Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is this another comeback post? Looking back and looking forward.

Cool Dog says, “come on in and make yourself comfortable”

I know what you’re thinking, here’s another “we’re coming back” post from Brown about how he’s going to start posting more, and then he’s just going to go back to not posting anything and retreat to the fortress of solitude.  Probably…

But, here’s what I am going to promise you.  I’m gonna try to re-launch this puppy next year.   Big may or may not be on board, that’s purely up to him.  I’m sure that most of our readers (all 5 of them) have stopped even coming here, but maybe this will be a chance to bring them back.  I dunno, we’ll see. 

Looking back…

We started this blog when sports blogging was really coming into its own.  Newspapers didn’t really have recognized bloggers, Deadspin was one or two years old, TBL was independent, the KSK boys just bloggers rather than authors, and Mottram was running FanHouse.  We had this great idea that we would join the fray, establish ourselves and become a Dallas sports blog.   That was answered with a resounding, “Meh”.  We could barely get our friends to read this fucking thing, let alone strangers.  Sure, we had our fair share of regulars, Gerry Dorsey, Dave from the Dream Shake, Bear, Nasty, Bizzle, Sherpa and so forth, but our biggest day was getting maybe 50 hits and being invited to blog on a SN Mavericks blog.  Not exactly a hot spot on the web.

I think that’s where we petered out and died. (I keep saying “we”, but I have no idea what Big thinks of any of this.)   We weren’t getting any hits, any interactions and life kind of took over.   Our love of sports hasn’t gone astray.  Our thoughts and opinions haven’t changed, we just haven’t written down anything.   Shit, in the time this place has been dormant, I’ve changed jobs twice, gotten married, gotten a dog and beat Mother Nature to the punch by shaving my head.  See?  Life’s taken over. 

So, now what? 

This blog is coming back.  At least at 50% (me).  It isn’t going to be wholly sports focused, I may go weeks without a sports post.  I’m going to make this blog a personal thought dump of sorts.  I’m not going to share intimate, deep thoughts or any of that shit, but, as I’ve always done, I tend to observe the world around me in my own way, and if I don’t express that, then I tend to go nuts.  The wife is getting tired of my random non sequiturs, so I figured this is an ideal location.

You can follow us (me) on twitter at for updates, or just bookmark this site and keep your eyes open.

If you liked any of the stuff that you read here before, then know that it’s coming back.  If you didn’t, well you probably stopped reading anyway, so you’re not reading this.

So, here’s to 2011 and the re-launch of The Big & The Brown on 1/3/2011…won’t you join us? 


PS: I really can’t speak for Big, so if you were reading this blog for his entries, you should send him an email or something.

Monday, August 23, 2010

CeeLo = Music Genius

NSFW due to use of the word Fuck.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You gotta be f%@#ing kidding me.

Yeah, that's Ralph Macchio (AGE FUCKING 48) and Lil Bow Wow Jaden Smith

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So, what's worse?

The Mavericks cock teased us again. After a lights out, fan confidence boosting regular season, the Mavericks ran into the Spurs and were dumped unceremoniously on their asses. The "silver lining"? Hey, that's the 10th straight 50 win season and playoff run for the Dallas Mavericks!

But is that a good thing? I mean, what would you rather have? Consistent winning and contendership, that leads to heartbreak or championships with losing droughts in between? (I'm not counting Yankee types where payroll allows the ability to purchase rosters and always contend AND win nor am I counting perennial losers like the Rangers who can't do a god damn thing)

On one hand, you're never the laughing stock of the league, you're always "in the hunt" and in the conversation for best team in the league. You attract season ticket holders and have consistent sell outs. Free agents want to come play because they could be "that last piece".

On the other hand, you've got the rings.

On one hand, you're seen as a constant tease that inevitably leads to heartbreak. You always raise people up, only to bring them down.

On the other hand, you've got the rings.

So...who's got it better (or worse)?

Mavericks fans? Eagles fans? Dodgers fans?


Celtics fans? Cowboys fans? Angels fans?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Something's missing here...

I saw this quote on Peter King's article...
I think Denver had a boom-or-bust night, obviously. But Josh McDaniels told me early this morning that the Tim Tebow pick came down to Tebow meeting every one of the parameters he sets out for a quarterback: competitiveness, work ethic, leadership, traits of a winner, intelligence, toughness, productivity. I see all that, but we all know the adjustment in mechanics and style of play are going to be huge factors in whether Tebow succeeds in the NFL. McDaniels has clearly cast his lot with a risky pick. But Tebow said something to me last night about McDaniels that summed the pick up perfectly: "I told [agent] Jimmy [Sexton] all along that I wanted to play for this guy. His whole attitude is he believes in himself, and he's going to do it his way.'' Tebow and McDaniels now are tied together, and their NFL futures depend on how good the other is at his job.
Um...if I'm a Denver fan, I'm pretty sure that I'm fine with those parameters for a quarterback, but I might also add one more...HAS THE ABILITY TO PLAY QUARTERBACK AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. Being a great leader ain't gonna help you throw on a 3 step drop slant look.

First Round Thoughts, now with more Big!

I actually didn't think I was very geeked up about this year's draft. It took about 5 seconds of turning on the NFL Network for that to change. I was in like a kid watching his first Cinemax late night movie. Just waiting and watching for my first set o' titties.

As for the NFL Network, I thought the coverage was great. Mayock is the best there is, and even though you've got 5 guys on set, and Deion and LaCanfora reporting, it didn't seem overdone and intrusive. My only issue was Michael Irvin. Between he and the Ricky Smiley morning show, black people will never advance beyond shitty stereotypes.

Big - I'm going to piggy-back brown here, as I didn't want to do another breakdown, would have redundant.

On to the picks...

1) St. Louis - Sam Bradford, QB. Brown - I'm a Texas guy, but forget that for a second. Bradford is overrated. Period. He hasn't played in a long time with injuries to his throwing shoulder. Poke and prod all you want to, he isn't right. This reeks of Jacksonville taking Boselli and his crappy shoulders and them hoping he'd get over it. Bradford looked good against swiss cheese defenses when he played. He was destroyed by Texas and Florida. St. Louis had to make this choice though.

Big - I like this pick a little more than Brown, while I am worried about Bradford's injury's, his ability to take snaps from center, and lack of playmakers in St.Louie, I think he is the "safest" best at QB in this draft. STL needed a QB, for better or worse, Bradford is theirs for the next 4 years.

2) Detroit - Ndamukong Suh, DT. Brown - Oh, what a perfect pick for Detroit. Just fantastic for Jim Shwartz. Pairing him with Kyle Vandenbosch is going to give Detroit a pass rush they haven't seen since Jerry Ball was anchoring that line.

Big - Best player in the draft. Going to a 4-3 team, which he will be best in. If detroit can get some o-line help, and Stafford can continue to get better, they won't be picking in the top 10 much longer.

3) Tampa Bay - Gerald McCoy, DT. Brown - In my eyes, McCoy was the only Oklahoma guy worth of the praise given. Tampa wanted the Sapp 2000, and I think they got him.

Big - The top 3 picks have been almost set in stone for the last month, and for good reason, STL needed a QB, Det had to take Suh, and McCoy fits Tampa perfectly. If I were Tampa brass I would send a nice fruit basket to STL, saying thank you for picking a QB, so that one of the stud, first teir DT's would fall to them, which was their biggest need by far.

4) Washington - Trent Williams, OT. Brown - This was a stupid pick. Williams is so overrated as a tackle. See how Bradford was destroyed when he faced real defenses? Yeah, not exactly the blind side protection you're dying for. Not to mention Williams looks like a payday player, not a football player. He's a zone protection guy, so we'll see if Shanahan teaches him to cut block.

Big - Biggest bust potential of the top 10. I understand why Shanahan didn't want Okung, not his type of O-linemen, but Williams after the season was a guy who was going some where after 20, and he didn't even really have a great combine or pro day, but he still rose up boards, and now is the first OT taken. Maybe it will work, We both doubt it.

5) Kansas City - Eric Berry, S. Brown - For my money, the best player available. Ed Reed 2000. I think if KC was smart, they'd have gone with Okung, but you can't go wrong when a packaged gift shows up on your doorstep.

Big - Love the pick. Kansas City has been searching for a defensive Identity and leader since Derrick Thomas. It wasn't Derrick Johnson, it wasn't Gleen Dorsey, it might be Eric Berry. I really didn't think they would pass on Okung, but i'm not going to blame them for picking the 2nd best player in the draft.

6) Seattle - Russell Okung, OT. Brown - Okung is a beast on the line, and he's the aggressive o-lineman in the mold of Joe Thomas. Pete Carroll made a great pick here as Walter Jones is on his last breathe and he needs to re-build the offensive line to protect whoever is going to take snaps.

Big - I did about 100 mocks, every time I said when picking Seattle, "They would love it if Okung fell to them to replace Walter Jones, but I don't see how it will happen." Then the Redskins decided to go with a RT in Williams, and THEN KC went Berry, so here they are with the best OT in the draft, and they didn't have to give up anything to get it. Lucky, but sometimes its better to be lucky than good.

7) Cleveland - Joe Haden, CB. Brown - This pick basically made me say, meh. It's not the worst idea, it gives Cleveland a nice pair of corners with Wright and Haden. This team needs everything, though...I halfway expected Holmgren to stock pile.

