Monday, April 28, 2008

Draft quick hits

So, I had the duties on this blog of following the draft this weekend as Big was off on another soul-quest with his peyote and gin soaked Sherpa to guide him. However, I was jet lagged as possible and I know I missed a good portion of the draft while passed out on a couch.

Here's some buck shot for you on the draft:

  • The interwebs and the information age has taken quite a bit away from the draft. It's great to know that the Dolphins already had a deal in place for Jake Long, but with a draft that had any of 5 guys as "possibly" the first pick, I'd like some suspense.
  • Looking at what he did in New York, New England, New York and Dallas...I'd say Parcells knows what he's doing.
  • Darren McFadden makes the Raiders the most gangsta ass team in the world: Jam Jam, DMC, DeAngelo Hall, Huggy Bear's kid,
  • Matt Ryan, get ready for a Griese-esque career...Brian, that is. How does it feel knowing a team didn't draft you to be a leader, but to get the Mike Vick taste out of their mouths? All of Atlanta is going to hate him because he's a white guy "stealing" the job of their star black quarterback. That's just plain fact, ask Bear, he spends enough time in Atlanta.
  • Two teams always confuse me: How do the Titans never draft receiver help for Young? How do the Bear never draft a quarterback?
  • Washington committed robbery getting Devin Thomas AND Malcom Kelly.
  • Martellus Bennett? I thought we traded Fasano because he didn't do shit. Why waste a 2nd rounder AGAIN!?
  • Jamaal Charles is a great change of pace back with Larry Johnson. Matter of fact, KC might have had the best draft of all.
  • Tom Zbikowski to the Ravens. I hate Notre Dame, but that was a GREAT pick to make.
  • You'll see Brian Brohm starting for the Packers by Christmas.
  • Hawaii is going to be awash in Maroon and Gold simply because they drafted Brennan.
  • Was Tommy Blake a little too Demetrius Underwood for anyone to take a flyer on him?
  • No real receiver threat for the Cowboys? Arizona picked up Early Doucet, watch for them to want to move Boldin.
Big and the Sherpa are your draft experts, so I'm sure they'll provide better insight than me when they come back down from the spirit realm, or whatever they call it.

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gerry dorsey said...

the list of people who have gone from high first round pick to undrafted in just one year is pretty short...welcome aboard tommy blake.