Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Time, It's Time, It's Vader Time.

Or draft time. Either way i'm cool. I was thinking about how to bring up draft talk here on this site. It might be too much just for me jump in and start telling you how each team will act, and who they should go for, and throw 19 mocks in your face. So, seeing as how most of the people who read this are followers of the Cowboys, lets just start there.

Here is what people around the interweb are saying in their mocks about the 'boys. (click the link if you want to see their full mock, some are interesting as hell, like Miami taking a QB with number 1!)

Footballs Future.
22. Reggie Smith DB Oklahoma
28. Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

NFL Draft Countdown

Draft Tek
22 Aqib Talib CB Kansas
28 D Rodgers-Cromarti CB Tennessee St.

Draft Ace
22 Felix Jones Running Back Arkansas
28 D. Cromartie-Rodgers Cornerback Tenn. State

22 Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
28 Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

NFL Draft Dog
22 WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
28 RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

NFL Report
22 CB Leodis McKelvin Troy
28 OT Chris Williams Vanderbilt

Great Blue North
22 Aqib Talib DB Kansas
28 Limas Sweed WR Texas

Saturdays 2 sundays
22. Limas Sweed, Texas (WR)
28. Antoine Cason, Arizona (CB)

So right now, its looks like most people think Dallas will go corner, and runningback. Not a bad idea. But I found it interesting that there were no other RB's except Felix Jones, that only one guy had us taking OL, that people think Aqub Talib will last that long. Its good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

think that the mock's all resemble the needs with an eye towards current value. Depending on which spare runs an amazing 40 or vice versa all of those players should fall into the 22 to 28 range.
Dallas needs a DB, probably most urgent need too. We will be losing S Keith Davis and probably CB Reeves; add to that Roy Williams play slipping, and our starting CB's age and injury problems DB seems obvious. Even if our starting 4 remain the same we still urgently need a nickel back. The problem is that there are question marks surrounding all the DB's in this draft whether it be speed, size, instincts, or experience. Therefor perhaps a saturation draft can cure the problem.
The 2nd need that gets mentioned is at WR where a lot hinges on Terry Glenn's health. Even if he is healthy the starters age's will be in the mid 30's so the "next" guy would be nice to have on the roster.
Another need that is being over magnified is at RB due to Jones leaving. I don't know if I want to waste a 1st rounder on a guy who will only get 10 snaps a game behind Barber and with the depth at RB this year surely one can be found later that would have comparable numbers to Felix Jones or the Illinois guy.
Anyways, so long as we don't draft another LB or TE in the 1st day we should be alright.