Thursday, May 1, 2008

Play Dallas GM for a day...

What would you do with this team?

Pretend you are the GM and have the ability to utilize all of Cuban's money to improve the Dallas Mavericks.

Who do you trade? Sign? Release?

Do you make a move for draft picks?

Do you focus on the FIBA market?

Be realistic. Any thing like "Trade Damp straight up for Amare" may work on the ESPN Trade Machine, but don't be a fucking retard.

This is a text message fest that Big and I have been having the past few days. Now we want to open it to the masses.

Think the Mavs can package Terry, Stack, Howard to Sacramento for Artest and a 2nd rounder?

How about Damp, Howard, Stackhouse, Jones's contract to Denver for Melo?

Pick up expiring contracts to play the free agent market in '09 (more commonly known as the "LeBron to the Jay-Z Nets" year) ?

Move up in the draft for Collison or Douglas-Roberts?

Use the comments and tell us what you'd do.


gerry dorsey said...

completely off topic!!!

please tell me you boys are going to lay some cash on kentucky derby favorite "big brown" this weekend. you have to.

Anonymous said...

How about winning away games during the playoffs? That might work.

tioga said...

sign someone from the WNBA. All Dallas does is shoot jump shots anyways; at least this way they'll sign someone who actually tries.
Or sign a Spur?

ceedat said...

I would be willing to trade everyone but Dirk and Bass, and fire Donnie Nelson