Brown - This was the first debate that me and the draft sherpa had when we started looking at the draft, he said they would go ILB McClain, I thought Haden was the better choice. Either way they would have been well served, but looking at Holmgrens past (and dont' get it worng, he turned Green Bay AND Seattle into a continders, he will do the same with the Browns) he likes to have shut down guys, and so does Mangeeeeeeneee.

8) Oakland - Rolando McClain, ILB. Brown - Big and I had the same reaction. "Wow, Al Davis made a smart pick". McClain is a great pick to captain the defense, that is a little underrated in Oakland. We were all thinking Bruce Campbell or Bulaga or something. This was a smart pick...maybe Oakland realized they aren't good.

Big - I was totally waiting for Bruce Campbell or CJ Spiller, but like Brown said, Al Davis did what he does best, shockes us, this time by making a good pick. McClain is like Patrick Willis in San Fran, a very solid player that sometimes get overlooked because he won't get sacks or picks, but every week he will have double digit tackles and just make the denese a better unit as a whole.

9) Buffalo - C.J. Spiller, RB. Brown - In a world of platoon running back corps, I think picking a running back in the top 10 isn't really the best idea unless you have no one. If you can't open holes, and you can't throw, the defenses can stack the box and you aren't moving. That being said, an RB corp of Lynch and Spiller is a nice one-two punch of speed and power.

Big - I don't get this pick at all. They have Beast Mode (Lynch), and a guy who out preformed him last year in Freddy Jackson. Now they add C.J. to those guys. Don't get me wrong, I love Spiller and I think he is a home run hitter that can be a mold between Reggie Bush and Percy Harvin, but with a team that has SO many holes, this doesn't make you very much better. Its like making a good sandwich, you need a lot of different good parts to make a great sandwhich, you need good bread that will hold the team together (O-line, D-Line), a good meat in the middle (QB), a good type of cheese that comlements the meat (RB's, WR), good fixings like tomato, lettuce, pickles and the like (LB's, Corners), and then you can add condements to taste (KR, explosive back, Kicker). right now the Bills are feasting on baloney on white bread, with a shit tone of arby sauce.

10) Jacksonville - Tyson Alualu, DT. Brown - Stupid stupid stupid pick. Jacksonville needed to make a splash for a few reasons. A) They have nothing in the cupboard and B) They need to sell tickets. An end who, admittedly, can blow off defenders and get to the QB is nice, but Alualu isn't a game changing end. This was a wasted pick at 10. Either pick the ticket seller or trade and stockpile.

Big - As few as a 2 days ago this guy was a third round guy. Now I thought he had crazy value as a 3, and would even have crazy value as a 2, but as the number 10 pick in the draft to a team that REALLY needs to sell tickets? To sell tickets you need to do one of 2 things, either win a lot, or get players that your fans care about watching, Alualu doesn't really help you do either. Good job.

11) San Francisco - Anthony Davis, OT. Brown - This was interesting. San Francisco made the point of saying Alex Smith is their guy, and they're committed to protecting him and opening holes for Gore. Davis was the best OT in the draft outside of Okung (Williams and Bulaga are overrated, you'll see.) I really wanted Dallas to leap up to get him.

Big - The problem with Davis has never been his talent or ceiling, he has the highest ceiling of any OT not named Okung, its that he has a very poor work eithic, and desire. He needed to go to a team who has an intense as hell head coach, and Mike Singleterry is just that. This is a solid pick, not very sexy, but solid.

12) San Diego - Ryan Mathews, RB. Brown - Here's the crazy we were hoping for! San Diego trades up 16 spots to get a running back who can't catch the ball or block. He doesn't have the luxury of sitting and learning behind LDT. Bad pick. Stupid pick. Peter King likes it.

Big - REACH. Biggest surprise of the draft, San Diego who is lacking talent more than any team pciking in the 20's, gives up several picks to get a guy who's value is around 35-50. Good job Norv.

13) Philadelphia - Brandom Graham, OLB. Brown - I was shocked. When I saw the trade, I thought they were moving on Earl THomas. They opted for a run defender who's an average pass rusher. I'm not sure what Andy Reid's strategy is. Jim Johnson was great at using the tools he was given and turning them into good players. Jim Johnson is dead.

Big - Yea, don't like this one either. I thought Thomas was going here too, and with true DE's on the board still (JPP, Morgan), why would you take a guy who most say is best fit with a 34 team as a OLB, not as a DE in a 43. At least it was the eagles makeing the bad pick, good for us cowboy fans.

14) Seattle - Earl Thomas, S. Brown - Pete Carroll had a great first round. Thomas will do well in Seattle paired with Babineaux in the secondary and supporting Trufant on the weak side coverage. This is an immediate upgrade against a shitty NFC West.

Big - Seattle did what i feel most teams don't, take the best player available, with still playing respect to need. Sure, they could have made a bigger splash with Bryant, or JPP, but they looked at their team, said "Man we really need secondary help and o-line help" and they got the best OT, and 2nd best Safety/3rd best Corner in the draft. Well played.

15) New York Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul, DE. Brown - Why do I like this pick? Because Pierre-Paul is going to suck! They wanted McCLain, but Oakland stole him. I don't think NY had a good backup plan, so they went with a Kiper selection. This makes me happy because he'll be a Giant bust (pun intended).

Big - I like this pick more than Brown, but not by much. I'm glad they picked him as a cowboy fan because he has tremendous bust potential, but his physical tools are massive. He could very well be the next Osi, or the next Mamula.

16) Tennessee - Derrick Morgan, DE. Brown - Lots of defensive linemen in the top 20. Morgan is going to be a solid rock of a pass rusher for a defense that doesn't have Haynesworth, Vandenbosch or an alive Kearse. It was a rebuildin move for a porous defense.

Big - 2nd or 3rd favorite pick in the first round. Morgan is a guy who should have been taken in the top 12, as he is the best pure DE in the draft, and most ready to play right now, and he fell to 16, to a team that is in desperate need of a DE. Coach Fisher does the draft right almost always, and this should be no different.

17) San Francisco - Mike Iupati, OG. Brown - The guy I REALLY wanted Dallas to leap up to get. San Francisco is going to have a really solid line in a couple of years. Staley, Davis, Iupati. Young, solid and hungry. The 49ers made a statement that the guts of football is where they were focused. Good stuff.

Big - I bet San Fran really wanted Spiller to fall to them with their first pick, then take best available O-line guy here, when Spiller got snatched up at 9, they went with the best OT left, a smart pick, and then here at 17 to find Iupati still on the board is just to tempting to pass on. I feel they would have liked Earl Thomas here, but he was picked a few picks ago. Frank Gore should be the happiest guy in the world right now, he has one hell of an O-Line.

18) Pittsburgh - Maurkice Pouncey, C. Brown - This was an obvious pick. Pittsburgh needed OL help, specifically at Center, but Poucney can play any of the 3 spots. Better question, can he keep Little Ben away from the bitches?

Big - Pouncey is the guy I though would fall to Dallas a few weeks ago, then he started raising, fast. A center taken in the top 20 is abnormal, but this guy can really play, and Pitt needs somebody to protect their non-rapeing QB when he comes back from suspension for NOT RAPEING ANYBODY.

19) Atlanta - Sean Witherspoon, OLB. Brown - A good pick for Atlanta who needs defensive help. He'll start as a 3rd down rusher, but evolve into a three down starter. Smart and safe pick, can't go wrong with that.

Big - Atlanta needed to go BPA defense, and they did with this guy. Solid pick, smart player, like brown said, can't go wrong with that.

20) Houston - Kareem Jackson, CB. Brown - Another obvious pick to go with CB, but shocking they didn't go for Kyle Wilson. Houston lost Dunta Robinson to free agency, and in their division they have to have coverage people. Jackson is a pure cover corner, which is nice, but I think Wilson would have been better as he can be an island, whereas Jackson will need some over-the-top safety help. Jackson's a chaser corner using his speed.

Big - Right possions, wrong player. Jackson is a 2nd round guy. He is one of those guys that was underrated for so long he became overrated. A lot like a guy who Houston just got rid of, Dunta Robinson.

21) Cincinatti - Jermaine Gresham, TE. Brown - Not a run blocker. Already had ACL surgery. Had a good combine. Good pick? Not really. They'll try and use him like Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis and send him downfield to open up Palmer and the vertical passing game.

Big - I Like the pick. They needed a TE, and Gresham is the second coming of at least Kellen Winslow, but less of a blocker. Be interesting to see how this guy goes from not playing last year to starting in the NFL.

22) Denver - Demaryius Thomas, WR. Brown - I didn't like this pick for Denver. When they kept trading down, I thought it was really smart for McDaniels to use his high picks on Wilson or Kindle and begin to rebuild a shoddy defense that has to deal in the AFC. Yes, they lost Marshall via trade, but this draft is very deep in WR, and they could have used early picks on defense and late picks on stocking the offense....if only we knew what they were planning.

Big - Denver going defense would have been my guess too, with them taking a WR like Thomas in the 2nd, because as i was told by Dever fans, McDaniels' offense is best used with guy who has very little star power, (Marshall, Sheftler, Hillis were all too talented to play in his system). I don't know how it works, but i'm told it does. (it won't, they won't win 5 games next year).

