Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cowboy's are the anti Rangers

Its no surprise around these here parts that when the off season starts for our Dallas teams, we can expect 2 things; The Rangers will do go after the big names that they need to get to make their fans happy, offer them a massively underpaid contract, and get beat out by another team, and the Cowboys will to the opposite. The Rangers can then say "well fans, we tried to get him, he just didn't want to come here. Maybe if we can sell out some more games, we can get some good free agents." While the Cowboys seam to have the thought that "Well if he makes our team better, we have the money, lets do the damn thing."

I don't blog about people the Rangers "want" but wont get, but I will bring you these NFL notes about the Cowboys, that honestly might turn out to be true.

The first few are from FOX Sports, John Czarnecki.

The Patriots and Randy Moss really aren't close to a new contract, although the Pats believe Moss will give them the option to match whatever deal he does receive on the open market. That makes sense because the clubs pursuing Moss will be limited because he wants to play for a contender. The most interesting rumor is Moss joining the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys can pay up, and wouldn't T.O. and Moss be interesting to watch, not to mention impossible to defend?

Really. I don't know about this one, I don't know if Tony Romo can handle that pressure. He would have TO, Randy, and Patrick Crayton on the field and Jessica, Joe, Ashley, and that dude from Fall Out Boy off the field. Too many douche's in the taint?

The asking price for Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel is somewhere between $10 and $11 million per season. The Saints are currently the leader to land Samuel, although that could change. Samuel's price got this high because Atlanta's disgruntled DeAngelo Hall is asking for $10 million.

That's 2 quality CB's that can be had for either a, a shit ton of money, or b, a first round pick. If the Boys are really thinking about getting a CB with one of their first round pics, why not spend a little more money and ship one of those pics to ATL for Hall? He might be the best corner in the game right now. True, he is bat shit crazy, but hell we can bunk him Tank Johnson and tell tank to sleep with one of his AK's with a look that says, "Don't fuck up, or I will show you what I learned in prison."

I'm sure we all know now that run D-MAC ran a 4.33 40 time at the combine. The rumor is still out there that the Miami wants to trade out and would like Dallas 2 late first rounders and MB3 for the #1 overall pick. I was against this trade when I first hear it, but 4.3? DAMN that's fast. He might be worth it. Just might.

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