Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turky Day, Rick Rolled!

So, if you were like me, today you woke up a little hung over, and flipped on the Macy's day parade for some non threatening fun before the day of football. But because of the night before, i didn't get up till 11 or so, so i missed the Foster`s Home for Imaginary Friends float, which had a special guest. Check it out.

That's right, the entire US got Rick Rolled. God i love thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

How I feel about Big's non-playoff idea...

Sure, it's got nothing to do with the Bowl system or the playoffs, and if SNL doesn't parlay this into an Ari Gold parody, they're missing out...

Either way...say that to my face, Big, and I'll strip you naked and make you walk your bowl loving ass back to Denton you effing turncoat.

Take off my shoes and Suck me Sexy!

You want to know what one of my favorite things in life is? Going out, and getting shithouse drunk new years eve, wake up hung over, confused, and a little scared, roll over to Browns house (which is totally different from Brown Town), eat some of our buddys PappaGeorgieo, and watch new years day bowl games all day.

Don't try and take that from me.

Don't know what I'm talking about? I'm talking about all the kakapoopoo about a playoff system.

Fuck the cheerleader, Now that would save the world. No more BCS, and tyring to pick the best 2 teams, bla bla bla. Its all horseshit. Let me break it down for you.

There are 6 big conference schools, and the playoff system would be 8 teams, because anything larger than 8 would make the Regular season useless. And because it would be the BCS running the playoff, the big 6 conferences would all get an automatic bid. So these teams are in

ACC - Georgia Tech (5-3) 8-3 / Florida State (5-3) 8-3 / Boston College (4-3) 8-3 (somebody will win that conference, i swear)
B12 - Oklahoma (6-1) 10-1 / Texas Tech (6-1) 10-1
BE - Cincinnati (5-1) 9-2
B10 - Penn State (7-1) 11-1
P10 - Oregon State (7-1) 8-3
SEC - Alabama (7-0) 11-0 / Florida (7-1) 10-1

Then if they keep the same rules as the do for the BCS game selections, if a non BCS team in ranked in the top 12, the highest ranked non bcs team gets an automatic bid. So add Utah to the mix. That leaves only one slot open for these teams:

Texas, USC, Boise, Oklahoma/Tech (which ever one didn't make b12 game), Alabama/Florida loser, Ohio State, Ball State and Georgia.

The way the Ranking are set up now, it would be Texas. So what good is a playoff that doesn't exclude USC, or Tech? Your telling me that Cincinnati is better than both those guys? Or no Bama if they lose to Florida?

Here would be your week one games with the seeding breaking down to BCS rankings right now, with the 2 non automatic bids being 7th and 8th, and Utah getting the 7th due to guarantee bids. Bamma(1) vs. Texas(8), Oklahoma (2) vs. Utah(7), Penn State (3) vs. Boston College (6), and Cincinnati(4) vs. Oregon State(5).

Those are much better than BCS bowl games! If all went well, the best you could hope for would be Bamma or Texas vs. Oklahoma(would would have beaten Utah, and Oregon State to get to the championship game), which would be (duh) the same as the BCS title game.

(successfully swats a playoff out to half court)

College football round up - Week 13 - And then there was one.

Orange, the color of the blood of 1000 baby seals.

What a glorious time of year, no? The Holiday season is rapidly approaching, meaning time off from work, and the sports season is really getting good. The NFL is going down the home streach, the NBA season is starting to round into form, where we learn what teams are for real(LA,Boston) and which are pretenders(Dallas), the Yankees are overpaying free agents and stacking their team, and somewhere Hockey is being played as well, all thought I don't know where.

And then there is College football. The greatness that is college football. The clusterfuck that is college football. We have one big school left unbeaten, that many don't think can stay that way, three small schools still without a loss, and a staggering 6 schools with one loss gripping that they are the second best team in the nation! Good times.

Now if you have been reading this site for a while, you know that I am bowl guy. I love the fact that we can turn on the TV set on the first of the year, and watch a Pac 10 team play a Big 10 team at the Rose Bowl. I love it. I'll explain either later today or tomorrow why a playoff system is a bad idea, but I will introduce a "big bowl preview" at the end of my top rankings, so take a look at the end, if you are so inclined.

Main Eventers

No. 1 Alabama (Idle) - They have Auburn and Florida over the next 2 weeks. They hold their own destiny in their hands, and with a win in the Iron Bowl, they will all but guarantee a BCS bowl birth.

Mid Card - This is where it gets fun. 6 teams are fighting for that last shot at the title. Some hold their own fate in their hands (Florida, Oklahoma) and some need some big help (Penn State, Texas)

No. 3 Texas (Idle) - I though long and hard as to who should be number 2 in my poll. I tried to put the "i hate Oklahoma" thought out of my mind and look at in a legit way, from the outside, and this is what I see. Looking at losses, Texas's was the least harmful, on the road, last second loss. The Horns have hated rival's A&M this week, and if they can get by that, it will be in the hands of the voters, as to where they end up playing.