23) Green Bay - Bryan Bulaga, OT. Brown - Anyone suprised by this? Bulaga at 23 is a great pick. Bulaga at 11 would've been a disaster. Aaron Rodgers is thankful for this move.

Big - Green Bay is the lucky one here. Bulaga has top 10 talent, yet 2nd round body, so 23 is perfect for him. Now he if he has to move to RT or Gaurd, its not that bad because you anrn't paying him top 10 money.

24) Dallas - Dez Bryant, WR. Brown - The more I think about it, the more that I like it. It cost them their 3rd round pick, but they did get a 4th round in return. It speaks volumes to Jerry's mea culpa on Roy Williams, and now it gives Tony Romo two aggressive, pass catching game changers in Miles and Dez (great names in a receiving tandem). Not to mention that this fills the void at punt returning. A great pick, with a low cost. Perfect.

Big - At first I was like, Meh, then like brown the more and more I though about it, the more and more I liked it. Austin, Bryant, Witten, Jones, Romo. That is the most explosive offense in the league. If we don't score 25 points a game, I'm finding Jason Garret and snookie punching him (yea we still say snookie punch).

25) Denver - Tim Tebow, ??. Brown - Yeah, find me one person who didn't say "What the fuck?" at this one. Pat Bowlen drafted Tim Tebow to preach to Brady Quinn to stop being one of the gays.

Big - Biggest reach of the first round, but you knew somebody would do it. I didn't think it would be denver, but what ever. Don't expect to see him be the everydown QB for a few years, but he will probalby play the same role he did when he was a freshmen at Florida and Chirs Leak was the everydown QB. He will get time in certain spots.

26) Arizona - Dan Williams, DT. Brown - I'm a little surprised Williams fell this far given the amount of 3-4 defenses being run. Williams is the only solid, pure nose tackle in the draft, and he's going to be an immediate starter and anchor for an Arizona team that will need to play defense given the losses of Warner and Boldin on defense.

Big - Arizona did very well here. Dan Williams was talked about going as high as 8, for the same reason he fell, he is a NT in a 34 deffense. Arizona needed that, and they got it. Good job.

27) New England - Devin McCourty, CB. Brown - I think this was a special teams move for NE. They traded down and stockpiled (surprise), and he'll most likely step in on nickel and dime situations.

Big - Perfect New England pick. They traded down, get some extra picks, take a guy who is falling a bit and has great talent for where you pick him.

28) Miami - Jared Odrick, DT. Brown - Jason Taylor's gone, and Jason Ferguson is old. Parcells knows defense, and Odrick is going to be a great 3-4 end. He can handle the double team and open the holes for the outside rusher.

Big - I bet Miami was really hopeing that Williams fell just a few more picks, because if he did, and they got the guy they would have taken at 12, all the way at 28, that would have been one of the best moves in the first round ever. It didn't happen, but they did get Odrick, a perfect 34 DE. I'm surprised they didn't go rush LB, with Kindle, Hughes, and the like on the board, I guess they are looking at Miso or Bowman in the 2nd.

29) New York Jets - Kyle Wilson, CB. Brown - I guess it plays to the "cant have too many corners" rule. Wilson was the 2nd best corner in the draft, and he'll be in a unique position to not have to contribute from day one. New York has Revis and Cromartie. Wilson has the opportunity to learn the position and speed behind these guys and play in nickel situations. That or Cromartie will switch to saftey and Revis and Wilson will patrol the sidelines.

Big - Best CB in the draft on many boards, Jets are gonna be nasty next year.

30) Detroit - Jahvid Best, RB. Brown - Fantastic pick. Detroit needs a running game, and they got an explosive and quick runner in Best. Detroit has a nice little trio of Stafford, Megatron and now Best. I'm not saying Detroit is a contender, but I don't think they're a joke anymore.

Big - It surprised me when I though about how poor the Lions drafted under Mat Millin just few years ago, and the past few drafts they have really done a good job. Staford, Best/Smith, Johnson is a great troica. Now if they can get 0-line help, they might just be good next year.

31) Indianapolis - Jerry Hughes, OLB. Brown - Again, smart and safe pick. The Colts don't have an outside pass rush, we saw that in the Super Bowl. Jerry Hughes is going to immediately contribute to the Colts defense and you'll see him blowing up Shaub, Young and Garrard all season long.

Big - I don't like Hughes as a DE which is what i think Indy has him pegged as. I was excited to see him as a rush LB in a 34, but as a DE, he is a little undersized. Now he will get a chance to learn under Freeny and Mathis, but i don't care for this pick at all.

32) New Orleans - Patrick Robinson, CB. Brown - Given the age of New Orleans and the "we're the champs, we've got a target" philosophy. This was a solid pick to shore up a defense that was literally signing corners off the street towards the end of last season.

Big - Solid pick. They needed LB's and CB's in this draft, Robinson is the BPA at corner, although he is a bit of a reach. He has great potential, just not a great head.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At look at the numbers

The Pigskin Doctors have posted the top 15 sold NFL Jerseys . I always find this interesting, so lets take a look.

Yea, So he's number one, (pic has very little to do with post, thought it was funny though)

15. DeSean Jackson, Eagles
14. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
13. Mark Sanchez, Jets
12. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
11. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
10. Reggie Bush, Saints
9. Jason Witten, Cowboys
8. Eli Manning, Giants
7. Tom Brady, Patriots
6. Tony Romo, Cowboys
5. Adrian Peterson, Vikings
4. Troy Polamalu, Steelers
3. Peyton Manning, Colts
2. Drew Brees, Saints
1. Brett Favre, Vikings

Nothing real surprising here, but lets take a look at the numbers, just for shits and giggles.

Breakdown by possessions.
QB - 9
RB - 2
WR - 2
TE - 1
S - 1

Offense - 14
Defense - 1

4 teams with multi players - Cowboys, Vikings, Saints, Steelers

AFC - 5
NFC - 10

Local in general

North - 9
South - 4
West - 1
Mid - 1

Teams from last years Final 4 - 6

Teams from last 2 years Superbowl participants - 6

White - 10
Black - 4
Tongan - 1

In summary, I would like to point out that northern white guys love jerseys. So do winners and Cowboy fans.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes you just have to stand up and salute a good writer.

The headline caught me...

"If you use FourSquare, you are an annoying jackass"

Be still, my beating heart.

Then the opening lede...

"The mobile phone fad Foursquare is about to hit 1 million users. But while early adopters have signed on to play their little games, it's just another narcissistic assault on decent society by urban-dwelling iPhone users."

Could it be?

"Now people have started linking Foursquare to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, so some people's Twitter feeds read like an itinerary. "Joe is at Taco Bell." "Joe is at Wal-Mart." "Joe is at Tian'an Men Massage Parlor." Shut the fuck up, Joe. We don't care where you are! And if we did, we would text or call or email and say "Where are you?" Is that so hard? Even worse is if you're with Joe on a night out, and he's too preoccupied with earning his badges and seeing where everyone else is to actually talk to you. Hey, Joe. We're right fucking here trying to have fun in real life. Stop ignoring your friends, put down your iPhone, and try to engage with the real world like an actual person instead of some virtual game like some sort of limp World of Warcraft avatar."

...From sea to shining sea....

He wasn't charged for sexual assault... I wonder what Large Benjamin was really thinking during his apology...

"All young white women are cock teases who want my money, I'm asking Hines for some oriental tang"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is what the internet was made for

so whom ever made this can share it with the world.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The night a non-hockey fan almost cried at a hockey game (now with video!)

I'm not a big time hockey fan. I know the rules. I follow the Stars at arms length. I like to attend games and enjoy being there, but I'm not parked on my couch watching Stars hockey. That being the case, I know who Mike Modano and Jere Lehtinen are. No slight to Jere Lehtinen, who's a Dallas icon on the level of Too Tall Jones, but this is going to be focused on Mike Modano.

Modano is synonymous with Dallas hockey. You could say that he's the guy more responsible than anyone else for bringing hockey to the city and making it something that a football crazy town watched and followed. Most points by an American born player. One Stanley Cup. Willa Ford as a wife. Icon status in the city. Never seemed above anyone, damn near seemed like a guy you might just as well grab a beer with.

Modano has been with the same franchise in the NHL for 21 years. That's unheard of in today's day and age. It's a well known fact, this was Modano's last game in a Stars sweater at the AAC. I hope that Modano realized what he means to the city and even the most casual of fans. I'd like to think there was a moment where it dawned on him last night.

See, in the 3rd period, with about 5 minutes left, there was a TV timeout after a Turco stop. During the timeout, the AAC video board showed a close up on Modano. The entire arena erupted in cheers. Everyone stood up, the applause and cheer didn't stop or wane. Modano sat there, seemingly unaffected, as he was resting from a line change. As the cheers continued, Modano bent down to what appeared to simply be adjusting or re-tying his skate, and when he came up, his whole face was drenched in tears and his eyes were red. It was that point, the entire Dallas and Anaheim benches stood up and started banging their sticks on the glass. The crowd got even louder, and even the most casual of fan in the arena was screaming their head off or in tears themselves. I got choked up, I know that much. I was sitting next to a long time season ticket holder, a big, burly good ol' boy, and he was bawling like a 10 year old.

Modano went on to score the tying goal and leading the charge in the shootout for one of the most emotional games in Stars history. At the end of the game, the Stars bench left the ice, and Modano skated out to mid-ice for one last curtain call to a still full arena. He was teary eyed and simply held up his hand and mouthed "thank you" to the fans.

