Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hockey Look-a-Likes

So, in tandem with the beginning of the NHL Playoffs (Stars tonight), decided it'd be fun to take some of the players you'd be seeing this post season and compare them to "popular" entertainers. Some of them are uncanny, some are reaches. Really? Ovechkin looks like Jaws from "Moonraker"?

Your Dallas Stars got two entries.

Mike Modano in comparison to Jon Heder

Mikey-Mo of course, the most famous of the Stars and leader of American-born hockey players. Who does he get compared to? Napoleon Fucking Dynamite. Still, I can kind of see the resemblance.

Marty Turco in comparison to Rick Hoffman

Turco, the Stars starting goalie, is looking to finally exorcise some playoff demons (good luck against the defending champs). Who does he get compared to? Shit if I know, the guy looks kind of familiar. Doesn't he always play a gay guy or an underhanded lawyer? I dunno...what are you insinuating Sports Illustrated. I don't appreciate you making fun of a team I hardly follow.

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Anonymous said...

if you go to Mike's early years there are some that say that he looks like a young Tom Curise. However, with Curise being over rated I'm happy to see Mike look like someone else.