Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Sports Guy, as usual, explains so much

Fuck That Guy!

I love Bill Simmons, and if that makes me a douche, so be it.

He most recent article, which is a three part email exchange with best selling author Malcolm Gladwell, is like walking into a debate on your favorite subject, between two people who are smarter, more thoughtful, and think more outside the box than you do.

Most of the article is about the NBA and whats wrong and how you can change it. I highly suggest you read it, but beware, its long.

There was one excerpt that I wanted to share with you in case the 9,000 words scare you away. This is Bill Simmons talking about the NBA Ref's, and how stupid the NBA is in using them.

"Back to your point about arrogance and sports leagues: Please tell me you're following the current officiating debacle. The two most-watched regular-season games (both Celtics-Lakers games) were ruined by officials. Game 7 of a classic Boston-Chicago series was ruined by officials. The Mavs' season was ruined by officials. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to flagrant fouls and how they are called, just that the ongoing indecision has compromised the quality of the games. Bill Kennedy had such a heated incident with Doc Rivers in March that both were fined; somehow, Kennedy worked two Boston playoff games (both must-wins on the road). Dallas went 1-14 in its past 15 playoffs games that Danny Crawford officiated; somehow he worked one of their 2009 playoff games (inevitably, a loss for Dallas). Joey Crawford got suspended two years ago for baiting Tim Duncan, then blew last season's season-ending Spurs call … and somehow, he worked a must-win San Antonio playoff game in 2009. And the number of competent refs is so bad that Violet Palmer worked a Round 2 game last week. For a league that vowed to clean things up post-Donaghy, why haven't we seen any real results yet?

I'm not the kind of guy to scream "the refs screwed us!" because honestly the refs screw everybody at some point. Just some food for thought.

Try and be Happy Day Continues

I need these today, stupid mavericks.

You may be upset the Mavs lost…

…but look at the cute puppy!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I think I just travelled to 1977 on the island

I’m sitting here working and watching the Rockets-Lakers game, and I think that I just saw the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen.

In an embarrassing bit of cross-promotion, TNT found Kyra Sedgwick sitting in the stands at the game.  Craig Sager went over to interview her and it went like something like this:

Sager : “Kyra Sedgwick. What do you think about the game?”

Sedgwick : “What can I say?  The Lakers are really far ahead. Gosh, what do you think?”

Sager : “Lots of celebrities.  How do you like Laker games?”

Sedgwick : “I’m a Knicks fan, I’m in LA filming the show.”

Sager : “So…how bout the Knicks?”

Sedgwick looks at Kevin Bacon : “I dunno. What do you think?”

Sager : “Kevin Bacon.”

Bacon : “We have hope for the New York Knickerbockers.”

Sager : “Kyra Sedgwick. The Closer. TNT. Back to you, Kevin.”

Kevin Harlan : “Ok then”

Guest Post, a Concert Review by our good Pal Nayfa

We love it when people send us post, blah blah blah, you know the drill.

Me, Nayfa, and a few buddies of ours went to go see one of our favorit bands last weekend, Lucero, and he pretty much naild it on what it was like, or at least what I remeber. Stupid whiskey and waters.

Oh and he speaks about the best damn golf anilyset ever, Mr. David Ferhety!

Highs and lows sprinkled with awkward moments set the tone for the weekend and what a weekend it was.

For the last month I’d been pumped to see Lucero at The Longhorn Saloon in Fort Worth. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to get here because I like the band so much. Then what I thought was going to be a great time at a rock show turned into a pseudo awkward ass whip of fairly modest proportions. Really I have no complaints; I got loaded and had a great time. (Hats off to JP for his hospitality)

As usual for shows like this, the opening act stole the show. I’m pretty sure they were called Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears or bees(ED. its bears and they are super salty)(Joe is on the right)(he is from austin)(Stop reading right now and check him out, then come back of course to finish). I’m not sure which one, which is funny to me because as badass as they were I never really cared to find out for sure. I was there to see Lucero. Anyway the lead singer of this band must have been James Brown’s illegitimate kid or something and these guys could play. It was like the Blues Brothers meets Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bellaire. It was cool but there wasn’t much edge. If you get a chance to check these guys out, do it.

As far as Lucero is concerned, it was like having sex when you’re really drunk: Sure you’re happy to be there but you’d really rather go to sleep and do it when you wake up.

(Ed. This was the second time I have seen Lucero live and both times were fucking great shows. Yea, the guy can't really sing that well (read: he sounds better on the CD) but the fans at the shows are crazy and loyal. We know every word to every song and love to just Jam out with the band. The Sex when your really drunk is probably the best anoligy I have ever heard when it comes to live show like this, or pretty much any other live show for that matter)

I was pumped to be at the show but I was tired and fairly lit. They played several new songs which is cool but I’d much rather hear the stuff I know. Whatever, the show was really good overall and I had a really good time. I think that no matter what it was going to be a letdown because I had built it up so much.

Now I’ll send it over to Gary McCord to see how David Ferhety is doing on 16.
He’s in the rough… Deep rough!

David Ferhety wrote in D magizene recently about President Bush moving to Dallas and at one point in the article he discussed meeting with the troops in Iraq. While speaking of the soldiers he made the following comment. “Despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden, there’s a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death.”

That’s by far the funniest fucking thing I’ve read in a long time. Why this man is being criticized is beyond me. He should be getting some kind of comedy medal or championship belt or something.

TB&TB Movie Review - Star Trek

If TB&TB has a set of rules, I believe this one would fall somewhere between "always poo in the guest bathroom" and "no fat* chicks". And that rule is "if we like it, so should you."

Well, we like movies. Doesn't matter the "quality" or "budget" or even "plot," we like movies. We like Indy films, Comedy's, Drama, happy movies, sad movies, just about anything that is quality, we rock it. We are not snobs, and won't talk about how the lighting really took effect and helps portray the antagonist's angst and frustration. I just want to be entertained, which brings me to one of the big summer movies that just came out that I was skeptical when I first learned about it; Star Trek.

Now I say that I was skeptical because while I wasn't the biggest fan of the original, I was a pretty big fan of the next generation. (shocking I know, the big guy with a blog is a Star Trek Next Gen fan). With that in mind, when I heard that "Hollywood" was relaunching the franchise with a new cast, with the idea that its going to be "the origins of Kirk and Spock," AND that J.J.Abrams was directing the movie, my first reaction was to roll my eyes while making a JO motion with my hand. I just knew it was going to be all hip hop out, and everybody would be fucking, and everybody would be a bad ass, and everybody would be hot, and there would be lots of explosions, and Abrams would "Lost" it up with plot twists and "did you notice" moments like he does in his low Lost (hence "Lost" it up).

And I can honestly say after watching the flick last night, all of those assumptions were valid.

And It was still extremely good.

It had everything that you wanted in not a Star Trek movie, but it had everything you wanted in a solid summer blockbuster as well.

Without giving away the too much of the plot, the focus of the film was how the crew of the original Enterprise came to be.While it focused on the story of Spock and Kirk, just about every member of the supporting cast was introduced as well, which should make the Trekies happy, without diverting too much from the story that will keep non Trek-heads entertained.

Much like Batman Begins was a relaunch of the Batman franchise, Star Trek does the same thing.

Basically, even as a sceptic going into the movie, it was well worth my time, and I'll watch it again in the future. If your a Trek fan, don't worry there isn't too much "hip hop"erazation of it, and if your not a Trekie, don't worry its not too nerdy to enjoy either.

Now we can get ready for about 8 more of these.

Bonus Would Ya?

You know I would.

*"no" is very loosly defined term to be honered by whom ever sets said term