For a sport that's fourth place in a city that tends to turn on athletes at the drop of a hat, Mike Modano has always held a special place in Dallas's fandom. We've adopted him as our own, and he'll join the echelon of ambassadorship and iconic figure for hockey as Roger is for the Cowboys, Nolan is for the Rangers and Dirk will be for the Mavericks.

Modano took the time to acknolwedge the fans and thank them/us for our unabashed support for him. I say thank you, Mike Modano, for letting fans be fans and for reminding us that sports are an escape, a passion and sometimes a hyperbolic fairy tale that let's adults feel like kids again.

Here's some video (via Puck Daddy at Yahoo! Sports Blogs)...though it really doesn't do the justice of what it really felt like

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why I hate social networking...

I've mentioned several times that I think sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Foursquare, etc. are the collective bane of my existence. For the record, I do own a Facebook account and co-manage our Twitter account, but I'm also keenly aware of the simple fact that my hypocrisy knows no bounds (in fact, wait till I call other people out on it!) Thing is, people ask my why my eyeballs tend to view my brain everytime I hear the words "Tweet" or "Check In" or "Sunday Funday". Given that, I'm going to try and break it down into 5 quick points.

1) "I'm eating a sandwich!! ZOMG!! It's totally yummy! LOL!" #funny4u #kthxbye

Read that sentence. Just read that fucking sentence one more time. Are you kidding me? "ZOMG", "LOL"? Who the fuck doesn't have a keyboard anymore on any god damn device the use? Type the god damned thing out. That's not even mentioning the "look at me" types who feel the need to let me know they're eating an, apparently, yummy sandwich. And what the fuck do you want me to do with the number sign and a few letters? Are you typing out your password? I don't understand, let alone give a shit about your hashtag. No one gives a damn about your life but you and your mother. And she'll be dead soon. You sad, lonely fuck.

2) Hypocrisy and Perceived Piety...seriously.

You're aware that you've got pictures of yourself doing a gravity bong and lining up whiskey shots to do off of your fat friend's back, right? You're aware that you've had a stripper grind her nethers into your nose so far that you were able to smell her womb, right? Let's tap the break on posting how much you love God and everything do you is for the capitalized "Him". I'm also pretty sure you don't say your prayers every night, and screaming "Oh God!1!!" as you cum on your kleenex covered plam doesn't quite count. You've been too hungover to go to church since you were 10. I'm not saying don't be religious. I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourself and believe in a higher power. I am saying that I know you, you know you, and we know you. Let your social network abide by the separation of church and state. That's Tim from accounting running It's the internet, stop taking it so seriously.

3) Your friends, family, and colleagues

Damn near everyone's got a Facebook account. That includes your family, younger and older, and the people you work with. They're friends with you and so are your friends. If, when nearing the age of 30, you're still living in fear of a picture of your dumb ass running naked through a party from last weekend while wearing an empty Miller Lite case on your head as a helmet, I've got 2 suggestions. A) Don't get drunk and run naked through a party where everyone has cameras (though the case helmet is good improvisational protection). and B) Carry 2 pages, one for friends and one for family and colleagues. It's that simple. Don't send a massive text on Sunday morning begging people not to tag you in pictures, and don't get mad if your friend posts a fucked up joke on your wall because that's how you two communicate. I don't say that from a higher moral ground, I say it because everyone I know that can see my account is well aware that I'm a complete and total idiot.

4) "But, I'm friends with everyone I meet!"

No, you aren't. You don't have 600 friends. You may have casually run into that ayn people, but you need to face the truth. Just because someone is a friend of your friend, that doesn't make them your god damn friend. Your friends don't even like you that much, you think someone who barely knows you does? Just because you meet someone at a bar or hear their name come up in a conversation doesn't mean you have to get on your phone and find them on a social networking site and be their friend. Do you have any idea how fucking creepy that is? What the hell is the point of becoming friends immediately? It isn't like you're sharing witicisms regularly. You aren't planning events. Just slow your roll, if you're relevant, you'll remember them and they'll remember you.

5) Join my group! Be my fan! Join the cause!

I don't want to fucking join your group, be your fan or join a cause. If I gave half a shit about saving the dolphins in some remote village in Japan, than I might become a fan of joining the group that support the cause. I didn't on purpose. So don't fucking suggest to me that I should. I promise you, you totally joining the group to make sure that "Texas has more fans than any other state" is neither fun, appealing, interesting or important. To anyone. Including you. Stop it.

The ultimate counter-argument: "If you don't like it, don't use it"

I honestly can't argue with this point. It's like saying you're going to rehab. Ultimate force field. I could liken it to cell phones and say that in today's day and age it is damn near impossible to function without some kind of social networking, but you wouldn't believe me. I could say that it is, in some cases, the only way to directly communicate with long distance friends and family, but you'd argue that e-mail could accomplish that. I could say that these sites appear to be the only way to know what events are happening when, but, again, you could counter with e-mail accomplishing the same task. My argument is simple. I use these sites to easily share pictures, my own random thoughts, and to get information from others on upcoming events. Coloring outside of those lines is white noise to me, and that has drawn to a fever pitch of static and death metal kick drums.

Big and Sherpa Drafting all up in yo Face!

I can't think of a better way to ease back into this whole blogging thing than asking a friend of ours, and guest columnist, The Sherpa of Camping, to help me out with one of my favorite things to do this time of year: Mock Draft!

Over the past week or so, me and sherp have been Emailing back and forth, taking turns drafting for the NFL teams we love to watch. He got the Odd numbers, I got the Even, and we both took a stab at the cowboys. Enjoy one of the more sports intensive things we do.

1. St. Louis Rams - QB Sam Bradford, OU. (Sherp)

Going against my earlier prediction Bradford has risen above fellow QB Clausen all though by a slim margin. Bradford's workout answered any questions teams had about his shoulder health thus springboarding him atop the list.

As a prospect he's been compared to Peyton Manning in accuracy and field IQ by some scouts; if that's close to true he becomes the next great Pro Bowl QB for whom ever drafts him. His arm is decent and better than average but far from elite so he isn't for everyone. The fact that he played in a spread shotgun formation in college also concerns some teams in that he's never even taken a snap from center not to mention make pro style reads.
What's very interesting to read about now are all the trade rumors regarding Bradford and the Rams, (I predicted they'd trade down but not like this). One interesting scenerio is involving the Redskins. They are very interested in Bradford which is humorous considering his Cherokee Indian ancestry. The Rams could draft Bradford and then depending on who's available when Washington is on the clock could pull a San Diego with Eli trade. I'd think that the Rams would take Campbell plus a Ditka/Saints draft for Ricky type thing for Bradford... esp with Clausen available at 4.

Big - I like the pick of Bradford for the Rams. The way they have acted in the off season almost guarantees that they take a QB early in this draft. If not here, then pick one of the second round. As for the trade talks, if anybody is really into Bradford, i think the rams need to listen. They have a lot of holes, and if somebody really wants to jump up to get Bradford, or even Suh (i'm looking at you Tampa Bay), then in my opinion, they should take it. Now on to the lowly lions.

2. Detroit Lions - DT Ndamukong Suh Neb (Big)

Suh is the best player in the draft. He showed it on the field last year, he didn't disappoint in pro days, this kid is good. As most teams at the top of the draft the Lions have lots and lots of holes, and one big one is at left tackle, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Okung here, but you can't pass on a player like Suh. He is too good. This guy could be A Bruce Smith or Reggie White type of D linemen, and those don't come along every year. The Lions need playmakers, and Suh is one hell of playmaker. They will also be able to move he along slowly, because they gave up a 5th round pick to Cleveland for Corey William.

(sherp) I agree with Big on this... Suh to Det is a steal! He is the #1 player in this draft and would be in the top 5 in any draft the last 5 years I feel. He is a monster on the field and not only displays the size, strength, and athleticism to be great; but he also shows great technique and hand placement to succeed on the next level. I've seen where many people are enamored with fellow DT McCoy but he's more of a penetrating 3 tech that uses quickness to slip gaps. In Det's scheme Suh fits better with his ability to engage OL protecting LB's, and then separate to make plays. Last parting shot for all the OT people asking for Okung; with the OL depth this year why would you pass on Reggie White for Flozell Adams?

#3 Tampa Bay (Sherp)- DT Gerald McCoy

With several holes to fill with the exception of possibly OL the Buccaneers get to select the 2nd best DL and top 5 overall player. TB was pathetic on the DL last season and McCoy could cure much of that for them. At OU he displayed freakish athletic ability and was a big time playmaker. He is a bit one dimensional and undersized so he isn't for everyone; fortunately TB incorporates a one gap philosophy on D so he's a no brainer here for them. With the new Sapp on board their defensive retooling is ahead of schedule and New Orleans should take notice that a new Saint killer is lacing up.

(Big)Tamp would love nothing more than to have either Suh or McCoy fall to them. Their defense that was so strong just a few years ago is in need of a retooling of sorts, and this pick is a fantastic add for them. The old adage of you build a team from the trenches is in play at this pick, and they could even go Okung if they don’t have faith in Donald Penn.

