Friday, January 4, 2008

a look.... part 3

Teams 1-6 and Teams 7-10. A look at the NFL, from the draft point of view, in the draft order.

11. Buffalo Bills 7-9

Good: I think they found something in Marshawn Lynch last year. He was out shadowed by AD last year, but this guy was one HELL of a rookie RB. I think this team is ready for the Trent Edwards era to begin, so this will be his team next year. The O-line was nice, helping them have the 15th best running attack and only allowing 26 sacks this season. They lived on the "bend but don't break" defense strategy this season. 31st in yards against, but only 18th in points against. That's a little crazy.

Bad: They have got to pass the ball better(30th), and score more points(30th). The defense seams to be going in the right direction, but they need to get stronger vs. the run.

Prediction: This team really could have used a top 5 pick. I know they went 7-9 and that's pretty good, but look at the teams they beat, NYJ's twice, Mia twice, Baltimore(spare), Cin(spare), and Washington(a decent team). Now you can say if this team would have just held on, they would have won over Denver and Dallas. True, but this team is still just not very good. They need to get some players on both sides of the ball, especially on the D-line and in the Secondary.

Draft: If Sedrick Ellis, USC, DT is still here, that's my guy for this team. If he is gone, look for them to draft Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio St., CB, Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona, or even Aqib Talib, Kansas CB/S.

12. Denver Broncos 7-9

Good: For starters, this team can always run the ball. The uber baby daddy, Travis Henry, had 4.1 YPC and Selvin Young had 5.2! That's nice. Jay Cutler looked at times this year that he was going to be the next great QB, and at times looked like the biggest bust in the draft. Brandon Marshall is a good. Elvis Dumervil and his 12 sacks is a good. Champ Bailey and Dre' Bly are both good too.

Bad: The worse part about this team was its consistency on Offense, and inability to stop the run. The good news is the O should get better with another year under Cutlers belt, but the D line needs help, and so do the linebackers. I keep hearing rumors that John Lynch won't be back next year either.

Prediction: Seeing how this team is pretty solid on Offense, but young, and very good, but old in the secondary, this team might go for the Free Agent route this off season to help them with their problems stopping the run. Again if Det gets rid of Shaun Rodgers, he would be GREAT here.

Draft: Think run stoppers, or maybe a WR in round 1. If Javon Walker gets traded, then they will need another guy to go next to B. Marshell. So here is some guys they will want/should want. Sedrick Ellis, USC, DT, Frank Okam, Texas, DT, Limas Sweed, Texas WR, DeSean Jackson, Cal, Jr. WR.

13. Carolina Panthers 7-9

Good: Despite having to start a 44 year old QB, and a guy that you got just before the season started off someones scrap heap, and David Carr at QB this year, they still won 7 games. DeAngelo Williams had a nice little season and showed what Coach Fox hopes will be some preview into what he can do next season. Steve Smith is still one of the top 3 WR's in the game.

Bad: Everything else. What was once the best def front in all of football, couldn't muster up but 23 sacks? Wow. I know that Delome was hurt, but damn, this team needs to get some O and quick.

Prediction: Ok, this is what I think will happen. They cut Carr, hope Jake comes back and starts for them next year, while they develop Matt Moore. I think they should draft a QB, but I don't think they will. They will hold pat for the most part and hope for a healthy team next year.

Draft: Kenny Phillips, Miami S, might be the #1 guy on their board. If he isn't there, then look for them to trade down, or Dan Connor, Penn St. LB, Ali Highsmith, LSU, LB or Ryan Clady, Boise St OT.

14. Chicago Bears 7-9

Good: Devin Hester.

Bad: All of there QB's.

Prediction: I know I over simplified the good and the bad. But in all honestly, those 2 things where the story of the Bears this year. That and some crazy ass injury's to the def. Two things need to happen for this team to be good next year, and make another run at the Super Bowl. Number 1: They need to find some quality at the QB spot. I can't imagine this team with a great QB. Now last year they got by on a nice running game to over shadow the poor QB, but this year they didn't have that great of a run game. Thing number 2 that the Bears need to do to get back to the playoffs; Be healthy. Simple.

Draft: They have to go QB here, even if they pick up a vet. Matt Ryan, Boston College Andre Woodson, Kentucky Brian Brohm, Louisville. What ever one they like best. I like Woodson, but I also liked David Carr and Joey Harrington.

4 more teams. Good times. More to come I swear. Don't leave me, I'm needy.

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