Thursday, May 29, 2008

And now I have to get a DS

People know I love my video games. The all time great, is about to have a new version on the Nintendo DS. (its a game boy with a touch screen).


That's right, a new, read again, NEW tecmo bowl.

September, plus the DS has the best Zelda game since the one for the SNES(oracle of time?).


Interesting...but how?

From Marc Stein at

The NBA announced to its teams this week at its annual pre-draft camp that fines will be imposed on players starting next season for clear cases of "flopping,"

Okay, so, umm, these guys can still ruin an entire game by flopping and they're just going to see a small dent in their giant salary? Even then, the Association isn't sure how they are going to judge what is and what isn't a flop.

Let me give you a helping hand, here.

Judge for what is and what isn't a flop: Vlade Divac
Jury for what the penalty should be: Charles Oakley
Executioner: Rasheed Wallace (based on his commentary from last night)

Feel free to put together your panel in the comments below.

UFC and one reason its demise might be near

One thing about the UFC, the MMA thorough bread, that has always caught my eye, is how hard the fighters really seam to fight. You hardly ever get a Guy in the octagon that just seems to be there for the pay check.

The reason for this is simple, 99% aren't there for the paycheck. They ARE there because they love it. He is a rundown from last weekends UFC pay per view and how much money each fighter got.

UFC 84 Payouts
B.J. Penn ($250,000 to fight and win)
Sean Sherk ($35,000 to fight)
Wanderlei Silva ($150,000 to fight, no bonus)
Keith Jardine ($10,000 to fight)
Goran Reljic ($6,000 to fight and win)
Wilson Gouveia ($18,000 to fight)
Lyoto Machida ($100,000 to fight and win)
Tito Ortiz ($210,000 to fight)
Thiago Silva ($50,000 to fight and win)
Antonio Mendes ($4,000 to fight)
Rousimar Palhares ($10,000 to fight and win)
Ivan Salaverry ($20,000 to fight)
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou ($80,000 to fight and win)
Kazuhiro Nakamura ($20,00O to fight)
Rich Clementi ($40,000 to fight and win)
Terry Etim ($10,000 to fight)
Yoshiyuki Yoshida ($12,000 to fight and win)
Jon Koppenhaver ($8,000 to fight)
Dong Hyun Kim ($40,000 to fight and win)
Jason Tan ($3000 to fight)
Shane Carwin ($12,000 to fight and win)
Christian Wellisch ($10,000 to fight)
Total Payout: $1,098,000 - 3.8 Million in just ticket sales
These numbers do not include sponsorships or fight bonuses. Fighter also incur the cost of taxes, medical, licenses, gym dues, and more.
Fighter Bonuses of $75,000 go to:
Fight of the Night: Goran Reljic and Wilson Gouveia
Knockout of the Night: Wanderlei Silva.
Submission of the Night: Rousimar Palhares

So they awarded the fighters somewhere in the 1.2 mill range and they made, on just ticket sales, 3.8. That's kinda fucked up.

With the fact that Dana White is an ass hole, and Elite EX going to CBS this summer, and other company's giving guaranteed money, UFC might be in some trouble.

I love the fact that you still get paid more to put on a good fight and win, and I don't want to see MMA going the way of boxing where the money is made before the fight and has little to do with who really wins the fight, but it seams the UFC could pay their guys a little more.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I don't know this Burger King

But I like his UK Comercials

H.T. On the 205th

Just ooozzzing Spurs....

The Lakers are better than the spurs. While I still think the Hornets are better than the Spurs, the Spurs used their mojo to get in the heads of the Hornets and crush them like an old boxer beats a younger, more talented boxer with his head, or Migs with Jodey Foster, that shit might work on a rookie, but not that southern piece of ass. The Spurs can't do this to the Lakers. This is from a San An paper about the last shot last night.

"If Brent Barry had sold it, he would have forced Crawford to make the call. If
Barry had done a Ginobili, flailing his arms, coming up through Fisher, then
Barry would have shot three free throws. A career 82 percent shooter, he likely
would have made them. Having already scored a season-high 23 points, he would
have become Sean Elliott in 1999, Steve Kerr in 2003 and Horry in 2005. The
unexpected hero of a postseason. But Barry says he didn't see Fisher, and he
released his desperation shot only after Fisher had fallen to the side. No one
blamed Barry. As Popovich said, 'We wouldn't have had a chance to win if it
wasn't for Brent tonight.' Popovich and Barry didn't blame Crawford, either.
Both said it was the proper no-call."

So the saving grace for the Spurs was going to be Brent Barry? Really? Unless Manu and Parker play out of there freaking minds tomorrow night, the Lake show will take this one home in 5.

(I'm just happy I don't have to see a Spurs - Detroit finials. That would bring the gun barrel to my head.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just so we're all clear on this


Barry raised up into Fisher to attempt to shoot through him. It wasn't a flop. It was a chuck from 30 feet and he was getting crowded.

There is no Joey Crawford conspiracy. The Spurs had too many chances to take the lead in this game. Don't blame the refs because Manu couldn't shoot his way out of a paper bag. And before you say it, yeah I was the first one to complain about Dwyane Wade in 2006. That was justified, ask anyone outside of Miami.

Now that I've said it, come with it Bizzle and Uni. Defend your team the only way you can and know how:
-The refs were cheating, and David Stern wants a Lakers-Celts final.
-Look at all the rings we won in the past, that makes us a good team today.
-Asian women's vaginae are horizontal, that makes the Spurs relevant.
-We don't flop, it's natural for South Americans and Europeans to fly 20 feet when they get grazed on the elbow.
-You're just jealous, you're a Mavs fan. (That's probably true, but you can still kiss my ass.)

Final note...there's something very odd about seeing a hobo on the 281 on ramp asking for money yet he's sporting a fresh new Tony Parker jersey. If San Antonio has the money to dress their hobos for game

God came down and said, "let them blog"

I leave you nothing more than this bit of genius.

Thoughts from Gate 2 at Love Field

Its a pretty fair assumption about me to say that I'm easily irritated and have been known to snap and launch items on a trans-room flight destined for destruction against a far wall.

That being said, I grow weary of Love Field and miss the friendly confines of DFW. See, Love Field is packed with Chris-Chris like people. That's not to say DFW doesn't, but that's its own city, I can get away and not be reminded that I'm one step away from being "that guy".

People don't talk to me at DFW, and at 6 am while nursing a 3 day hangover, I don't want to talk to anyone. God forbid the ass hat next to me should realize I'm not interested in his sales pitch. Dick milk drinking sack of shit had better recognize.

I should mention the real reason for this post: I'm flying to San Antonio and the guy sitting next to me won't stop arguing that Tony Parker is and will always be the greatest French basketball product.

Excuse me? Tariq Abdul Wahad and Antoine Rigadeaux might have something to say about that.

Anyone? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?