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look to tommorow, today, about yesterday (?) part 1

So the regular season is over for the NFL, playoffs are slated to start this sat, with that said I'm no longer going to do power rankings for the NFL, I know, its a said day. But when with every door that closes, a new one opens. And that door is my favorite door ever, the NFL draft. I truly believe that if someone wanted to take a real chance on a guy that didn't play football after middle school, never been a place where he could hire or fire anybody, and hasn't even been entrusted with any amount of money over 100 dollars, I could make one hell of a NFL/NBA GM. I'm just saying.

So now we start the counting of teams. This is the about where all these teams will draft. The 3, 4, and 5, picks will be decided by a coin flip, which will happen at some point in the next 100 days or so. I will take a look at each team's year, about 5-7 a day with the teams that lose this weekend next week and so on.

1. Miami Dolphins 1-15

Good: Well, Joey Porter played pretty well; as did Jason Taylor and I really think that Channing Crowder might be turning into a very solid LB. While Tedd Ginn was a massive reach last year, he has shown some signs that he could be the game breaking threat they want him to be, but with WR's, you need to give them 3 years. The best part about this team is probably the RB's. Before he got hurt, Ronnie Brown looked really good, and when he got hurt Jessie Chatmen wasn't all that bad. If Brown can make a full recovery, the now uber popular RBBC with Brown and Chatmen will be pretty nice next year.

Bad: Just about everything else. The Green, Lemon, Bect, QB rotation was bad. Bect might still have something, but he needs time to learn the NFL game. The O Line didn't help things at all. They could use 2 new guards and a new tackle. The Def has 2 or 3 players on it that you know will be back next year, Porter, Taylor, and Crowder. Every body else could be replaced if the right guy is available.

Prediction: Will Bill Parcelles taking over as PFO, look for this team to go heavy in the draft, trading down whenever he can, including the first pick, in hopes of getting multiple picks. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they trade Taylor for some draft love, and go get some solid players in FA. Nobody that will make a big splash, but just people that you know what you’re going to get guys. Just like he did in NY, and Dal. Guys like Chad Pennington.

Draft: IF they keep the #1 pick they will take one of these 3 guys. Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU, Jake Long, OT, Michigan, or Chris Long, DE, Virginia. If they take Dorsey, and they keep that hybrid 3/4 def, look for him to play end in the 3/4 or tackle when they switch to 4/3. Long is just a solid guy, and Long would have to learn the 3/4. Therefore none of them are "quick fix" guys. My guess is they are hoping that McFadden has a killer combine, and someone wants to trade up to get him.

2. St. Louis Rams 3-13

Good: This team can blame a lot of it's woe's on the old injury bug. I wouldn't be worried about this team if it had 2 or 3 more wins, but because they kind of just gave up there for awhile, they might be in more trouble than I thought. Despite missing a lot of time this year, S.Jax still got 1000 yards, and both Holt and Bruce had productive seasons. Big thing missing again this year was Orlando Pace. This team goes how the line goes.

Bad: The Def is getting better but they still need more improvement. The WR are getting old, and safety play was a non factor this year.

Prediction: Of all the teams in the bottom 6-8, this is the team that has the best chance of making a run next year. Holt and Bruce are old, so they need to start looking for there replacements, and the def needs to get more active. This team might do more in free agency than really make a splash in the draft. I think they take the best available player not named D-Mac.

Draft: Same three as Miami. Dorsey, or either of the Long's. What I would do is take Chris Long, the DE from Virginia. Have him learn from L. Little, and then hope he can rock some sacks next year. If a safety or even a WR were worthy of this pick, that’s where they would go, but I there is nothing like that this year.

3. Oakland Raiders 4-12

Good: I don't know how good Jam will be at QB, but they are at least set there. Porter and Curry did a decent job at WR this year. Baby Huggy Bear Justin Fargas had a good year too, with Lamont Jordarn being hurt all year off and on. And probably the best thing about this year is it seamed this team really played hard all year on both sides of the ball, they just didn't have that much talent.

Bad: Just about everything. Run Defense was 30th last this year, and why are people sad Sap is retiring? The O Line hasn't been good either.

Prediction: First I want to say that if you look at the numbers, Daunte Cullpepper might finally be healthy next year. He probably won’t be on this team next year, but who ever gets that guy might have a steal. With the Raiders, Al Davis is always the wild card here. They should just take the BPA, but if I were a betting man, I would bet they will take McFadden if he is there. Draft: If Dorsey is still here, that’s who they need, but if D-Mac is there, that who they will probably pick him. If BOTH are gone, then Jake Long, the OT from Mich would be a fine consolation prize.

