Thursday, February 14, 2008

Of all the people....

Despite what you think of the proposed trade between the Mavs and Nets, we can all agree that getting rid of the spare ass 0-11 shooting, OVERRATED Devon George is a good thing.

Well, not so fast. As of right now the trade for Jason Kidd has been put on hold due to the man I was so happy to see go, Devon George.

"The same George who recently announced a desire to be traded if his playing
time didn't increase in Dallas has taken advantage of a little-known league rule
to block this trade, most likely on a temporary basis but potentially for
He even said.

"it's kind of messed up how all the fingers are pointing at me."
That's because you are to blame, you big douche. When in the world did Devon George become a basketball player that we listen to anyway? Now we got an unhappy George, a PG who KNOWS he was about to be traded, and some other GM's are crying that Stack said he wants to come back to the Mavs if he gets cut? What is going on here?

You know what happens now? If they can't work something out with NJ and George, we are about to get screwed in ass with a tuna can. 3 Things could go down, only one of them is decent.

1. George OK's the trade and it goes through.
2. The Mav's bring in another team that George OK's, and involve them in the Kidd trade. This would mean that we probably would have to give up more players, and or cash.
3. The trade gets stalled, and we have a team that knows the management doesn't think it can win a championship currently as is. And if this one happens, only 2 things can come from that.
  • a. Our team sucks the rest of the year because the management gave up on them.
  • b. We have to go ahead and trade Harris, for 50% what he's worth, because teams no we have to trade him.

I am so pissed at George right now.


gerry dorsey said...

i disagree. i love devean for this. will the mavs have to scramble and put another trade together to appease everyone?? maybe. but they will have to try very hard to put together a shittier package than the first one.

Anonymous said...

I thought the reason we had Harris was to stop Tony Parker; is Kidd supposed to do this now? But yeah, go for trading a young PG with wheels for an old player with skills more befitting a 2 gaurd. What's not to like about a player that will score 30 while giving up 25, and putting him on a team that will score 60 while giving up 80? Also seriously, can we leave my tuna can out of this?