Monday, March 31, 2008

winning an NBA championship

I, as many of you know, am an avid gamer. I love me some Halo3, Mass Effect, GTA and the like. I own a XBox 360(gamer tag Moose034 if you wanna test your skills)(no for real add me as a friend, i'm lonely). As a sports fan, i'm also am a master of the Sports Video game. Madden, College, MLB, and of course, NBA 2K8.

While playing 2k8 the other day, I was thinking of ways to improve my dynasty and asking myself the question, how do I build a Championship contender? While if I were playing all 82 games, all I would need is a great ball handler, a good 3 point guy, and a good defensive lowpost/ great rebounder. I could probably do OK with say, Devin Harris, Brent Barry, and Dwight Howard. I would do better than OK. I would win at least 75 games, and a championship every year.

But this gaming experience wasn't about playing, but about simming. I know that line up would get drilled in the sim game by just about everybody. This is when my real NBA brain came into focus.

What does one need to win a championship? Is it an all fast break 3 point shooting team? Is it a slow defensive minded grid it out team? Then I came to realization that it isn't even really a team at all. Its about the stars on the team.
Here is what I mean.

You need 3 things to have a championship team.
1. A top 10 player overall.
2. A top 25 player(s)
3. People who serve a specific role on the team.

I chose the Raptors for little reason as they were decent, with upside, and had some good contracts I could trade away. I don't want to bore you with "look how good i am with this game talk," so long story short, In year 2, i won a simmed championship with this roster, Bosh(top 10) Gerald Walace(top 25), Caldaron(penetrating PG), Kapono(3pt guy) Bargnaii(stretch the Def Center), and Chris Duhan(back up points).
Each guy had a role that was used, that covered up other weaknesses.

I know, Its just a video game.

Its not how the real NBA works.

You need stuff like team chemistry, and veteran Leadership, and deep pockets, yada yada yada.

Or is the NBA just like the video game?

This formual seems rather simple in explanation, and surly thats not all you need to suceed in the real life NBA.

Well, lets just take a look back as the last few NBA champs.

O0s Spurs - Duncan - top 10,
Manu/Parker - Top 25
Finley - 3 point, Elson/Oberto - Low post defender/rebounders, Bitch Ass Bowen - defensive guru.

05 Heat - Wade - top 10
Shaq - top 25
walker - strech d 3 point, Payton - solid D back up PG, Haslem - Rebounding low post.

early 00 LA Lakers - Kobe/Shaq - top 10
Kobe Shaq - top 25
Role Players - Derrik Fisher, Rick Fox, Rober Hory

90's Bulls - Jordan - top 10
Pippen - Top 25
Role Players - Rodman, Grant, Armstrong, Paxston, Winnington(ok maybe not winnington)

94-95 Rockets Hakeem - Top 10
Drexler/Hory - top 25
role players - Maxwell, Elli, (starting to get into teams I don't remeber much of their role players, I'm sure grunge dave will pipe up with some I left out)

The list can go on.

In fact, the only team in the last 25 years who doesnt' fit this mold is the Detroit Pistons of a few years ago. The reason for this is they ran into a crazy disfunctional Lakers team that was imploding from the inside out. There maybe something to this thery after all.

As to not make this a SUPER long post, I'll come back in a few with how this theroy plays out this year for our little mavs, and for the rest of the NBA.


Brown said...

You son of a bitch.

How are you going to name Bill Wennington and not name Bill Cartwright or Luc Longley.

Bill Cartwright, who might have been the best center on NBA Live '94 on the Sega Genesis. So good, his entire name couldn't fit on the screen...just "Cartwrig"

Jed Buechler?? Come on, man. You gotsta know your 90's Bull greats.

Big said...

my bad, I should have put Tony Kuco too.

grungedave said...

'94 Rockets:

Otis Thorpe
Kenny Smith
Sam Cassell
Matt Bullard
Mario Elie
a few stiffs beyond that

'95 Rockets

Chucky Brown
Pete Chilcutt

j-bizzle said...

looks like big is trying to apply sabermetrics to basketball