows who's hot, watch the highlights, but that's about it.

I do, like most sports fan's, love march madness however. I will glue myself in front of the TV for 4 straight days the first 2 rounds of the tourney. I will make claims like "i think that 12 seed has a chance," and "the nba is drooling over this guy right now."

As an attempt to get everybody ready for the big dance, I will periodical let you know about some good games, good teams, and players to watch on a given night, so you can too can look smarter than you are when talking brackets with your buddies at work. Enjoy.

Tonight, we have 3 teams, maybe 4 that will be big players come march. So watch ESPN tonight, or at least read the box score in the morning.

Game 1. 6:00. Ohio State at No. 12 Indiana ESPN.
We have all heard about that dumb ass Kelvin Sampson, but if the N C double Ass Holes let the Hoosiers play in the dance, then they are a great 3-5 seed that could take it too the house. They are led by Freshmen guard Eric Gordon, who draft "experts" have going in the top 10 next year if he comes out. 21.5 points per game from the off guard in college is crazy. He's a bit small at 6-4, and tends to get swallowed up by bigger guys, but if he gets hot this team can roll anybody.

When Gordon isn't there, Senor forward D.J. White is. 17 points and over 10 rebounds a game from the 6-9 forward give Indiana a great inside outside game, that is vital for a long march run.

Ohio State on the other hand, is 17-10, 8-6 in the Big Ten and squarly on the bubble. Losing 4 out of there last 6 may have them on the outside looking in. Counting tonight they have 4 games left need to win at least 3 to have a chance before the conference tourney.

What to watch: Kosta Koufos F/C OSU vs. D.J. White F Ind. If the freshmen Koufos can keep White off the boards, OSU has a chance.

Game 2. 8:00 PM ESPN No. 1 Tennessee at No. 14 Vanderbilt
This game will be a great one to find out how good Tennessee really is. They beat Memphis 3 days ago to take the number 1 spot, and now they have in state rival Vanderbilt on the road.

Vandy is looking at somewhere between a 3-5 slot in the tourney, with a shot at the 2 slot if they win out. Vandy only has 4 "l's" to go with their 23 wins, but all were in conference, 3 of them were blow outs, and all on the road, including getting beat by Tenn by 20 earlier in the year. Shan Foster, Sr, G/F is the primary scorer for the Commodores at 19 a clip. The team goes pretty much how he goes, in their 3 blowout losses he has 14, 7, and 14 points.

Tennessee is 25-2, with the 2 losses coming from Kentucky, and a blowout early season loss to Texas. This team can play any style of play, as proved last Saturday when they beat previously unbeaten Memphis 66-62. There were times in that game that Tennessee had to run with Memphis and time when they slowed it down to control the clock. They are led by the three headed monster of Guard Chris Lofton, Guard JaJuan Smith, and Forward Tyler Smith. They all average over 13 points a game, the two guards a Senors, and Tyler Smith is a soph.

Match up to watch. A.J. Ogilvy Freshman, Vandy vs. Wayne Chism Soph. Tenn.

Chism went for 18 points and 18 rebounds last time these guys met, out playing the bigger Australian true Center.

Watch these games, tell me what you think. So far I'm not sure that Tenn is capable of going all the way, even after the Memphis win, but let me know.

Cowboy's are the anti Rangers

Its no surprise around these here parts that when the off season starts for our Dallas teams, we can expect 2 things; The Rangers will do go after the big names that they need to get to make their fans happy, offer them a massively underpaid contract, and get beat out by another team, and the Cowboys will to the opposite. The Rangers can then say "well fans, we tried to get him, he just didn't want to come here. Maybe if we can sell out some more games, we can get some good free agents." While the Cowboys seam to have the thought that "Well if he makes our team better, we have the money, lets do the damn thing."

I don't blog about people the Rangers "want" but wont get, but I will bring you these NFL notes about the Cowboys, that honestly might turn out to be true.

The first few are from FOX Sports, John Czarnecki.

The Patriots and Randy Moss really aren't close to a new contract, although the Pats believe Moss will give them the option to match whatever deal he does receive on the open market. That makes sense because the clubs pursuing Moss will be limited because he wants to play for a contender. The most interesting rumor is Moss joining the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys can pay up, and wouldn't T.O. and Moss be interesting to watch, not to mention impossible to defend?

Really. I don't know about this one, I don't know if Tony Romo can handle that pressure. He would have TO, Randy, and Patrick Crayton on the field and Jessica, Joe, Ashley, and that dude from Fall Out Boy off the field. Too many douche's in the taint?

The asking price for Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel is somewhere between $10 and $11 million per season. The Saints are currently the leader to land Samuel, although that could change. Samuel's price got this high because Atlanta's disgruntled DeAngelo Hall is asking for $10 million.

That's 2 quality CB's that can be had for either a, a shit ton of money, or b, a first round pick. If the Boys are really thinking about getting a CB with one of their first round pics, why not spend a little more money and ship one of those pics to ATL for Hall? He might be the best corner in the game right now. True, he is bat shit crazy, but hell we can bunk him Tank Johnson and tell tank to sleep with one of his AK's with a look that says, "Don't fuck up, or I will show you what I learned in prison."

I'm sure we all know now that run D-MAC ran a 4.33 40 time at the combine. The rumor is still out there that the Miami wants to trade out and would like Dallas 2 late first rounders and MB3 for the #1 overall pick. I was against this trade when I first hear it, but 4.3? DAMN that's fast. He might be worth it. Just might.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Funny Shiot

For those of you who don't watch Kimmel, and thats about everybody, you missed a funny ass segment last night. Enjoy.