Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess who’s birthday it is tomorrow?

Happy Birthday, buddy!

Last Chance Bitches!

Last chance to try and prove you know more about college basketball than I do. We have a bracket challenge over at ESPN, link here, or just search for the group name The Big and the Brown.

Winner gets a free post to gloat, tell us how much we suck, what ever. But I'm the defending champ, so if you want to take the strap off me, you better bring the heat.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We need your help!

Dear sexy readers. I know you don't really trust me again yet. You think I'm going to go away again don't you? You are afraid that if you start believing in me again that I'll just turn on you once more, leaving you crying, and hurting.

But I'm not like that, baby. I'm not Chris brown.... Yea i wouldn't bite you and punch with one hand while I'm driving down the street to the Gramys, But your just like Rahoonie. You'll come back. You always come back.

You see I'm saying this right now because i need you. You may have noticed that the reference to wrestling have been, how should we say, plentifull. One might even say we have had a plethora of pinyatas wrestling references lately. There is a good reason.

Me, Brown, Bear, and Blog-a-dore are going to take a little field trip in a couple of weeks. We are going down Houston way, to the land of the Orliers, Astros to take in a little thing called Wrestlemania.

We have plenty of bits and what have not working in our head for the weekend, and one of which We would love some help on, and the people benefiting this will be not only us, but you the sexy readers.

We like to play a game called people bingo, where we look for certain things on our bingo cards that are, how should we put this, out of the ordinary. Take fore example if we were at a heavy mettle show, or rodeo, one of the things on the bingo card would be a black guy. The way you get points for it is if you can take a picture of them with camera or phone. Sound like fun?

So we need your help finding list items, and yes, we will post the pics when we get back.

Let me get you started in the right direction:
A guy with an NWO shirt.
Someone in a TO Jersey
A Pinata of a Wrestler (its in Houston)
A Hot Chick (bonus if she's not with kids)(double bonus if she's with unattractive dude(aka my fantasy))(super double bonus if you can get pics of her tit/bare ass)(ultimate boo-kakey bonus of all time if you put your sharpshooter in her figer 4)

and help us out in the comments.

Time to try and prove your as smrt as me.

I mean smart. Like dirty nasty spiteful smart. What?

ANYWAY, its time for me to put up my championship belt of brackit savyness, and challenge you sexy reader (and brown) in a battle of pick em's. Here is the Big and Brown pick em group on ESPN, or if you need to search, search for the name of the group, the big and the Brown.

Its a battle to the death I tell you! Try and knock me off my horse, Bizzle. Catch me if you can Bear. Suck my Alabama nuts Gerry! I Dersive a Challenge!!!

Re-visiting the Watchmen

I wasn’t a big fan of the movie, but FilmDrunk happened upon a review from their favorite reviewer, Sexman.

I just like this kid because, and I swear I’m not exaggerating, trade the braces for thick, coke bottle glasses and that is EXACTLY how I looked and sounded growing up.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Here's the original story...

Here's the follow up story...

And, yes, here's the music video...

Are you ready for a Packer-less tourney?

For the first time in my lifetime, I’m going to watch the NCAA tournament without the condescending and sour tones of one, Billy Packer.

A lot of people hate Billy Packer because he was never happy. Remember how pissed he got a mid-majors winning games? I think the world is chock full of happy people. Oprah, Jim Nantz, Terry Bradshaw, Big. Why can’t we have the signature voice of the tournament call it anymore?

The thing is, Billy Packer was very smart about the game of basketball, and isn’t that what we’re really looking for in a color guy? The PBP man tells you what’s happening, and the color guy tells you why it’s happening.

Top of your head, what color guys in college basketball actually do a good job of breaking down the game as it happens? Bilas? Knight? (If you said Vitale, you’re an idiot.)

Anyway, Clark Kellogg is going to be the replacement for Packer now, and all I have to say is, okay. Kellogg is, ironically enough, like corn flakes. He’s just there. He' doesn’t have any flavor, he doesn’t have any taste, he just commentates.

Can’t we promote Gus to the number one spot?

(SIDE NOTE: I’m using Windows Live Writer to post to the blog site now, so if this doesn’t go through properly, it’s Bill Gates' fault)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The safe word is "Whiskey"

Exploding High Five!

If you know me, you know I love Andy Samberg, member of the best SNL cast in about 13 years. If you know TB&TB you know we are kinda suckers for award shows. It brings me happiness on my pink parts that Samberg is hosting the most ludicrous, horrible, yet sometimes entertaining MTV Movies awards.

Lets just hope he does I'm on a Boat. Or Iran. or laser cats....or lettuce

H/T: Film Drunk

Its tourney time!

one of the man things I've missed about talking with you fine fine people over the last few weeks is I didn't have a chance to chat up College Basketball. I didn't get a chance to tell you that I think UNC is overrated, or watch for Louisville to make a strong push late, or even that Pitt might be the best team in all the land.

to be fair, I also didn't get a chance to tell you that the Irish would push late to make a bid at the dance, and that Kentucky would win the SEC. So you take the good with the bad.

This is one of the more fun weeks of the sports year, as its the start of the big dance (duhhh). 90% of America don't watch College Basketball till this week, and I've giving that 5 percent of the remaining 10 percent are college kids who go to their schools basketball games. So over the next few days you will be poking around the Internet, looking for some info on how to pick a good bracket. You'll hit up ESPN, but everybody does that so its no fun news. You'll try your fav blogs, looking for help, but what do we know? My mom's basement doesn't even have cable! So you'll do what you normally do, and that's this.

Random Things Dudes do to pick their brackets:

Rule 1. Always pick a 5 seed to get upset, this ALWAYS Happens.
Rule 2. Remember the Darling teams of last year and the year before, they have to be good this year too, right? (George Mason, Gonzaga, the team that curry kid played for)

Rule 3. Do some research, find one low seed that you can learn something about, and then pick them to make the sweet 16, and tell everybody how you saw this coming/how it didn't work. "I thought that if (insert team) could hit some threes, and (insert best player on team) could stay out of foul trouble, they could really do it." even if they lose, you like kinda smart.

Rule 4. Outside of the one team that you picked above, have the rest of the sweet 16 be favorites or just really mild upsets. 5's over 4's and so on. You'll get at least 8 or 9 of the 16 teams that way.

Rule 5. If you don't know anything about the teams, pick the cooler name, so if your right, you can brag. "Fuck yea, I had Xavier in the final 4!"

So there is a little help for you non basketball people, who still enjoy the tourney. Follows those rules and you won't look like a jack ass come April.