#4 Washington Redskins (Big)- Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma St. (McNabb trade when down after we picked this pick, but before we finished the mock)

Here is where things can really get interesting. For the longest time I have debated on whether or not the Skins take a QB here. They got a new coach, Mike Shannahan, who is an offensive guy who likes his QB’s, but I really think that he will give Jason Campbell one more shot to prove himself(edit: or trade a 2nd for an aging QB). Campbell was sacked 81 times over the past 2 years, yet he as steadily improved in the stat column, including completion percentage. The idea here is if you have a franchise LT, your QB will have more time to make good throws. Okung is my pick, with Campbell as the starter, and if he sucks again this year, Jake Locker will be their QB in 2011(Edit: or McNabb).

Sherp - The Washington pick makes sense but I still don't like it. LT vs QB is a chicken vs egg argument. Personally I feel that you ALWAYS grab a franchise QB when he's available since you never know when you'll get a shot at one again. I bet St Louis wishes they had Ryan, Flacco or Sanchez; or Cleveland would like a re-do on Sanchez. In this case I feel that Clausen is a franchise QB and I feel is in the same class as Sanchez and Ryan. He has a strong arm, good accuracy and poise, showed he was a gamer and playmaker for an undermanned Notre Dame team, and he's been trained in a pro offense by a former NFL offensive co-ordinator. That said, if the Redskins think the egg comes first then Okung is a great pick.

#5 Kansas City (Sherp)- Trade Down. or if not then S Eric Berry

What a crappy position the Chiefs are in. They need to revamp a shotty D as well as a pathetic OL and while they can do so here the value of the players doesn't exactly equal the money paid at #5. They would waste all of 2 seconds handing in the card for Okung but the Redskins screwed them outta that honor. The next best OL each have warts of consideration for a #5 pick; Baluga has 33 inch arms and for a LT that's like playing in the NBA under 6'0, Williams isn't much better at 6'4 with 34" arms and a poor attitude and work ethic. So turning their attention to Defense they decide to overpay a top notch player at a fringe position. Berry is a phenomenal athlete and playmaker who should start from day one. He's a next coming of Ed Reed and a few big picks later will quiet the rumblings from the detractors saying #5 is too high for a Safety.

(Big). Berry to KC is the best they can do there, unless they really like a player such Bulagra, JPP, Davis, or even Dez Bryant. The only real problem people seem to have with berry is that teams don't normally draft a Safety this high. I say if the kid can play, and Eric Berry most def can, than you take him. He could be Ed freakin' Reed part 2. And now we go on to the Seahawks, who have 2 picks early in this draft.

#6 Seatle Seahawks. Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa (big)

The Seahawks have picks 6 and 14 in the first round, a new coach, and lots of holes to fill if they want to be contenders in the near future. Walter Jones, the outstanding left tackle over the past decade is gone via retirement, so they take the big guy from Iowa. They already have their QB of the future (or so they hope) in Charlie Whitehurst, so Clausen is out, and there is no guarantee that another of the big OT will be available when they pick again. Bulaga is my pick for them.

Sherp - poor whitehurst, he better not be brittle since it looks like Hasselhoff (norm impersonation there) will be K.I.A soon. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bulaga... he's a good quality player with good size and athleticism, good playing temperament, nice technique. He just has one glaring flaw; his arm length is only 33 inches which at LT is a huge disadvantage. I know it sounds nit-picky but it's true. I feel that Bulaga would make a good RT, a pro bowl caliber LG, but an average to decent LT that teams will always be looking to upgrade. Overall he compares to Lions LT Jeff Backus whom also suffers from a short reach. At some point 2 or 3 years from now Sea will be looking for a LT again all the while paying a gaurd or RT #6 money. If Berry were still here he'd be a lock, but as is, I see Sea shoring up very poor DE play by grabbing Derrick Morgan. They could always grab WR Bryant here but he should still be available later.

#7 Cleveland (Sherp) - QB Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame

frost the mugs, grab the pretzels, and get ready to start sipping the hater-ade... folks do not like this guy. Once the Todd McDouche's get on the air with this pick Cle may move to Baltimore once again just to escape the Dawg Pound. All that said, I'll go out on a limb and say that QB is still a need even with Delhome. Clausen is a blue chip athlete with great accuracy and a good arm. He's proven to be a gamer who yearns to win and enjoys the game; he's also proven to be durable behind a poor OL and searing media spotlight. He's also very pro ready after being groomed by Weis at ND, good to know given that the over under on Delhome getting yanked is week 5. One parting thought here... the knock on Jimmy is that he's cocky, a punk some say; well whether it's the Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, Brett Favre good kind of rock star, or the Rex Grossman, Jeff George, Ryan Leaf bad kind... the Hall of Fame is in Cleveland.

Big - I love the pick of Clausen to the Browns. Doucher or no, the kid can play, and the idea that he may not be a leader seems farfetched to me. Last year when playing for a porous ND, he played his best ball in the fourth quarter, which is when the winners play. I'm not saying he is the next coming of Joe Montana, but as a whole, I like him more than Bradford, and to get him at 7, is a steal.

8. Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

Oakland needs a LT, Al Davis loves combine guys, Bruce Campbell preformed extremely well at the combine, This pick makes too much since. The thing about the Raiders is you never really know with them, and with the Corpse that still walks in Al Davis. Campbell should be taken about 10-20 picks latter, but he fits just about everything we THINK we know about the Raiders, who always seems to shock. IF they really want to shock, they should take McClain or perhaps even Davis from Rutgers, a "safer" tackle pick.

Sherp - this pick makes too much sense... I forsee Davis drafting the best Long Snapper to help his multi zillion dollar investment in his kicker and his punter. Campbell is by far the combine gold medalist, and while his film doesn't have him this high, his measurable even intrigue me compared to the rest of his peers after Okung. If he can be coached up 3 years from now he'll be the next Walter Jones; if not he'll be next in a long line of "retired on an island bought with Al Davis's wasted bonus money.

#9 Buffalo T Trent Williams

Fearful that Davis would grab the safer pick with upside? Not the Bills, they knew he'd get all starry eyed with combine results. Luckily for them they get "arguably" the 2nd best LT prospect to shore up their pop warner-esq OL. Williams was a dominant RT 2 years ago and an adequate LT this past fall, but he has the talent and potential to develop and become good there with Buffalo. Worse case scenario if he doesn't pan out he could always move to G or C after having some experience there. With multiple needs on the Bills OL they can take a chance on an upside prospect that has a contingency plan built in.

Big - Trent Williams is one of the guys that I have seen going everywhere from top 10 to second round. Buffalo is good to pick a guy like him with as many problems as they have. Half of me however expects that Chan Gailey will try and get a defensive player in this draft, and the best thing a 3-4 defense can have in a stud OLB/DE. I really like the freak JPP here, but you can never really go wrong with a guy like Williams.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State

Jacksonville has many holes, but none bigger than fan apathy. Whats the best way to put people in the seats? Draft a skill player real high. Yes, they could use a DE, and yes they could draft Tebow, but he can be had later (i think). SO if you can somehow get Tebow by trading up, what a better way to sell tickets to your fans than saying "we got Tim Tebow, we got the best WR Dez Bryant, come buy a ticket!"

Sherp - I hate to admit it but I have to agree with Bigs logic a lot. I had Bryant and possibly JPP (whom I'm not a fan of) as the sexy pick for JV while shoring up a weak secondary was their biggest and most pressing need, (they do have to play Indy and Hou twice a year).

11 Den - LB Rolando McClain

with several holes for this team to fill, basically the top rated guy at this point would help. I'm very tempted to add CB Haden here, but there are several 2nd and 3rd round players vs maybe 1 or 2 ILB avail for 3-4 teams. McClain is a bon-a-fide stud at the position and is the most pro ready player at his position to come along since Willis for SF. McClain would bring a presence and identity to the Broncos D. Sure fire winner.

Big – McDaniel’s is a defensive guy, and he has already shored up the D-Line, their biggest need coming into this year, so a guy like McClain, is perfect for them, even more so since Bryant is off the board.

12. Miami Dolphins - Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida

Joey Porter is gone, Jason Taylor is old, and the 3-4 which Miami runs is in need of someone who can really put some pressure on the QB. JPP is a 6-6 260lbs freak that can they could mold into the pass rusher they really need. This was the hardest pick for me thus far, the dolphins don't really have need for the talent that is available here, thus a trade down and picking up somebody like Kindle and then another WR might be the way they go if the draft works out this way. They could also go corner here since Joe Haden is still on the board.

Sherp - I knew big would go there and while he's got some merit behind it... I'd personally opt for NT Dan Williams. 3-4 NT are harder to find than a sober sorority girl on spring break, while DE/OLB are all over the 2nd and 3rd round, many even later.

All that said I personally am not sold on JPP in that he's only had one year College exp (juco first 2) and it was at a mid major at that... plus he had little production for someone so talented. If one's looking past that and envisioning what is "possible" with his entire phenomenal God given athletic ability, then this pick is a steal. He has the tools to be the next D Ware... or V Gholston.

SF - CB Joe Haden

on tape he grades out as a top 10 talent but a poor combine (later corrected in pro day) dropped him. Instead of going to the athletes combine processing factories that so many others do, Haden opted to work out with his dad costing him millions in the process. His loss is SF's gain in that he's the top CB available and it is a top need for them.

