Friday, May 2, 2008

Brown, we have a new Mascot.

This weekend is the Kentucky Derby. Round one of the triple crown.

Now, we here at tB&tB don't really follow horse racing. We don't really follow any type of racing, unless it involves cops and a meth head, or policia and a coke head, or a Mountie and a bear fucker, you get the idea.

Now our good buddy over at uncle rico, pointed out yesterday, There is a horse in the derby named Big Brown.

Could this be a match made in Heaven? Are Big and Brown really horse race breeders that tryed to slip one by the sports population? Is it really a sandwich if it has no meat?

All valid questions. But I know that we will be pulling for this little guy on sat.

So now, we have a new mascot. To go along with these fine people

K. Dar Dar

Hivy the blood drop

Calvin Booth

and Big Brown


monster under big's bed said...

I always wondered what would come of it when you two finally went "all the way".

tioga said...

well, you're dallas famous now. Norm gave the on air play by play of the derby in a manner that only he's capable of; he said bigbrown several times. Unfortunately, he said with much scorn in the end, "the fading bigbrown."

gerry dorsey said...

i can only hope you took my advice and laid some cash down.