Thursday, September 18, 2008

500 posts

Yea, the last post was post 500, (i think) so i'm going to celebrate the only way i know how, random youtube videos. Enjoy.

and lastly, if you havn't seen this, i might have pee'd a little when i did its so damn funny. Wait for the stinger at the end!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

power is in the eye.....week 2

Fuck it we still won!

As i did last year, I'm going to be bringing you the freshest, most original look around the NFL, a power ranking!

I know your life wouldn't be complete unless you knew for sure whether or not i thought the Cardinals are better than the Lions, so I bring you this, Big's NFL power rankings.
(i know its lame, but if I do anything well, its lame shit)(oh and I included how they have changed from last week next to their number. look at me doing more work that i have too!)

As always this list is in order of team most likely to no give a rats ass about your fantasy football team(I'm 1-1 in both leagues).

The "I'm just like you, I put
my pants on one leg at a time, only when my pants are on, I make gold records" tier.

1 (-)Dallas Cowboys
2 0 - Holy crap what a game. Those might be the best 2 teams in football right now. Add the fact the eagles always give the boys problems, and a win is nice.

2. (-)Pittsburgh Steelers
2 0 - Ugly game vs. Cle, but this team gets the Eric Nies award this week for just grinding it out. (honestly if you get that reference let me know.)

3. (+1)Denver Broncos
2 0 - You know what makes me move up this team even though they should have lost(stupid, STUPID refs) is the fact they went for the win in regulation. WAY TO HAVE SOME BALL SHANNY!
4. (+2)New York Giants 2 0 - I was predicting failure on this team year. Looks like i might be wrong for the first time ever in my life.

The "Damn the looked good losing" tier.

5. (-2)Philadelphia Eagles 1 1 - Had to drop them a bit due to losing, but this years NFC East is going be crazy. Like SuperCrazy.

The "Better than I thought they would be" tier

6. (+11)Tennessee Titans 2 0 - So I knew this team had a good D, but they might be scary good. Like your new girlfriend is a little too good at sex, good.

7. (+7)Green Bay Packers 2 0 - I love seeing Aaron Rodgers make this happen. Got a little scared when they let DET back in the game. But they look legit. Now they play Dallas, and we'll know right soon how good they are.

8. (-1)New England Patriots 2 0 - When your the number one team, and your best player goes down, you have got to expect a drop off, but right now this defense is carrying this team.

The "Really didn't think they would be this good, but don't expect them to stay That way" tier

9. (+2)Buffalo Bills 2 0 - Browns new pick to win the super bowl. Can't agree more.

10. (+6)Carolina Panthers 2 0 - Just think, now they get Steve Smith back.

11. (-2)Chicago Bears 1 1 - Lost to Carolina. I blame Shila LaBouf. Don't now why. But he's the downfall of the Bears.

The "come on now, your better than that" tier.

12. (-)Indianapolis Colts 1 1 - t minus 3 weeks till Peyton goes ape shit and names himself starting running back, wide receiver, and punt returner. he's all they got anyway, so why not.

13. (-5)New Orleans Saints 1 1 - Washington? They practically gave you that game. Way to go reggie with that whole "waiving" thing. Well done.

The "Can't tell if they are good or not yet" tier.

14. (+6)Arizona Cardinals 2 0 - Jesus Robo Arm is back and in full effect baby! But in the end they have only beaten San Fran and Seattle.

15. (+7)Baltimore Ravens 1 0 - Moved up seven due to not playing anybody, and when you don't play you can't look bad!

16. (-6)New York Jets 1 1 - The whole Favre thing has warn off on me now, and that play calling was TERRIBLE!

17. (+6)Washington Redskins 1 1 - i knew they weren't as bad as they showed on opening day. Would have had them in front a couple other teams, but I saw Chris Cooley's dick this week. That should never happen.

The "Better turn this shit around, or this could get ugly" tier.

18. (-3)Minnesota Vikings 0 2 - If they stick with Travis, and they miss the playoffs, its all on Brad Childress. Stubborn is a sin.

