Friday, February 15, 2008

Mock, Yea, Ing, Yea, Bird, Yea, Yea, Yea

As you know, I am a big silly fan of the NFL draft. I will be doing several mock drafts throgh out the off season, and here is the first. This a pre combine, pre anything, and I only kinda thought about all those players that Atlanta cut today, but here we go.

First round.

1 Miami - Chris Long, DE, Virginia
This team needs about everything, except a running back. The sounds from around the league say Big Bill likes Howie's kid. I don't really know if this guy fits into that true 3-4 DE, but neither really is Jason Taylor, and look how well that worked out.

2 St. Louis Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
Most dominate player in the draft. Really shores up their run D.

3 Atlanta - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
Perfect fit for McFadden, there is some other backs there that can help carry the load, while leaving McFadden the ability to hit home runs all day.

4 Oakland - Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
Warren Sap is all but gone, and he was sucking when he wasn't. Ellis fills the whole.

5 Kansas City - Jake Long, OT, Michigan
Not quite ready to rock a QB here, so they take the best O-linmen in the draft.

6 NY Jets - Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio St.
The Jets need to get better in a lot of places, pass rush is one of them. Gholston gives them that.

7 New England(SF) - Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona
I don't think this team will resign Sammuals, so a nice CB would be a nice fit.

8 Baltimore - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
Kyle Boler has had as many chances as humanly possible, and McNair finished the year on IR. Even if this team goes out and gets a vet, the best QB is a nice fit here.

9 Cincinnati - Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
The Beangles really need defense, all spots. Campbell is a great pass rusher with a huge upside. Might want to get a less of a "project" player, but his upside is too high to pass up.

10 New Orleans - Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
Same as above. They need D. Phillips can help the pass and run D.

11 Buffalo - Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
While the offense was mostly the problem last year, a nice CB like Jenkins gives this team a serious contending D.

12 Denver - Keith Rivers, LB, USC
Denver needed run help, and a LB who could cover the TE's such as Tonny G in KC. Here ya go.

13 Carolina - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.
Despite what a lot of people think, I don't see them going for a QB this year. Delhome is coming back, and they got Moore as a project/ future guy. Clady will help them protect Delhome, and open holes for their tandom running duo.

14 Chicago - Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
Here come another QB! Sexy Rexy will stay, and probably start, but just one more year, then Brohm will take over.

15 Detroit - Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
Its never a bad Idea to take good solid Corners. Its ever better when you need one.

16 Arizona - Sam Baker, OT, USC
With Jones and Baker now at the Tackles, this team has two great bookend tackles.

17 Minnesota - Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
Sidney Rice showed a lot last year, and Kelly will help Boom Boom's Chances in staying the starter.

18 Houston - Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
Ahman Green and Jonathan Stewart will double team Def's next year.

19 Philadelphia - DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
Might be a bit of a reach, but Jackson has that big play ability that Donavan really wants.

20 Tampa Bay - Jeff Otah, OT, Pitt
It is never a bad idea to draft OLine.

21 Washington - Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida
If Harvey can get to the QB with some regularity, this D becomes scary.

22 Dallas(Cle) - Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
A great complement to MB3, Fast, blocks well, can break a run open.

23 Pittsburgh - Aqib Talib, DB, Kansas
Go D gets better.

24 Tennessee - Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
Young needs a solid target, and the former Texas QB gets one with Limas Sweed.

25 Seattle - Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
Alexander is on the downhill slope, and Mo Morris isn't the answer. Jones is used to sharing touches, and this will expancd Alexander's time in this League.

26 Jacksonville - Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn
The only thing that the Jacksonville D didn't do well last year is get to the QB. Enter Quentin Groves.

27 San Diego - Frank Okam, DT, Texas
They need help stoppin the run, Okam is a big sumbitch

28 Dallas - Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma
A bit of a reach, but Smith can play the nickle CB untill he is ready to start in place of Henry.

29 San Francisco(Ind) - Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston
San Fran needs alot of things as well. Who ever ends up playing QB for this team, needs better protection than they got last year.

30 Green Bay - Justin King, CB, Penn St.
Al Harris and Charlie Woodson are both up in age, and Justin King can take over when ready.

31 New England - forfeit

32 NY Giants - Dan Conner, LB, Penn St.
Best OLB in draft, helps an already great D.

Second Round. Just for shit and giggles.

