Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a look.......part 4

Teams 1-6 and Teams 7-10. and teams 11-14. A look at the NFL, from the draft point of view, in the draft order.

15 Detroit Lions 7-9

Good: Team started 6-4. That's damn good for this team. 9th in the passing game, with God's QB Jon Kitna going over 4,000. Best WR on this team statistically? Shaun McDonald, 79 rec, 943 yrds, 6 TD's, all team highs. At times Roy Williams and Chad Johnson look great. Young Ernie Sims led the team with 134 tackles and forced 3 fumbles. Not bad for a 23 year old.

Bad: The entire defense, and the run game. Look at these numbers, 31st in rushing yards. I know in a Mike Martz system you throw way more than you pass, but come on, 31st? Def: 32nd in points, 32 in yards given up, 31 in pass yards against, 23rd in rush. That's not a playoff team at all.

Prediction: After taking a WR in what seams like the past 15 years in the first round, this team has st start answers some of its DEF questions. I think they will let Shaun Rodgers leave and try to get a fist or second rounder for him. That might be a little light, but if they will take a 3, then i believe the line forms to the right. A combo of O Line and all things DEF will be looked at during the free agent period.

Draft: The thing is, one of the top 3 QB's might very well still be here, and if he is this team would have to look real hard at themselves and ask the question, is Jon Kitna going to lead us to the promise land? I doubt the answer will be yes, even for Detroit. If they don't go QB they MUST go BPA DEF. Guys like Calais Campbell, DE, Miami, Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St., Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma, should all be here for them to choose.

16 Arizona Cardinals 8-8

Good: First year head coach Ken Whisenhunt did a fine job with this team this year. Thinking that his starting QB and one of his best WR's went down early, one didn't come back at all, the other just didn't look right the rest of the year, 8-8 is damn good. 5th best passing yards, 7th most points, and the defense started showing signs of life, they were 9th best against the rush.

Bad: Like I said the Defense starting showing something, but they still have a long ass way to go. 27th in points against, and 28 against the pass. Coach Whisenhunt has his work cut out for him, and he might need to find a new RB as it is rumored Edge James wants out in Arizona.

Prediction: This team really took a step this year, but they aren't even close to hanging with the elites yet. The defense is just too suspect. They need to get some pass rushing and some secondary help. This can be either in the draft or in free agency. Rumor is that Terrell Suggs, who played college ball in Tempe, is interested in coming to the "Buzzsaw."

Draft: If they get Suggs then they can go after the best secondary player available. Kenny Phillips, S, Miami, Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma, and Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida could all be there at pick 16.

17 Minnesota Vikings 8-8

Good: Two words, Adrian Peterson. I was down on Minnesota last year after the draft for taking a running back when you had a perfectly good one on your roster. I'm not a fan of over loading talent (look at DET and ARI WR's, DAL LB's) at one position during the draft, but this might have saved the Vikings. 5.6 yards per Carry. 1341 yards. You throw in Chester Taylor's 844 yards and you got one hell of a 1-2 punch that teams want these days, and the #1 rated rushing attack in the game. Sidney Rice at times showed he had the ability to be the #1 guy this team needs. Ohh and this Defense was 1st against the rush again, and scored 6 TD's.

Bad: The worst thing that may have happened to this team is that QB Tarvaris Jackson showed just enough signs last season that they might give him one more year. BAD IDEA. Jackson isn't a starting quality NFL QB. Plan and simple.

Prediction: If any team is in need of going out and getting a vet QB, its these guys. I was saying during the season that they should get Donny McNab, but now it doesn't look like McNugget will leave Philly. Dark horse? Kurt Warner.

Draft: I really really doubt they will be thinking QB here, but if they do, one of the Big 3 will still be around more than likely. Another school of thought is that they take (another) WR. DeSean Jackson WR Cal, Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma, are both top notch guys. The smart thing to do might be going after a speed rusher like Quentin Groves DE Auburn, Derrick Harvey DE Florida, or Calais Campbell DE Miami. Groves didn't have the best senor season, but is a fine all round DE, Harvey and Campbell will need some seasoning, but they have a shot to be rock stars.

18. Houston Texans 8-8

Good: Turns out the QB was the problem! David Carr just sucked! That's good news for the Texans as they found a guy who might be the QB of future, Matt Shaub, and the next great WR, Andre Johnson. Mario Williams finally looks like he was worth the #1 pick last year.

Bad: The Defense that looked to be making strides last season didn't do that this year. 25th in pass def, and 22 in points allowed just won't cut it. DeMarco Ryans will still be a fantastic inside guy, but they need some help from the outside linebackers. I don't know what would have happened if this team had Ahman Green all year, but they need help in the run game.

Prediction: Next year, playoffs. With one or two moves this off season these guys can overtake Tennessee in a heart beat.

Draft: I think they go RB in the first and then just a bunch of defensive players the rest of the way. Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon, Felix Jones Rb Arkansas, Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois, or Steve Slaton, West Virginia, depending on what kind of back they want. Stewart and Jones would be best if they were to be ahead in the depth chart of Green, Slaton if they want Green to still be the man.

Well over half way done. Lets all get together and sell this bitch out.

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