Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look who took a field trip!

One of our few readers and good friend D-Nasty took a trip this last weekend to the new Cowboys stadium for a country concert of the great George Straight. It was the first time the stadium was open for an event, and he took an ass load of pics and was nice enough to share them with us and tell us his thoughts on the spaceship.

For the past three years, all we have heard about the new Cowboys Stadium is that it will end up being pretty much the most bad ass place in the world to watch any sort of sporting event. I had a chance last weekend to see if it lived up to its hype, and man oh man, it did. Firstly, the parking situation is not lacking. We had no issues getting into or finding our lot as the parking lots are marked with massive signs starting about a half mile from the stadium on the south side. Getting out was a whole other story- it took just under an hour to get out of the lot. I will admit that the acoustics were lacking but at the end of the day it’s a football stadium not a symphony hall.

We entered the stadium on the west side (end zone) and as soon as we got in the door we were met with a blast of cold air. That’s right, no more sweaty fat guy next to you for the opening games in September. Once the place filled up, the temperature raised but it was still very comfortable with 60,000 people inside. The end zone concourse areas are wide open to the field and you can see the entire stadium without having to walk through a tunnel under the seats. The main concourse level has a Texas Stadium feel to it at the end zones and then you walk into an enclosed area that pretty much runs the length of the field. Jerry definitely knows how to bring on the bling. I kept wandering how long it would take to look like shit after the season started. For a football stadium meant to have a bunch of rowdy fans, it sure felt like walking through the lobby of a high class hotel. The men’s crapper sure did feel like Texas Stadium. I think that’s where Jerry cut back on spending. The field itself is lined with suites so all the Chris Chris’ can say they were there and saw nothing but Flozell’s ass on the sideline because there is no possible way to see anything on the field during a game from that perspective. They are below the field level like a baseball dugout. I think the most kick ass seats in the whole place would be the high backed end zone seats.

Our seats were in section 333. That level is sort of like the equivalent of the Platinum Club at the American Airlines Center . It’s as if Jerry took elements from the AAC, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and Texas Stadium and split the themes up by level. The main concourse resembled Texas Stadium in that the columns and set up was very similar. The 300 level, where we were, seems as if it was designed to be like the AAC. The concourse was more of a hallway with entries to suites on the inside and bathrooms on the outside and a bar/concession area on each side. There was a main bar situated in an open area and flanked by two concession stands. There is plenty of room to move around even when it is full of people. Of course the d├ęcor and amenities are on a higher end versus the main concourse and upper levels.

The upper level was more like the upper level at the Ballpark. Getting off the escalator felt like I was going to my cheap seats to see a Rangers game. The whole concourse is littered with concession stands and not much else. It happened to be the best place to get food (I’ll touch on the momentarily). I took a peak at what the field looked like from the upper levels, and believe me you want to be in the 300’s or lower. Otherwise you are paying to be at a live event just to see it on a kick ass HD television.

The most awesomist motherf-in screen in the world. I honestly sat in my seat and just stared in awe for a couple of minutes. You can’t imagine it until you see it in person. It is that bad ass! We all know the specs and the hype behind it, but once you see it, it takes you to a whole new level of happy place in your pants. From the 300 level, it is just above you like sitting in a movie theater (I wouldn’t put it past Jerry to offer exclusive viewings- it would be worth every penny). Some of the pictures I took would make you think I was front row they were so crisp- taken directly from the screen. Putting it in perspective, when you look at it versus the other side of the stadium, it pretty much blocks over half of the other side. You see the lower bowl and that’s about it.

I really only have one complaint and I made sure to let everyone who worked there know that nachos should be served on every level. The level we were on only had trendy high end servings like Kobe Hamburgers and buffalo quesadillas and I had to make the trek to the 400 level for peanuts, nachos and even beer at one point. They did run out of food and beer for a portion of the show but I am sure that will be taken care of in the future. Overall, yes, it is the most bad ass place to watch a sporting event. It’s typical Jerry going over the top but what should we expect having the most storied and popular franchise.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nostalgia is Friggin’ Awesome!

He wasn't kidding.

If you aren't following us on the TWEET space. You are missing browns full on assault on your mind. some highlights of last night's tweet-a-thon.

You think Dwight Howard had those shoulders as a baby? Is his mother's vagina like a waterslide? I'm turned on. -Brown

Wow, we gained another follower in the time I've decided to post to Twitter like a 12 year old discovering his penis. Go us. -Brown

Why did the black guy felt empowered to pour sprinkles all over he ice cream counter? Verizon is sponsored by the Black Panthers - Brown

If Hedo Turkoglu is the Turkish Michael Jordan, then Zaza Pachulia is the Turkish Karl Malone. -Brown

If we ever get a basketball team together, my jersey will say "LeBrown" - Brown
i'm really failing to see the appeal of the twitter. we've been on for a week and i feel more like denka than ricky from barbershop - Brown

I'd probably like Michael Cera's movies if it wasn't for the awkward kid in all of them. -Brown

If you're laughing at a premature confetti drop, you're a) a woman and b) a total bitch. - Brown

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

“Let’s keep immigrants out…except the geniuses”

I was flipping through a magazine the other day and came across an interesting article regarding how states will be much more stringent on granting H1-B visas to immigrants to ensure that companies are hiring U.S. workers. 

For example, you can’t pay them less then a U.S. worker and you have to lay out exactly what they’re doing and how they qualify more than any U.S. worker, so on and so forth. 

However, the U.S. has a lesser known type of visa known as the O-1 visa.  This thing is referred to as “the genius visa”, and all it takes is to prove that this singular person has a skill set that no one else in the world, let alone in the entire United States of America has.

This O-1 visa is completely removed from any political debate going on in the U.S. government between Republicans and Democrats.

I know what you’re thinking, “what the hell does this discourse on immigration and business have to do with sports?”

Well, one of the few people who happen to have one of these “genius visas”?

Big, what’s this say?

Yup, you guessed it, Dirk Nowitzki.  Other athletes who have qualified for O-1 visas?  Wayne Gretzky, Ronaldo, and Annika Sorenstam