Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He wasn't kidding.

If you aren't following us on the TWEET space. You are missing browns full on assault on your mind. some highlights of last night's tweet-a-thon.

You think Dwight Howard had those shoulders as a baby? Is his mother's vagina like a waterslide? I'm turned on. -Brown

Wow, we gained another follower in the time I've decided to post to Twitter like a 12 year old discovering his penis. Go us. -Brown

Why did the black guy felt empowered to pour sprinkles all over he ice cream counter? Verizon is sponsored by the Black Panthers - Brown

If Hedo Turkoglu is the Turkish Michael Jordan, then Zaza Pachulia is the Turkish Karl Malone. -Brown

If we ever get a basketball team together, my jersey will say "LeBrown" - Brown
i'm really failing to see the appeal of the twitter. we've been on for a week and i feel more like denka than ricky from barbershop - Brown

I'd probably like Michael Cera's movies if it wasn't for the awkward kid in all of them. -Brown

If you're laughing at a premature confetti drop, you're a) a woman and b) a total bitch. - Brown

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1 comment:

Brown said...

Just for your info, this is going to happen more. In the ultimate, "I was wrong" twist...I kind of enjoyed it.