Monday, March 31, 2008

Sometimes, even I've got nothing to say

I know what you're thinking, "that's not possible, Brown's full of piss, vinegar, and hot air."

Well, it's true. Sometimes there just isn't much to say.

It's the beginning of baseball season, but I've already given up on the Rangers (record pace, normally that happens at the end of April). Sure, I could spend any number of posts bitching about the Mavericks, but I won't do that. The draft is still too far away, so the Cowboys aren't on my radar. I love soccer, but I don't pay for Setanta sports and the MLS is weed to a crack head, just not enough buzz. I could write a review of Wrestlemania, but the people that would give a damn were watching it last night.

Since I really don't want to resort to link lists and YouTube clip posts, though I have done so in the past, I want to open the door to others to get their write on.

I know a fair share of you think you can write better stuff than Big and I, so here's your chance. Write up a post, email it to us (link's on the sidebar), and if it has any kind of substance, we'll post it. Think of this as "Big and Brown Idol". So all you people who, like we used to do, just sit on the sidelines and talk shit, here's your chance. We're not looking for other bloggers (got that, Unit and Dorsey?) . We're looking at those people who put on the airs that they know everything there is to know about everything (ass holes like me).

Fair warning, we're not claiming responsibility for these guest posts. You write it, we post it, you catch praise/heat for it.

Phone lines are open.

1 comment:

Big said...

a fantastic idea, you can be simon, i'll be paula. I've already got the addiction to pain killers! YourFAnTasTic!!!! (two steps forward)