Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Gin Soaked Sherpa speaks, on the draft of course

Here at the big and the brown, we love all things sports, fake or real. With that in mind we have no problem moving aside for a moment when someone of fantastic knowledge of a topic wants to put their two cents in.

This is Tioga, the Sherpa of Camping, and his vast understanding of the NFL draft, which is matched only by his hatred of dallascowboys.com "writer," Micky Spagnola. If Big is a draft dork, Tioga is his supervisor at kinko's.

"What have we learned kids?"

Having the Cowboys as your favorite team with Jerry Jones running things is like dating a bi-polar chick; all the highs and lows will leave you a drained emotional wreck, but hopefully the sex will be worth it.

First point in case: "Trade, Trade, Trade, Trade, Trade!" - (w/ thong song beat).

I'm on record as saying that I support making a trade when it enhances value; for example, moving up to get CB Mike Jenkins was smart. Moving down to get Julius Jones and Buffalo's 1st next year seemed brilliant at the time; even the deal with Cleveland last year seemed genius until they blew up. But what I really hate is the trade down only to trade back up that seems to always happen; it really reduces if not negates the value gained by trading down. It happened last year when we traded back into the 1st to get LB Anthony Spencer, and this year for CB Orlando Scandrick after moving outta the 3rd and passing on "Z" WR's Manningham and Caldwell, then moving down a couple times in the 4th passing on CB King. We did add picks for next year by trading down; but then in his press confrence immediately after the draft, Jerry stated that the extra picks next year would allow him to maneuver more freely. In other words, next year expect more of the same.

But it doesn't just stop at picks traded; this year he traded players whom were either current, former, or potential starters. With little depth at NT he shipped Ferguson for a 6th rounder. And what did we get with that pick?; not Iowa State NT Ahtyba Rubin; but instead another LB, this one a small college DE who'll have to make the transition and then beat out four 1st round picks, one 2nd, a 4th, and a former Pro Bowler in order to play. We also decided to take our starting ILB and #2 TE that we spent a 2nd on just two years ago and ship them off for a 4th rounder; with that pick, we traded down a couple times and decided to take a #3 RB whom is solid but buried behind a Pro Bowler and a 1st round pick. While the three guys we traded will most likely play alot if not start for Miami this year; the only way we'll hear from our guys is if they happen to accompany Pacman to the Platinum Club. The icing on the cake is that we turned around and spent a 2nd on another TE to replace the backup TE we got a 4th for; perhaps Jerry heard the term addition by subtraction and decided to put it to use.

In a sense it reminds me of how all the psycho girls I've known/dated are always changing/trading/moving things in their life; changing their hair color/style, trading jobs/majors, and moving on from guy to guy with the occasional girl thrown in.

Another way that Jerry's Cowboys remind me of the emotionally and mentally challenged people of the feminine gender, is that they'll make some questionable decisions. Much like a girl who ignores her bills in favor of buying yet another pair of shoes, Jones will ignore the WR and DL deficiencies in his roster for yet another LB. And then when later finally becomes the present; much like the girl who cries for her dad or boyfriend to come help her with the problem she created; Jones will go and spend big $ on a free agent stop gap.

Thanks for the letting me get that outta the way. Here are some mild draft observations for you here:

In the third we traded down and passed on WR Mario Manningham who had 1st round talent but a 4th round personality; the Giants got him and I hope we don't get it rubbed in our face like Moss did. Also in the third we passed on WR Andre Caldwell, a player who was compared to Hines Ward. He would have been almost just like Glenn in that he has speed to compliment Owens and Witten, and he's a gamer who'll do whatever is asked to win.

In the 4th we passed on CB Justin King who is a great athlete, but needs some more refinement. In college he was their best athlete at CB and he even played WR. If we drafted an athlete CB in the 5th that needs refinement, why not get a better athlete in the 4th who can take some snaps on offense and even help the return game.

This year there were several late round Defensive Linemen who fit the 3-4 Dallas runs; unfortunately we didn't draft any of them.

NT Red Bryant - 4th rd @ 121 to Sea
DE Kenny Iwobema - 4th rd @ 116 to Arz
DE Letroy Guion - 5th rd @ 152 to Min
DE DeMario Pressley - 5th rd @ 144 to NO
NT Frank Okam - 5th rd @ 151 to Hou
NT Ahtyba Rubin - 6th rd @ 190 Cle
DE Lionel Dotson - 7th rd @ 245 Mia

However, we did at least pick up DE Marcus Dixon outta Hampton as a free agent. He's 6'4 292 lbs but you should read the bio on this guy though. His senior year in high school was accused of rape by his 15 year old girlfriend and was found guilty of molestation and statutory rape; they sentenced him to 10 years. The supreme court freed him a year later because it was deemed consensual and he went on to go play college football. Wow!


Brown said...

So, Big's post yesterday got me thinking.

What are the crazy odds that Felix Jones becomes a flex back a la Reggie Bush and your one-two combo is actually Barber and Choice with some spare FA as your change of pace/Tyson Thompson?

Big said...

that's what i'm SAYING. Jones gives you the chance to use him in the slot, and treat him like reggie bush or a third WR.

tioga said...

There is a big list of spare FA's that are decent; Dominic Rhodes and Kevin Jones are two names off the top of my head that can contribute.
And yeah, Big and I were mad as hell listening to the 1st pick with me on board with Jenkins and him wanting Mendenhall. I thought we'd get Jones at 28 and if not then at least Charles who'll be a similar player in KC. But as Tenn proved with Johnson at 24, we drafted correct. I'm just glad that Big's thinking outside of the box, and about something other than box; flexability really screws with D-cordinators game plans.