32 Miami - Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt
33 St. Louis - Ali Highsmith LB LSU
34 Oakland - Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
35 Kansas City - Dominique Rodgers CB Tennessee State
36 New York Jets - Keith Rivers LB USC
37 Atlanta - Phillip Merling DE Clemson
38 Baltimore - Patrick Lee CB Auburn
39 San Fransisco - Mario Manningham WR Michigan
40 New Orleans - Kentwan Balmer DT North Carolina
41 Buffalo - Pat Sims DT Auburn
42 Denver - Fred Davis TE Southern California
43 Carolina - Xavier Adibi LB Virginia Tech
44 Chicago - Carl Nicks OT Nebraska
45 Detroit - Erin Henderson LB Maryland
46 Cincinnati - Antoine Cason CB Arizona
47 Minnesota - Tracy Porter CB Indiana
48 Atlanta (from Houston) - Joe Flacco QB Delaware
49 Philadelphia - Beau Bell LB UNLV
50 Arizona - Branden Flowers CB Virginia Tech
51 Washington - James Hardy WR Indiana
52 Tampa Bay - Early Doucet WR LSU
53 Pittsburgh - Anthony Collins OT Kansas
54 Tennessee - Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech
55 Seattle - John Carlson TE Notre Dame
56 Cleveland - Jamaal Charles RB Texas
57 Miami (from San Diego) - Chad Henne QB Michigan
58 Jacksonville - Charles Godfrey CB Iowa
59 Indianapolis - Curtis Lofton LB Oklahoma
60 Green Bay - Heath Benedict OT Newberry
61 Dallas - Earl Bennett WR Vanderbilt
62 New England - Devin Thomas WR Michigan State
63 New York Giants - Steve Slaton RB West Virginia

Its early, And I know i'm way off, but wasn't that fun?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day

Ahh yes, what a great day this is. It is the day that men everywhere treat their ladies like whores. We treat them nice, take them out to dinner, or cook it our selfs, and buy them expensive things, all so we might get some crazy V-Day sex tonight.

Box of Chocolats - 20 bucks
Flowers - 40 bucks
dinner - 75 bucks
some "from the heart" gift, usually something you buy at Zales - 100 bucks

Total - 235 bucks

Hooker(decent) - 150 bucks, (not that I know thats just what i've heard)

Who gets the better deal? One you should get sex, the other just dosen't want you to get it in her hair.

Happy V Day sports.

Of all the people....

Despite what you think of the proposed trade between the Mavs and Nets, we can all agree that getting rid of the spare ass 0-11 shooting, OVERRATED Devon George is a good thing.

Well, not so fast. As of right now the trade for Jason Kidd has been put on hold due to the man I was so happy to see go, Devon George.

"The same George who recently announced a desire to be traded if his playing
time didn't increase in Dallas has taken advantage of a little-known league rule
to block this trade, most likely on a temporary basis but potentially for
He even said.

"it's kind of messed up how all the fingers are pointing at me."
That's because you are to blame, you big douche. When in the world did Devon George become a basketball player that we listen to anyway? Now we got an unhappy George, a PG who KNOWS he was about to be traded, and some other GM's are crying that Stack said he wants to come back to the Mavs if he gets cut? What is going on here?

You know what happens now? If they can't work something out with NJ and George, we are about to get screwed in ass with a tuna can. 3 Things could go down, only one of them is decent.

1. George OK's the trade and it goes through.
2. The Mav's bring in another team that George OK's, and involve them in the Kidd trade. This would mean that we probably would have to give up more players, and or cash.
3. The trade gets stalled, and we have a team that knows the management doesn't think it can win a championship currently as is. And if this one happens, only 2 things can come from that.
  • a. Our team sucks the rest of the year because the management gave up on them.
  • b. We have to go ahead and trade Harris, for 50% what he's worth, because teams no we have to trade him.

I am so pissed at George right now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lets not get all antsy in our pantsy

I just want it to be on record that I am behind the trading of an over the hill bench player, an over the hill 3, a center that lost his starting job to Damp, and a point guard who in 4 seasons in the league is still nothing better than a speed drive the hole point guard, for the best point in the League, even if he is old as dirt and may only play a few years. Look at this starting line up and tell me it isn't good.

SG-Terry(doesns't have to run the point AT ALL anymore)

Thats not bad at all.

For the record

I am wholly against the Jason Kidd to Dallas trade. It will set the Mavericks back by a few years and they will not be able to do anything in the playoffs. Don't make the move just to make the move.

