Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dallas Cowboy Rumors

Asante Samuel for $10 a year.
Here's a solid, pro bowl corner who doesn't want to be in New England anymore and has a vendetta against the Giants now. Why does he have a vendetta? TWo reasons: he dropped the pick that could have ended the Super Bowl and Phil Simms continues to call him "Asante Samuels". Sure it's steep on the price, but if Nate Clements is going to sign for the same money, you gotta pay to get this guy.

Do the Cowboys need him? Yes, I think they do. If Anthony Henry has said he's willing to play safety, that would reduce the Roy Williams fiasco. That gives you Newman and Samuel on the corners with Reeves, Jones or a player to be drafted in the nickel.

Brown's take: Sure, I'd do it.

DeAngelo Hall for a first round pick.
Big thinks he's the best corner in the game right now. I think Champ Bailey might have a solid argument there. Plus, Hall is bat shit crazy. However, who's sane in Atlanta? Brian Finneran? I knew you'd think it was a white guy. Honky lover. I like Hall, and if they couldn't do the Samuel deal, I'd sacrifice a pick, but not both for him.

Do the Cowboys need him? Yes, see the reason for Samuel above.

Brown's take: I'd prefer Samuel, but I don't have a problem with Hall.

Randy Moss for a shit ton of money.
Best receiver in the game? Maybe, when he wants to. Willing to do whatever it takes to win? Maybe, when he wants to. Able to mix well with the personalities that already exist in the Cowboy locker room, mostly a certain wide receiver that we'll call T. Owens. Wait, that's too obvious, let's say Terrell O.

Do the Cowboys need him? They need a deep threat receiver for sure. Having one of the best ever would be nice, but Owens is enough ego for Romo to cater to already. Big makes a good point. Having to put up with Owens, Moss, Jessica Simpson's family and Bobby Carpenter might be one too many.

Brown's take: I wouldn't do this unless the Cowboys are looking to dump Owens, and why do that?

Rights to draft Darren McFadden for Marion Barber and both first rounders.
I don't know how the Jesus this still has traction. Look, I know McFadden is a sexy and chic pick. (It must be his uber-potent sperm.) But there is no way you package both first rounders AND a proven commodity like Barber for an unknown because you THINK he might be Adrian Peterson. Take it from any Rangers fan, you never trade a known commodity for unproven prospects unless you want to show your fans you are in a rebuilding year.

Do the Cowboys need him? No. They do need a complimentary back for Barber, but with this year's draft so stockpiled with running backs, it makes more sense to go with a Felix Jones, Jonahtan Stewart or even Ray Rice instead and make Barber the feature back.

Brown's take: Not no, but hell no.

Letting Flozell Adams walk.
Norm made a salient point as to why this could work. They didn't franchise him because they have some depth behind him, hence the reason for franchising Hamlin. They can, legitimately, let Adams go if someone makes a Larry Allen-esque offer to him. Adams is a productive tackle, and he's been here forever, so he should be re-signed. However, McQuistan and the other guy can fill in, or one of those first rounders could be used in his spot and that can be "covered" by the rest of the line.

Do the Cowboys need him? I say yes. You're only as good as your line, and he may be old, but Adams is one of the best.

Brown's take: Don't let him walk.

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