19. (-14)San Diego Chargers 0 2 - I never thought the HGH using wwe freak Shawn Merrimen was that important to the Chargers. And don't give me that they should have won but the ref screwed them. Yea, its true, they got the call wrong and the game would have been over had it gone right, but when you can't stop the pass AT ALL, you deserve to lose. Throw in the 2 pt play and Norv can go fuck himself.

The "teams that could pull a win out their ass every now and then, but don't expect them to contend" tier.

20. (-2)Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 1 - Ernest "Teddy" Graham(if that's not his nickname, we really need to look at ourselves as humans) you totally fucked me in fantasy this week. If you would have just played like you usually do, which is suck, i would be 2-0. For that, down 2 spots for your team.

21. (-2)Cleveland Browns 0 2 - Played a much closer, if not better, game vs. Pitt. Calling Braylend Edwards! Hello! Anybody seen mr. Edwards?

22. (+3)Houston Texans 0 1 - Again moved up because they didn't play, and thus didn't fuck up this week.

23. (-2)Atlanta Falcons 1 1 - That's more like the Falcons we have come to expect.

24. (+5)San Francisco 49ers 1 1 - I had to give them some love, after proving me right that the Seahawks suck mighty joe young balls.

The "Holy Crap! Are they really as bad as they look(yes)" tier.

25. (-12)Jacksonville Jaguars 0 2 - Last year, 2nd in rushing, this year, 28th.

26. (-2)Seattle Seahawks 0 2 - And you Seattle Seahawks, ahh fuck it, your too easy.

and the "opps I crapped my pants" tier.

27. (+5)Oakland Raiders 1 1 - Would have moved them out of this tier, but Its being rumored that Al "The N-Hatten Dolphin" Davis is about to fire a promising young head coach cuz he said his team sucks. You know what Al, your team does suck.

28. (-2)Miami Dolphins 0 2 - lost by 3 touchdowns to the Buzzsaw.

29. (-1)Kansas City Chiefs 0 2 - lost by nearly 3 TD's to the Raiders!

30. (+1)Detroit Lions 0 2 - The nice comeback moved them up from last, but then they pissed it all away at the track like my uncle steve.

31. (-4)Cincinnati Bengals 0 2 - Said I was going to put them last if they didn't show me anything, and they didn't show me anything, but.....

32. (-2)St. Louis Rams 0 2 - This team BLOWS!!!!

As always, I know I'm right and your wrong, and that's just the way its going be. Smells like updog in here.........

Josh Howard hates america.

You've got to be kidding me. This guys really just needs to slow down a bit and keep his head low. Our favorite weed toting Dallas Maverick, Josh Howard, played in a flag football game this last July with fellow NBA star Allen Iverson. He thought a fan video was a good time to spout his political views, during the national anthem! What a retard.

Hit about 1:45 to see his dumb ass.

Monday, September 15, 2008

College Football Round up - Week 3

Next Year?
The College football round up is back, ready to recap week 3. So this week was the start of the big games for college football fans huh? The Showdown in the Coliseum was anything but a showdown. We had a baseball score, and the UNT game got to be played at LSU after all. Nice.
So here we go, again the teams are voted on who can win the BCS championship, and who is right there, presented in order of most impressive, in terms of Wrestling terms(what?).
Main Eventers
No. 1 USC (win 35-3 No. 5 Ohio State) - The TV people almost had me convinced OSU could hang with USC's speed. Man am I gullible. And tell me this OSU peeps, freshmen phenom Pryor went 7-9 52 yards passing and had 40 yards on 11 carries and you still want to roll with Boeckman? Let the kid play the rest of the year, show some crazy flash and maybe you can get some good recruits for next year. I know this is USC's post, but I wanted to make it clear that OSU will not, unless every other team loses 3 times, be in my top rankings for the rest of the year. They should have NO chance at all in getting back to the BCS game.
No. 3 Oklahoma (win 55-14, Washington) - Felt bad for Washington, had to take the brunt of Oklahoma's fury due to last years Oregon fuck up. Bradford, 18-21, 304, 5 TD's. He's in the Heisman hunt.
No. 2 Georgia (win 14-7 , South Carolina) - I hope, hope this was Georgia's worst showing of the season. If they play like they did this week against some better SEC teams, they are going down. Knowshawn needs more than 20 touches, but the D played fantastic.
No. 4. Florida (idle) - Tenn this week should be a good test for the Gators.
No. 6 Missouri (win 69-17, Nevada) - I'm ready to believe that this team can get to the BCS championship game. Chase Daniel was money again, 23-28 405 and 4 TD's. Mizzou has put up at least 52 in all three of their games thus far, and they got one more cup cake in buffalo this week, then the fun starts with a trip to Lincoln to play the Huskers.
Mid Carders