Big - Joe Haden, probably the best CB in the draft, fell all the way to 13? Not bad at all. While Corner may not be their biggest need, the best part of having 2 first round picks is that you can take somebody who is falling and still have a pick that you can use to fill a need later.

14 Seattle Seahawks. Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech

Much like San Fran, they hawks have a 2 picks, and have already addressed a need at OT with Bulaga, they can take the BPA type here, as well as fill another hole on their d line with the end from Georgia Tech. Morgan is probably the best 4-3 defensive end in the draft, and will help out with Pete Carols move to Seattle, let us not forget, Carol is a defensive guy, always has been.

Sherp - love the Morgan pick as I had him in the top 8, esp since I felt Sea would grab him at 6. Even the ever tempting FS Thomas (Sea has 1 or 2 safeties on the roster) would be an option, but there are a lot more S in 2nd and 3rd then there are stud DE's

#15 NY-Giants DT Dan Williams

Damn the luck, Morgan goes one spot in front of them. Honestly I could see them moving up in front of Sea to either Mia or SF spots to go get him. But as is they take another sliding player in Williams whom I had going to Mia. (So a trade down here would net them a player they covet and another pick... hmm). Williams is a solid big bodied DT that would shore up a need spot for the g men. Next up, a MLB.

Big - There is no doubt that what made the gmen so great just a few short years ago was having the best d-line in all of football. Trying to get back to that makes perfect since for them.

16 Tennessee Titans - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St.

Here is another team that saw Morgan slipping and should really think about jumping up and giving up a pick or two to get him. They are in desperate need of help on the Defensive line, but with what’s here right now, and the fact that they need a corner to start from jump street, the high rising Kyle Wilson from Boise is my pick for them. It seems every day the stock of Wilson rises up, and what was thought of as a 2nd rounder just a few short weeks ago, is now a legit middle first guy. Some even have Wilson rated over Harden. The Titans still need some DE to rush the passer, but they may not need a number one corner for awhile after this pick.

Sherp - like this pick. Ten needs a DE, a CB, and did I mention a DE? Unfortunately for them at this pick it's either Griffen from USC who is an underachiever but is super talented, or the super talented but way super underachieving Dunlop from Florida. If they select either they are likely to be drafting a DE again this time next year so CB would be best and either Wilson or McCourty (who’s twin Jason was drafted by Ten last year) are the next best. An intriguing selection for them may be LB Kindle who played DE and LB. He'd stay at LB in the Ten 4-3 but as a SLB who can blitz or cover TE's on 1st and 2nd down, and then line up at DE on 3rd down situations.

#17 SF - T Anthony Davis

With a big need at RT the 49ers hit gold and get the last of the surefire 1st round LT prospects. He has great size and tremendous ability which have several teams feeling he can play LT. His down side is that he doesn't play to his potential and has some immaturity and accountability issues. All said, to get a top 15 talent who can become a top LT someday while being a very good RT in the mean time, is a steal for SF.

Big - so the 49ers get the best corner in the draft (Haden), and one of the first round grade LT's? That’s not a bad draft at all. I'm sure some Niner fans will be disappointed that the pick wasn't the flashy running back CJ Spiller to be the lightning to Frank Gore's Thunder, but with as deep as this draft is at RB, a burner can probably be had later in the draft. Davis isn't my favorite tackle, but he does have potential to be a nice LT in this league.

18 Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho

I toyed with Earl Thomas the FS from Texas here, but if there is anything that I remember from last year, it’s that the Steelers did two things different last year than their championship past, 1 they passed a lot, whether due to lack of a running game, or emergence of a passing threat, and that when they passed a lot, Rothlisberger got hit. A Lot. So as much as I would love for this guy to slip, Iupati is the best O-Linemen on the draft board, and if you play him at guard, he can be the malling, nasty runblocker that this team needs.

Sherp - love this pick... Steelers have been playing with an adequate at best OL for a couple of years now and it has affected their running game and big Bens backside. Even with holes in their secondary Pit goes the smart route knowing the quality of DB's later is better than the depth at OL. It's pretty much either Iutupi who is the best G by far and even can play T, or Pouncy who is the best C in some time and can play G also. In the end Iutupi is rated higher and has more promise.

19 Atlanta - RB CJ Spiller

A flashy sexy pick that I feel makes the most sense for them. I know their defense is full of holes but I highly doubt who ever they pick at 19 will single handedly beat NO for them. On the other hand though... Spiller can be the game breaker they lack on offense and would be the dynamic player to put them over the top in their division on a good day. Spiller will never be a bell cow type, but Atlanta has that already. What Spiller will be is a change of pace home run threat who can also kill people in the passing and return game. I see the falcons using him in a Reggie Bush, Felix Jones, Percy Harvin kinda way. Finaly, for those screaming for D; would Atl fans rather lose to NO 33-31, or win 41-37?

Big - For me, the Spiller to ATL pick is something that makes since, but with no second round pick, and like you said, plenty of defensive holes, as strong as you offense would be with spiller, your defense would be just slightly upgraded with a 3rd and 4th rounder and Dunta Robinson. They need help getting to the passer, and with guys like DE Everson Griffen, DE Carlos Dunlap, and what would be my pick, Sergio Kindle, a guy who can play both OLB on 1st and 2nd and DE on third down, rushing the passer and helping from multi possessions.

20 Houston Texans - Earl Thomas FS Texas

the Texans need help in their secondary, as well as a guy to help spell Steve Slaton, who had one hell of sophomore slump, but RB's can be had later, and corner depth is good, but not worth the pick yet, unless they really like the Kid from Rutgers, so they take the best FS in the draft not named Berry, and a guy who at pick 20 is a very nice value. Thomas is a ball hawk, and can even play corner some if need be for the Texans, who lost underachieving, yet very talented CB Dunta Robinson.

Sherp - This pick makes a ton of sense; the Texans have been looking for a playmaking safety since they came into existence. And like big said, he rates higher than any of the CB options out there.

21 WKRP (another Norm moment) – LB Sergio Kindel.

The Bengals are in a pickle here with this pick, I've struggled with it for some time now. I've seen where most people have S Mayes going here to replace R. Williams, but that would be trading one hard hitting over sized S that can't cover for another hard hitting oversized S that can't cover. I've also seen where the OU TE is popular here, but he's more of a luxury pick I feel since he offers nothing in the blocking department. I know with late season injuries to DE Odom and DT Peko that DL has to be on the Bengals radar. The only problem is that you're looking at underachieving DE Griffen and Dunlop, or the DT Price who scouts have anywhere from 16 to 50. As much as Cincinnati loves the problem underachiever (Dunlop anyone?) I feel that they build off of last years success and go with...

LB Sergio Kindel. he will play SLB on 1st n 2nd and then kick down on 3rd.

Big - I agree the Bengals are in a tough spot here, but it would be a shame if Sergio Kindle, who has to be the best pure 3-4 olb speed rusher doesn’t go to a 3-4 team. Me personally, i go Dunlap.

22 New England Pats - Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan

Graham was another guy who at the senior bowl and combine, he really helped himself. He played DE at Mich, and was just sick with rushing the passer. His 6-2 260 frame with a 4.6 40 means he will play OLB in a 34 type defense. New England really needs a rush type player to help them get after the QB, as they only had 31 sacks all of last year.

Sherp - if he's 6'2 he grew an inch. At the combine he measured in 6'1 and 3/8. That said, he should convert to a 3-4 OLB deluxe. I have Pitt, NE, and Arz all interested in his talent and playmaking ability. In fact I almost had him going to Cin as a DE. I agree with Big in that Kindle will be a pro-bowl 3-4 OLB but it's not the Bengals fault that he's the only DE/LB who can actually play a more traditional SLB role, can't fault them for taking the highest rated player who slid to them. As far as NE goes they need both LB and DE so in a close race between Graham and Odrick either could go there. Odrick is a beast at the 5 tech but Graham would make a bigger impact so he gets the nod. Besides, with like 10 of the 32 2nds NE can find their DE.

23 Green Bay - T Charles Brown

In a controversial pick, the Packers elect to protect their franchise. Last year Rodgers got destroyed behind the GB line. Brown is a converted TE for USC who played dominant in college and answered questions about his size at the combine coming in over 300lbs. He is an ultra athletic player who fits the Packers zone scheme. If GB goes another direction with this pick it could be for FSU CB Robinson who has the athletic ability and size to fare well in the Packers man coverage scheme. I just feel that there are far more CB's available later than LT with talent.

Big - Not a bad pick, and most def an understandable one when you think about how bad the packers were at protecting Rodgers last year. With the top tackles gone, Brown is one of the guys who sits atop of the 2nd tier of tackles that should go late first early second. I could also see them going after a corner like McCourty to eventually take the place of Charles Woodson, or Taylor Mays, to play Safety for them.

24 - Philadelphia Eagles - Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers

So the "trade" has happened, which is a good thing for both team in my honest opinion (although as a cowboy fan, I hope it hurts both teams massively), now the Eagles have to start improving their team with youth, and they start by drafting the corner McCourty to play on the other side of Asante Samules. They need secondary help, and Taylor Mays might be a more "value" pick here, but I’m not sold on the guy as most people are. They could also use a LB like Jerry Hughes or Sean Weatherspoon, but if Andy Reid has proved anything over his 11 year run of this team is he likes corners, and he always drafts them high.

