Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, this sucks


April 30th, and no more basketball in Dallas.

It's easy to play the blame game right now. So many people to choose.

Avery's inability to coach his way out of a paper bag.

The Kidd Trade

Damp's hands

Howards disappearing like a puff of smoke.

The decline of Stack

JET's defense (really Pargo goes off? you can't guard fucking PARGO?)

The fact that we still have Eddie Jones and Devon George on this team and its 2008

Dirk's inability to d-up David West.

All of these things combined to say one thing, We just aren't that good. We are a slow, unathletic, jump shooting team that has no post presence, no ability to run fast breaks, and nobody that can guard a 2 guard.


You just saw the end of an era. For the past 8 years the Mav's have risen, apexed 2 years ago, and fallen. The question now is how far do they fall?

ohh sure there will be spin control. Like this Dirk quote after the game, where he is talking about the Kidd trade.
"I think it would have been a struggle to get into the playoffs either [with or
without the trade]. So we just went for it. Sometimes you have to take some
risks in this business. We went for it. We went for one of the greatest point
guards to ever play this game, a Hall of Famer.
"... For some reason we
never got clicking the way we wanted to. I'm sure we would love to have a
complete training camp with him and get used to each other more, but we didn't
have it. We had to get adjusted on the fly and things weren't ... I don't think
they were natural."

You are going to hear alot of stuff like that. Get ready.

Early prediction for next season? They fire Avery, Bring in somebody else, keep the same basic team, by the all star break when they are 25-30, fire sale, for cap space and draft picks. I think Dirk will be the only one standing when its all said and done.


gerry dorsey said...

step 1 is in the books.

j-bizzle said...

i agree with the fire sale, but after the fallout, notwitzki and the roaches will be accompanied by brandon bass, also.

Brown said...

Dude, I disagree.

By drafting Gholston, the Jets defense should be much improved.

Wait, you meant Jason Terry, didn't you?

Then "JET's defense" is a bit oxymoronic, don't you think?