Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day

Ahh yes, what a great day this is. It is the day that men everywhere treat their ladies like whores. We treat them nice, take them out to dinner, or cook it our selfs, and buy them expensive things, all so we might get some crazy V-Day sex tonight.

Box of Chocolats - 20 bucks
Flowers - 40 bucks
dinner - 75 bucks
some "from the heart" gift, usually something you buy at Zales - 100 bucks

Total - 235 bucks

Hooker(decent) - 150 bucks, (not that I know thats just what i've heard)

Who gets the better deal? One you should get sex, the other just dosen't want you to get it in her hair.

Happy V Day sports.

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