That is all.

Here we go again

ESPN has just put this up. Jason Kidd to Dallas just wont die.

"Although sources say that the teams are still sorting out final details, this deal was described as "imminent" by one source close to the process after negotiations moved to an advanced stage Tuesday night."

"require Dallas to send 24-year-old point guard Devin Harris, veteran swingman Jerry Stackhouse, the expiring contracts of center DeSegana Diop and swingman Devean George and another player such as guard Maurice Ager to New Jersey for Kidd and possibly veteran guard Darrell Armstrong."

"A point guard of Kidd's caliber, influence and experience would undoubtedly please the demanding Avery Johnson, reinvigorate a team that has been lacking energy and confidence and supply Dallas' coach with a dangerous four-man core of Kidd, Josh Howard, Jason Terry and reigning MVP Dirk Nowitzki."

Don't know what to think of this trade if it goes down, but it should be interesting to watch.

It's Time, It's Time, It's Vader Time.

Or draft time. Either way i'm cool. I was thinking about how to bring up draft talk here on this site. It might be too much just for me jump in and start telling you how each team will act, and who they should go for, and throw 19 mocks in your face. So, seeing as how most of the people who read this are followers of the Cowboys, lets just start there.

Here is what people around the interweb are saying in their mocks about the 'boys. (click the link if you want to see their full mock, some are interesting as hell, like Miami taking a QB with number 1!)

Footballs Future.
22. Reggie Smith DB Oklahoma
28. Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

NFL Draft Countdown

Draft Tek
22 Aqib Talib CB Kansas
28 D Rodgers-Cromarti CB Tennessee St.

Draft Ace
22 Felix Jones Running Back Arkansas
28 D. Cromartie-Rodgers Cornerback Tenn. State

22 Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
28 Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

NFL Draft Dog
22 WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
28 RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

NFL Report
22 CB Leodis McKelvin Troy
28 OT Chris Williams Vanderbilt

Great Blue North
22 Aqib Talib DB Kansas
28 Limas Sweed WR Texas

Saturdays 2 sundays
22. Limas Sweed, Texas (WR)
28. Antoine Cason, Arizona (CB)

So right now, its looks like most people think Dallas will go corner, and runningback. Not a bad idea. But I found it interesting that there were no other RB's except Felix Jones, that only one guy had us taking OL, that people think Aqub Talib will last that long. Its good stuff.

Booooo this man!

NBA Basketball. Where amazing happens. Unless of course by amazing you mean having some fun at the All Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest.

This is Dwight Howard. He is a man beast. One of the better power forwards/centers in the game. THE best young PF/C in the game. He also has crazy, jump out of the gym, leaping ability. Its hard to tell because he is damn near 7 feet tall. Its hard for people to see just how high he can leap because its so easy for him to dunk a basketball, because of his height. So how can he empress the Slam Dunk contest judges, and entertain the crowd no less? How about raising the basketball rim to 12 feet instead of 10? Its like making him 5 feet tall. If a 5 foot sumabitch can dunk a ball, that would win the competition hands down. Sounds like a good idea for Howard right?

Well not so fast there good buddy. The NBA has said no to Howards request. Thats cool, it would be hard to raise the rim during the contest, take too much time and that stuff. What? That's not it?

"They've ruled that changing the height of the rim, while easily done mid-contest with the help of hydraulics, clashes with their intent to apply as many standard NBA rules to All-Star Weekend contests as possible."

Here is what he did/could have done at last years contest.

Well done NBA, way to look out for the fans.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How very strange

I was walking down Kalakaua blvd on the way back from 24 hour fitness tonight, and the strangest thing happened.

Before I get into that, let me set the scene. I'm in Hawai'I for 2 weeks for work, and I've already had a shitty flight over, only to meet Sal Paolantonio in the airport and, well, that's a separate tangent all together.

Anyway, I'm walking down a heavily populated street, and my mp3 player is on shuffle. Suddenly,the song "Bittersweet Symphony" comes on.

I know what you're thinking, "Hey, Brown, it's not 1997 anymore, fag!" To which I reply, go fuck yourself, fascist.

Anyway, I decided to mimic the video and keep walking into people while they had crazy reactions.

Who would have thought, fat samoan people get VERY pissed for no reason.

I hate this place sometimes.

Sunday, February 10, 2008