Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Local announce teams...not bad at all

I'd like to think that every city's fandom thinks they have the best announcers for their sports in all the world. If you're an LA, Chicago or New York, that may be true in that your guys are that famous. However, I'd like to think the four sets of announce teams that Dallas has are very very good. No one is truly annoying, and each set seems good humored enough make fun of each other when they screw up.

Football - Dallas Cowboys - Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg

Brad Sham is all over the place these days. I heard him calling an NCAA tournament game with John Thompson. However, could you really imagine the modern day Cowboys being called by anyone else? Doesn't matter if he is with Babe, Charlie Waters, Grady Tinker, Bob Sturm, Larry Brown. Brad Sham is a guy who you just like to listen to when he's calling the game.

Baseball - Texas Rangers - Josh Llewyn and Tom Grieve

I might be one of the few, but damn it, I like this duo. Sure, show me the Eric Nadal's every now and then. Sure, Knox in the Fox Box is always a good time. However, I challenge you to find me a better time then on a Saturday in May, windows open and the fan on, laying on the couch with a beer and the Rangers game. Now do you really want Buck and McCarver with that call? No, you want Josh and TAG.

Basketball - Dallas Mavericks - Mark Folliwill and Brad Davis

Ahh yes, "Laser Cannon Mouth" himself and the man who stole the job from Bob Ortegal. Again, I like these guys. Would I prefer the national team? Yes. Do I enjoy the channel 21 broadcast? Yes. Plus, when they're on the radio, they have no problem making fun of each other. You gotta love that.

Hockey - Dallas Stars - Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh

If you haven't heard Ralph and Razor call a Stars game, you're missing out. These guys make hockey fun and if you dont think that Razor is down for a bit, then you are kidding yourself.

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