Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mavs are not done dealing

Oh really? Here's what I'm hearing:

Sam Cassell

Why? Are we trying to dredge up painful memories of Mavs point guard past? Look, Cassell is a good point guard, but didn't we just do this to get Kidd? Is Cassell really going to be okay being a back up point guard? He's not. Cassell will be in Boston to join that troika of gents.

Jamaal Magloire

Let's see. Played with Kidd in Jersey. A Center that would add depth behind Damp and Bass now that Diop is gone. Pulling down about 4 boards a game. Eh, I guess I'm okay with getting 6 more fouls to give around playoff time. What else do they want from us?

Brent Barry

Don't think that Mark Cuban is going to sit still when Barry goes back to the Spurs. Remember how the league was going to step in and say "Hey, Jerry Stackhouse, you can't do that?" Well, now the Spurs are going to pull the same shit about it with Barry. If Cuban doesn't purposely overpay Barry as a confusing "fuck you", then he's certainly going to piss and moan when Barry goes back to San Antonio.

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