Sherp - hard to argue with the pick... Philly usually either drafts the O and D line or CB in the 1st. And even though they need a DE pretty bad, they also need a CB after trading away one. McCourty fits the Philly style of D, he is in the mold of the 5'11 195 CB's that can run and change direction quickly that the Eagles seem to love. One great thing about him is that his game films match up with his good combine; he has good route recognition and breaks on the ball well. He also was a big time special teamer for Rutgers playing the "gunner" on kickoffs and punts, returning kickoffs and punts, and has blocked 7 kicks in his career. Hard to do worse.

25 - Baltimore - CB Patrick Robinson

the FSU player is in the mold of Deion, Rolle, and Cromartie whom were all great athletes to suite up and play CB for the Seminoles. He has the ability to be mentioned with them, but not yet the feathers in his bonnet. Bal needs CB's badly and DL almost as much. Even though Odrick is tempting at this point as is Dunlop (bet Ray Lewis could get him going); but at the end of the day the Ravens NEED help in the secondary. Robinson is a very smooth athlete born to play man coverage on an island which the Ravens like to incorporate. His biggest knock is maturity and accountability issues as well as a lack of production for someone so talented. This late in the 1st though if he plays even close to his potential Baltimore gets a steal

Big - Patrick Robinson can play, but to me he's a second round guy. With the run on Corners that we have had, though, it’s no real surprise that he sneaks into the first round to Baltimore. It wouldn't surprise me if they go DT/DE in Odrick, like you said, and it also wouldn't surprise me if they go TE with Gresham from Oklahoma here as well. Todd Head hasn't lived up to his draft slot, and with the addition of Anquan Boldin, Joe Flaco could use all the weapons he can get.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

Yes I know the birds signed Jerry Porter, but how much does he really have left? Jerry Hughes, who played DE in college, but will play outside linebacker in the pros is the type of guy that might need a little time to learn his new position, but when he does, he has all the tools to be a force in the this league for a long time. He was a 2 time Nauguski finalist, and performed very well at the combine, proving he is worth a late 1.

Sherp - great pick! Arizona lacked a pass rush from their hybrid version of the 3-4 and all of their top 3 OLB are in their mid 30's or older. Even though they need a new inside guy to replace Fox... I feel that Hughes would make a far larger impact and thus deserves the nod. Arizona also needs a new LT (or RT with Leinert being a southpaw), but the talent here is basically Guards with talent enough to consider at Tackle thus bumping them up half a round.

27 - Dallas - trade down.

BOOOOO! heard round the world. Every year Jerry gets all cute and fucks around and screws us out of a draft. (Instead of trading down for spares that wont make the roster last year, I screamed that we should have traded out ala Patriots. Now they have tons of 2nd round picks in a deep draft while we wound up with tons of 5th round picks in a crappy draft.) Anyways, this year I feel we should trade down. I think that the draft falls off to a lesser tier around pick 27 (unfortunate for us), and with the Boys needs not matching the talent at this spot it makes sense if we can harvest 2 talented prospects vs reaching for 1 right now. I feel that our biggest needs are at S, OL, and DL. It's been needs for some time as well, but now we finally do something about it. That said it's hard to pull the trigger here on one of them. I'll describe a few on my radar below...

FS- Nate Allen - a ball hawking centerfielder with great range on the back half. His knock is that he's the opposite of physical, almost Deion-esq. Also, it's predicted that he won't get much bigger or faster so his upside is lower than most prospects. That said he can play at a decent level and would most likely start, in nickel if nothing else. Sorta a 35 to 40 range guy that I like and would at least consider reaching for.

G/T- Vladimir Duccassee - a raw player with great size and athleticism from a small college. By seasons end he was read about in the "sleeper" articles as a poor mans Larry Allen in that he was a tremendously talented G who played T from a small obscure college. Not so much anymore after having a good senior bowl and great combine. Still 27 is steep for a guy who couldn't even start at G for a year or two and is at least 3 years away from manning the LT spot. That said though, he's a diamond in the rough and if coached up properly, could be good 3 years from now. If Flozell were still around I'd probably reach for him here, maybe even still.

C/G Maurice Pouncy - a huge physical C who can play G in a pinch as well. He is listed as the best C to come out in some time and I've seen him go as high as Pit in some mocks. While C isn't our strongest need, it's good to know there's a back up to Gurode who can line up next to him at G in the mean time.

NT's Terrence Cody, Linvell Johnson, and Cam Thomas - still too early, but doubt they'll be around later with all the new 3-4 teams taking root.

DE Jerrod Odrick and Carlos Dunlop - 1st round prospects that could bump out underachieving Spears.

..... (drum roll)... and the player is.... Quincy Carter, err I mean Maurice Pouncy. He should be a pro bowl caliber C and could either play G or bump Gurode to G. Solid player at a not so much need.

Big - Ahh, the vaunted trade down. The only way that works is if we can get 2 2nd round picks in this years draft, for our number one, or a 2nd this year and a first next. Anything other than that wouldn't be worth it. The teams with 2 2nd round picks are: Cheifs 36, 50, Bucks 35,42, Pats 44,47,53, and the eagles 37,55. To have a trade partner they have to have something that is available to you right then, that probably wont be when they pick again. The obvious player here is someone who is looking to get Tim Tebow. None of the team above would be interested. Maybe Indy gives you their first round and their late 2nd, but I am willing to bet that Tebow is still there at 31. Honestly, if they stayed here, I would have no problem with any of these guys, and my preference would be in this order.

Maurice Pouncy C/OG Florida
FS- Nate Allen USF
DE Jerrod Odrick
WR Golden Tate ND. Tate is the only one that Sherp didn't talk about. I know Miles did a great job last year, and i hope he can do it again, but there is a reason that Jerry hasn't made him a multiyear deal yet, he wants him to prove he was legit, not just a flash in the pan. This is a pick that will hedge that bet too. Tate is the clear number 2 WR in this draft, and if nothing else, he eases the pain of Roy Williams a bit.

Sherp - I just figured that if we're targeting Allen we may as well move down into top of 2nd and pluck him as well as getting another pick. Say a 3rd that we could then package with our 2nd to move up into the middle of the 2nd and grab a solid NT, DE, or Ducasse if he's still there. To trade it takes 2 to tango so it would pretty much be a team looking to grab a top talent (with Pouncy being the only one of note, possibly a team in love with RB Mathews or DE Griffen or Dunlop too I guess).

I also like the Golden Tate pick, he's a solid #2 who would at worse case scenerio push what's his name out of his slot receiver job.

Big - 28 San Diego Chargers - Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno St.

this seems to be one of the locks of the first round. The Chargers really need a RB, and they really like Mathews. He has decent speed (4.5), and can catch the ball out of the backfield, which is something backs in San Diego have to be able to do. They may have problems passing on Dunlap or maybe even Odrick as they are in need of D-Line help as well.

Sherp - I'm starting to come around to liking this pick. At first I felt that RB to SD was as cliché as OLB to NO used to be. But now after the combine performance by Mathews he all but guaranteed that he'd go in the 1st. His talent level suggests he'd be a successful back in a poormans version of the young LT. And unlike fellow combine heros Hardesty and Tate, Mathews has proven that he can carry 20+ times a game for several games in a row. Still, if the Chargers opt for DL or CB(though the run limits that), it wouldn't suprise me.

29 NY-Jets - DE Jared Odrick

Not a bad slide for the lucky Jets whom by having the Colts roll over wound up playing their way out of a upper teen/lower twenties pick. I could see Odrick going as high as NE, so for NY to upgrade their DL with the high motor playmaker that coach Ryan should love more than pork rinds and beer is a shrewd move. I could see them going with OL Ducasse as well since they have a couple of guys far past the good side of 30. A couple of years learning from the aging veterans would season him to step in down the road.

Big - Without a doubt this is a steal this late. With so many team switching to the 34, a guy who could play DE in a 34 or DT in a 43 with as high a motor as Odrick should have gone much higher, but alas, the Jets lucked out on this one.

30 Minnesota Vikings - Tim Tebow QB Florida

Look, somebody will reach for this guy. It would make since for a team like the Vikings, who will probably have Bret Favre back for one more year, and they can try and teach the young QB how to be an NFL QB. If he works out, they go from a 1 year window to a 7 year window. AD, Tebow, Harvin.......THATS a college probowl team!

Sherp - knew this was coming. I've actually seen it done by several Vik fans. I'm very iffy on this pick. Min needs a CB bad but they're off the board and the next best is a mid 2nd. They also need a DT but aren't likely to reach here either. I feel that they trade down or roll the dice big time on Tebow. At this point if all that's left are reaches or LB's then perhaps the Tebow thing is a good a shot as any. I like how the media circus will finaly not swirl around freaking Favre for once too with this pick. Best case scenario he's groomed to take over, worse case scenario he then gets traded for players/picks to a needy team. (Bet JV would give up a DT and a CB just to get Tebow.

31 Indianapolis - DT Brian Price.

In what is a tough call I went with a player I felt could start this year and have some upside. It was really between Price whom after the season was over was listed as a top 20 players do to his production (24 t.f.l. last season) at a good size 305 with decent athleticism... and G/T Saffold who is a fast riser due to his athleticism (another 2nd round G being bumped to the 1st due to having the physical tools to play T. I also debated the whole Taylor Mayes who could be moved to LB in the Colts fast D if he can't hack it at S. Indy could also go for higher rated LB Weatherspoon or DE Griffen.

