Thursday, April 10, 2008

If you're Bill Self, what do you do?

Pretend you're Bill Self. You've just won a National Championship at one of the bastions of college hoops, Kansas. You're being lauded as the best coach in the country (remember, that used to be Billy Donovan's title). This after being doubted and "eye-rolled" at since taking the reigns from Roy Williams. (Side note: If you're last name is Williams, stop naming your sons "Roy" or forms of "Roy". There are too god damn many of them.)

Now, your alma mater, Oklahoma State is reportedly preparing to offer you a $10 million a year contract to come home and coach the basketball team in Stillwater. By the way, you're currently making, I believe, somewhere between $2 - $3 million a year.

What's the breakdown?

  • You've already got a National Championship and you've therefore raised expectations to be an annual contender
  • Anything less than Final Four is considered "failure"
  • Easily the most svelt of coaches on campus
  • One of the "legacy" jobs in the country
  • Easy job of recruiting
  • Lawrence is pretty much a suburb of Kansas City

Oklahoma State
  • Expected to return the team to prominence - they were in the Final Four twice during those John Lucas III years a few years ago.
  • You've got NBA money without the true pressures of the NBA
  • Not a basketball school anymore
  • You're legacy to follow is Eddie Sutton
  • Did I mention $10 million a year?
  • It's your alma mater
  • Tougher time recruiting
  • Stillwater is a suburb of...Choctaw Casino?

I dunno what I'd do. I think both cases are pretty compelling. It's not like he's hurting for money, but $7 million a year is a shit load of money. The pressure is less at Oklahoma State, but it still exists. Kansas would be easier to reach success. If I was coaching at, say, Kentucky and I won the national championship, and then Texas calls me and says they want me to take over for Rick Barnes for a shit load of money, I'd probably say yes.

What would you do?

UPDATE: Thanks to Dorsey, I was informed that I got the numbers waay off. I think I was reading the "total contract" number versus the year-by-year figures.


gerry dorsey said...

not that it changes anything in terms of the point of your post...but your numbers are way off. okie state is offering like $3.5 to $4 mil, while he currently makes like $1.3 mil.

please carry on.

Big said...

the 10 mill is a signing bonus.

I would still stay in Kansas. You've got at least 10 years of free reign now that you won a title.

In OSU you would be required to get them back to the promise land in just a few years.

gerry dorsey said...

oh no question. i would definitely stay at kansas. however, at least once a year i get surprised by the dumbassness of a coach and their career moves.