Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Peek Behind the Big and the Brown

A lot of you know us personally, but at the same time seem to ask us "where the hell do you guys come up with this shit?"

Well, I'm going to give you a peek behind the curtain as to how this all works.

Big and I have known each other for almost 15 years now. We usually share our sports views, but every now and then we've argued over little things. Was Eddie Hervey a better second receiver than Alvin Harper? Was Kevin Green better than Greg Lloyd because he liked wrestling? Was Hakeem a better center than Shaq would become (remember, that was 94)?

Those arguments have grown over 15 years to today's arguments which are pretty much the same. Only now, we decided, why not put the damn thing in blog form. Lo and behold, this little site was born.

As for the peek behind the scenes? Here's an example:

Brown: "Oh my God!! K. Dar Dar was on why today doesn't suck. The K stands for Kirby!"
Big: "I was just going to say that. It's a good day for America"
Brown: "Between that and Wrestlemania on Sunday, I feel like we should celebrate America. Let's go kill and eat a bald eagle"
Big: "Only if we can super size it first."
Brown: "God bless you, Kirby Dar Dar."

That little interchange led to this post.

Sure, we have more serious conversations, usually centering around the draft or what movements teams should make.

The point here is that the posts we put up are usually born from a thought one or the other has had while taking a shit and decided to text to the other person. Does it make you uncomfortable knowing you're reading things that have been thought of while expelling the waste of humanity from my bottom? I hope so.

Do we think we're funny? Hell yes.

Do we think you're funny? Hell no.

Do we think we both know a guy who resembles a bear? Hell yes.

Do I remember what the point of this post was? Hell no.

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