Big - Price has good value here, and despite getting better against the run last, they still can have problems up the middle, and a big DT like Price is a nice get for them. The only thing that I might add is a WR. Yea, Pierre Garcon was a nice surprise last year, and we are all still waiting on Anthony Gonzalez to step up and play, but with good WR talent available, they might shock some people and take a WR.

32 - New Orleans Saints - Everson Griffin, DE, USC

One thing is for sure, the Saints NEED to get some pressure on the QB. Yea its fun to win games 35-28, but its even better for saint’s fans to watch their team knock some QB's on the turf, something they didn’t do at all last year. Griffin has warts, but he also has a lot of talent. He can step in and if his head is right, start at LE from day one.

Sherp - hard to argue this pick... physically he is a top 15 guy so purely this is a steal from an athlete point of view. Unfortunately from a production standpoint he's a 3rd round guy. As is it's a solid pick at a position of need and if the light goes off for him, and or he recieves good coaching; this pick could be huge looking back. Worse case scenario he provides depth for them much like any other player they could pick up here with the exception of possibly LB Weatherspoon. Pass rushers are far harder to find than LB's so Griffen should get the nod.

So Stay Tuned, round 2 and some thoughts about round one will be up when we get them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tis True

Feels good to be back. Rested. All that stuff.

Since Brown caught you up on his life, i felt I needed to do the same. He's got a new Job/Lady/Dog and all that good stuff.

Whats Changed in my life? Nothing. Well i did develop a coke habit, but that was just the logical progression.
All kidding aside, I'm glad to be back, looking forward, you can expect a bit of a less sporty feel to the blog. Sure sports is our bread and butter, but like brown said, we're not experts, just fans, so if you like our since of humor, and our Sports Elitist cometary. Welcome back.

Well, that was quite a sabbatical, now, wasn't it?

Sup, bitches?

Big alluded to it, and now I'm delivering on it. We're back, new and improved, TB & TB 2.0.

I wouldn't be looking for a dearth of posts, or for us to really honestly branch out and over-contribute. I loved the idea that a real site like MavsMoneyBall asked us to contribute, and I really hope that Wes and Phillip will allow us the occaisonal guest post here and there, but I don't think that a serious forum is where we fit.

I still use the twitter account, occasionally, so you're welcome to follow that. Big uses his own account now, but that's his personal thing, so you'll most likely be dealing with me on that front.

So, after my torching of the bridge in the last post, what all happened?

Easy. I got a dog. I got engaged (to a real girl!). I got a new job (Ladies, I'm on the main stage at Master Blaster on Wednesday mornings!). I got a new car (They still make the Pinto, you just have to look.). Basically, I traded in my shit hole of a life and got one worth waking up in the morning for. Cliched? Sure. Awesome? You're god damned right it is.

So what to expect in this new version of your favorite site?


I've never been a fan of really in depth statistical breakdowns. I've also never really been a fan of taking on hot button issues. I'd like to think that Big and I are fans, and just that. What you read here are the thoughts of two guys who try to cram as much sports as they can in their tiny little brains.


Did you know there's a rival promotion on Monday nights now? Did you know it consists of people we haven't seen wrestle since we were in high school? Do you like really pale Irish gingers?


Things happen that make me laugh. I'm going to share them. For example, I farted the other day on the couch, startled the dog who looked at me in disgust and he walked over to the other room and laid down on the carpet. My lady is teaching him things, obviously.

So, re-load your bookmarks, sexy readers, the boys are back.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TB&TB Blast from the past, All Time Movie Football Team

So, we have been lacking on post as of late. With the influx of stuff, like life, we just haven't been the same TB&TB you have come to love over the past few months. It happens. Even if we never get back on the wagon again, I wanted to share some things from our early days with you over the next few weeks, things you may remember, some things you may not, but they were all fun to write, and i hope they were fun to read as well.

We are starting off with a little diddy that got the ball rolling for us, a post i wrote for my myspace, got a bunch of response from, so i posted it on my first extremely short lived blog, miss-spelled sports. Its called "The All Time Movie Football Team, the offense" Enjoy.

Sitting around with my friends, we often use movies as a subject of our conversations. Whether it be quoting a film, or comparing someones actions to a certain person in a movie; it always seems to be the one staple in our group. As conversation among guys almost always does, the conversation turned to sports, in this case who the cowboys should take with their 2 first rounders. It wasn't long until someone threw out a sports related movie quote, I believe it was "See that shoe, it says Adidas."

This got me thinking, if I could draft a NFL team with only selecting characters from movies, who would it be? Well after a few hours on my computer, and on, this is what I have come up with. Note that I am a younger man, and some of the "golden age" of football movies aren't as impressionable on me. So here is my team.

QB3 – Shane Falco "Number 16 On Your Program -- Number 1 In Your Heart! Shane Falco!"

Let see, who is the greatest back up QB of all time? I think it might be Doug Flutie, why? Because he just won games and played with heart. That is Shane Falco. He can be my 3rd QB anytime. I think he said it best with, "Pain heals, chicks dig scars, but glory lasts forever"

QB2 – Joe Kane "Because as we all know, Kane is Able" The Program

Ohh the greatness of Joe Kane. This short, drunk, lying down in the middle of the road son of bitch, is what a QB is all about. He couldn't have been but about a buck fifty, but he could scramble away from ANYBODY. When we left him at the end of the movie, he was still a JR and going back for his senor season at ESU, the potential here is just fantastic not to include him on my team.

QB1 – Willie Beamen. "My name is Willie, Willie Beamen, I leave the ladies, creamin', my fans? Their screamin', think you'll defet me? Your dreamin' " Any Given Sunday

Alright, this one was by far the hardest position to fill. Just about every football movie has a bad ass rock star QB. I chose Willie because he can create on the fly, run, and has the deep touch. The reason he is starting in front of my back up guys is he has more NFL experience than the other too. Not to mention he can hook everybody up with MET-Rx.

RB2 – Julian Washington "Kiss my Armani ass!" Any Given Sunday.

As the back up/ power back I choose the great Miami Shark money driven RB Julian Washington. Always a player that's not scared to give himself a pat on the back in public, I'm sure he will be down with running the goal line.

RB1 – Darnell Jefferson " Darnell Jefferson, Tailback" The Program

The second ESU Wolfpack member to grace the team, Jefferson's speed and big play ability is something that needs to be showcased. He can break a game open anytime he touches the ball. Let's not forget about that run back vs. Taft.

FB Ray Griffen "Ray Griffen, starting tailback" The Program.

The thunder right is now complete in the back field. In only one game as a true FB, Griffen has shown me enough to warrant the spot on the team, despite his recent spat with starting RB Jefferson.

WR 4 Charlie Tweeder "Jonathan Moxon your are under arrest for not being naked with some sophomore chick who wants to bathe you with her tongue, now take off your clothes and get in the car." Varsity Blues

First player taken from the West Canaan Coyotes, this speed demon is great coming off the bench and on special teams.

WR 3 – Clifford Franklin "The football's like a one-man cold to Clifford Franklin. Clifford Franklin's the only man catching' it, Clifford Franklin's the only man comin' down wid it." The Replacements

Known to have some problems holding onto the ball, but a great 3rd receiver in the slot. I

WR 2 – Phillip Elliot "No stupid box can tell me how good I play" North Dallas Forty.

The only player included from the older set of movies. I read the book NDF and thought this guy is great. An ageing WR trying to stay alive in the league just a few more years, so he takes every pain killer he can get his hands on and still makes big grabs when he needs it. Nick Nolte has to be on the team. Just does.

WR 1 – Rod Tidwell "I am a valuable commodity! I go across the middle! I see a dude coming at me, trying to kill me, I tell myself "Get killed. Catch the ball!' BOO YA! Touchdown! I make miracles happen!" Jerry Maguire

The number one guy. If he can continue to go over the middle and make the catch, we will give him his quan!

TE – Brain Murphy " (uhh he's def)" The Replacements.

The only memorable TE of any football movie I can think of so you know he's on the team by default. That aside this guy can move the chains for my team any day.

OL Back ups Jamal and Andre Jackson "Man, I'm going to go sit with the deaf kid." The Replacements

A pair of guards that washed out of the league when they were separated, but when put together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Great guys that coming off the bench.

LT – Switowski "I think I made-ed him shit himself." The Longest Yard.

Who wouldn't want the beast as your LT? A gentile giant, with the IQ of a banana. The first member of the Mean Machine to make the list.

LG – Billy Bob "Miss Davis, would you go to the prom with me?" Varsity Blues

Like I'm going to leave him off my team. Look anyone who brings a pig to a party, and then drives onto a football field drunk as piss and shoots his old trophies with a 22, is a good guy to have on the team.

C – Manumana "Where I come from, Mr. Blake, we're taught to respect our elders." Necessary Roughness

He was the sturdy rock that held together the Texas State Armadillos OL. Now he holds mine.

RG – Jumbo "Nan desu ka!" The Replacements

A former sumo wrestler now makes a great RG on this line.

RT - Mike "Bud Light" Kaminski "Helluva throw Joe, wish I'd seen it." The Program.

Ohh Yes, the guy with the crazy ass fade/bowl cut hair do. I like this guy because of his athletic ability next to the stone footed Jumbo.

I hope you enjoyed that. I will do some more when i feel like it.