No. 7 LSU (win 41-3, North Texas) - Might be the only time UNT gets a mention in the regular polls. Charles Scott, a running back for LSU, had 102 yards and 2 td's, on 7 carries.

No. 8. Texas (idle) Were going to take on the Razerbacks, but good ole Ike scared a bunch of people away. It was the right call, but for the record, I talked to some guys in Austin around 3 or 4 Saturday, wasn't even raining down there.

No. 9 Auburn (win 3-2, Mississippi State) - Nope, didn't get the score wrong, it was 3-2. In my season long quest in following the "new" Auburn spread offense attack, this week, 154 yards passing, 161 yards rushing. Is anybody else not that scared of SEC teams this year? Don't get me wrong, there are 5 or 6 really good teams, but i have yet to see a great team out side of maybe Florida. Georgia hasn't had a "good god" game yet, Auburn only scored 3 points this week, and LSU hasn't even come close to playing anybody. Could be their competition is pretty good too, but come on.

No. 11 Alabama (win 41-7, Western Kentucky) - All that said about the SEC above and I still think Alabama has the 9th best shot at the BSC right now. They got some good talent, a playmaker in Freshmen Julio Jones, and a D that seams to not let people run on them at all. Can't wait for SEC conference play.

No. 19 South Florida (win 37-34, No. 13 Kansas) - A top 20 team that beats another top 20 teams should be on the list. The bulls came back from down 20-3, and kicked a FG to win it with 0:00's on the clock. Matt Grothe was 32-45 for 338 yards in the win.

Teams I wanted to put in, but were just out, Wisc. Texas Tech, Penn St.

Developmental Guys.(guys to keep your eyes on, not necessarily the next 5 best teams.)

No. 14 East Carolina (win 28-24, Tulane) - Calling this the BCS buster race, as ECU, and the next team BYU will duke it out all season to try and stay undefeated and get that bid in the big bowl game.

No. 18 Brigham Young (win 59-0, UCLA) - Whats a good way to get voters to forget you needed a miracle to win last week vs an average Washington? How about hanging 59 on a team that just upset a top 10 team. Yea, that will work.

No. 16 Oregon (win 32-26, Purdue) - Look out for the Ducks. They were supposed to have a down year with no Dennis Dixon and no John Stewart, but don't tell this teams Defense. Despite the 2 picks from sophomore QB Justin Roper, the Defense scored 3 turnovers, and returned a punt 87 yards for a score. They might be the best chance at keep USC out of the title game, but don't hold your breath.

Vanderbilt (win 38-21, Rice) - I know its only Rice, but Vandys 3-0! I'm not saying this team will compete for the SEC title or anything, but watch this team steal a win from one of the big boys. Its gonna happen.

No. 24 Illinois (win 20-17, Louisiana-Lafayette) - I know a 3 point win over a non LSU Louisiana school isn't much to be proud of, but Illinois has only one loss, and its to Mizzou. Pluss I would feel un american not to talk about at least one big ten team.

So that's the list this week. In some interesting notes, I wanted to include Notre Dame's win over Mich in the developmental category, but even as a ND fan, i know this team sucks.

I find it interesting that in my top 10 I have 5 SEC, 3 Big 12, 1 Pac 10, and 1 Big East. Just something to think about.

The Big Ups the all my Haters upset of the week is UNLV 23-20 win over No. 15 Arizona State. So much for me telling you to watch out for Arizona St.

The Mean Green of North Texas played LSU as previously stated, and got destroyed, as they should have. Good things from the game? At one point it was 10-3 in the 2nd quarter, and Vizza didn't throw a pic this game. Other than that, I don't know. Wunderkind Riley Dodge threw a pass, it was completed, to an LSU player. There ya go.