No. 5 Oklahoma (win 65-21, No. 2 Texas Tech) - Holy shit what a beating! I really can't imagine a more impressive way to try and show voters that you are worthy of a BCS bid than hanging 65 on the number 2 team in the country. Sam Bradford only needed 14 completions to hit the 300 yard mark, and 4 TD's. They have a neutral field loss, which is worse than a home loss, but not as forgiving as a road loss, which is why they are three.

No. 6 USC (Idle) - I'm sure I'm one of the only people in the entire nation outside of LA that feels the Men of Troy are getting the shaft this year. They have one loss, on the road, to a now top 20 team. That better than Florida can say, or Penn State, or even Oklahoma as they lost at a neutral site. They got two games left, vs the Irish, and UCLA and if they take care of biznass, which they should, they arn't even guaranteed the Rose bowl, because of the loss to Oregon State.

No. 4 Florida (win 70-19, Citadel) - I have the gators rocking the 5th spot right now, but in my heart of hearts this team is the number one team in the country. I believe they have the best overall team, with play makers at ever possession that matters, and a coach that can game play with the best of them. Because of the soft teabag like stranglehold the SEC has on college football votes, unless one of the lose before they play each other, one of the Championship game spots will be Bamma or Florida.

No. 2 Texas Tech (loss 21-65 No. 5 Oklahoma) - That loss was bad. And if they could have kept it close, they might still have a shot at a BCS Championship bid, but not after that shellacking. Even if the Sooners drop to Oklahoma State, and the Raiders win the Big 12, all they can hope for is a Fiesta Bowl game. Your going to hear a lot of people say things this week like, "I knew they would fall back down to earth" and stuff like that, but don't let that cheapen what the Red Raiders did this year. They took the next step, and if Leach remains in Lubbock, they won't be going anywhere for a while.

No. 8 Penn State (win 49-18, No. 15 Michigan State) - Daryll Clark had another fantastic game, 341 and 4 td through the air, and another TD on the ground, in rout to ending the regular season for the Lions with another nice win. They have almost no shot at getting to the championship game, but that's what we thought about Ohio State last year.

BCS Buster

No. 7 Utah (win 48-24, No. 14 Brigham Young) - Welcome to the dance, Utes! They are done with their season after causing 6 turnovers against the Mormons. They have punched a ticket to steal a spot from one of the big 12 teams, I'm looking at you, Tech.

No. 9 Boise State (win 41-34, Nevada) - Held off a late surge from the Wolfs of Nevada, to pull just one game away from another undefeated season. All that's left from them and taking the either Penn State or Ohio State's BSC bid is Fresno State.

No. 17 Ball State (win 31-24, Central Michigan) - Behind 177 yards from MiQuale Lewis, his 9th 100 yard game this year, the Cardinals rushed to a showdown game with 2nd in conference Western Michigan this week, winner to play Buffalo for the MAC title. If they win out, I still don't think they will sneak in without a loss from Boise. ohh and the game is tomorrow, if your interested.

Local Love

No. 16 TCU (win 44-10, Air Force) - TCU finishes 2nd in the Mountain West, behind Utah, with 10 wins. The 10 wins gives them 40 in 4 years. Now how in the hell is Gary Patterson not coaching somewhere else?

North Texas (win 13-52 Middle Tennessee State) - Now when I got to North Texas we were shitty. Then we became respectable with 4 straight Sun Belt championships, now that I'm gone and an Alum, we're shitty again. 1-10 with the only win over lowly Hivvy and the Blood Drops, who are just barley a div 1 school.

A Look at the Bowls!

These are just fun for me, its my BCS bowl predictions.

Orange: Georgia Tech(ACC) - USC(At Large)
Rose: Penn State(Big 10) - Oregon State(Pac 10)
Fiesta: Cincinnati(Big East) - Utah (At Large)
Sugar: Alabama(At Large) - Texas (At Large)
NC: Oklahoma(Big 12) - Florida(SEC)

Screwed: Boise, Ohio State, Texas Tech

I don't know how likely it is that Georgia Tech wins the ACC, but i love watching the wishbone so i put them in, that and the ACC is one big ass cluster fuck right now. I believe that Oklahoma will jump Texas in the BCS polls after beating State, and beat Mizzou in the B12 game. Florida will roll the Tide in the SEC champ game. Texas is your number 3, getting the automatic bid, USC edges Boise for the last spot because they are USC and they will get people to watch the game.

Game I am most excited about? Bamma vs Texas. If only cuz brown and Gerry could have a mustache contest.