4. Kansas City 4-12

Good: Larry Johnson is still one hell of a RB. Derrick Johnson is starting to come into his own. Jarred Allen is a stud, but they need to resign him. Even with Brodie Croyle, and Huard, they still had the 13 most productive defense. Bowe could turn into a elite receiver, and Tony G still had 99 rec and over 1000 yards.

Bad: The O line was terrible. They allowed 55 sacks and as a team they barley got over 1000 yards rushing. While Huard wasn't that bad, he is no better than a really good back up QB and the jury is still out on Brodie Croyle. 31st in offense, but a lot of that has to do with no LJ.

Prediction: It looks like Herm Edwards will stay as the coach, whom I like, but he will be on a one year hot seat. That said, I don't see them drafting a QB, but it wouldn't surprise me if they have a new one under center next year. Cullpepper, or Pennington come to mind, and my dark horse is Derrek "Horseballs" Anderson, it would cost them some nice picks, but it might be worth it. They will resign Allen or Franchise him, and look to add some depth behind their ageing corners.

Draft: If they pick here, this pick will rely on what goes before them. If Jake Long is still here, he will be gone in a second. If he isn't, then they could go a few ways. Then next best tackle is Sam Baker from USC, but he might be a bit of a reach here. They could go DE to go along with Allen and get Long from Virginia or Vernon Gholston, the DE from Ohio State that is a freakish man that will have his stock rise during the combine. There is also a chance this could be where the first QB taken, either Ryan, Woodson, or Brohm.

5. Atlanta Falcons 4-12:

Good: Hmm, They were +4 in TO margin. That’s a good sign. Jerious Norwood had some flashes of greatness, but every time they tried to use him more than a change of pace, he wasn't so inspiring. The surprise of year for them that was a good thing, was QB Chris Redman. He had a 90.2 QB rating, and had 10 TD's to only 5 picks. I don't know if he is the answer, but at least he showed he can play a little bit, and give them time to groom their next QB. Ohh and Roddy White finally gave HotLanta a real WR.

Bad: No coach, no star QB, a bat shit crazy CB, an old running game and old bum kneed TE. This team is pretty full of holes, and there probably isn't a quick fix. They might be on their back for a couple of years.

Prediction: Have you, sweet sexy reader, noticed the way the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers have been doing lately? They are a pretty descent team that is unified with a bunch of good guys, both on and off the court. That is what this team should be going for. They need an image rehaul after the whole Vick thing, and that starts this year. The new coach will make a difference, and now since they don't have Petrino, they won't be any pressure to take Brain Brohm, but I think they will take a QB in the first round, and then sit him next year while they see what Chris Redman can do with a full season.

Draft: The only way I don't see this team taking one of the QB's, Either Ryan from BC, Brohm from Louisville, or Woodson from Kentucky, is if McFadden is there. McFadden would be such a great pick here. They could let Dunn go, and have the power of McFadden with the quickness of Norewood. If they don't take a QB with the first round pick, I can see them getting a Henne from Mich, or JD Booty from USC, or Erik Ainge from Tenn sometime later in day one.

6. New York Jets 4-12

Good: They are set at QB, if by set you mean you get rid of a 89.3 passer rating QB who has been leading the team over the past 6 years, for a 2nd year guy who in about the same amount of games had a 60 QB rating. The RB's are good, but not great. I really thought Jerrico Cotchery really showed up this year, and Coles still has some gas left in the tank. Rookie ILB David Harris, picked last year in the 2nd, is a fantastic player, and so is Darrelle Revis. In fact last years draft looks to be really really good for the once named Man Genius.

Bad: Really Really bad, 29th, against the run. They need some help both on the D line and the LB spots. They only had 6 rushing TD's last year, as a team!

Prediction: This is a well coached team who is lacking playmakers right now. But since mangenius is of the Big Bill mold, don't look for them to do anything crazy to get some a star in here. I don't think Pennington will be with the team, neither will Vilma. So if they get some picks for the both of them, then maybe they can have the trading power to move up some spots and take D-Mack.

Draft: Like I said up there, McFadden would be a great pick for this team, but he won't still be her at 6, so look for them to go either o line with USC's Sam Baker, or they can get another ILB like James Laurinitis from Ohio State. Another great pick for them I think would be Golston from Ohio State. At the beginning of the year, if you said that the Jets would be picking 6th I would swear to you they would do anything to get DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal, but now that would be a stretch I believe.

Well there goes the first of what should be many NFL looks to tomorrow, today, while thinking about yesterday, over the next few days. I want to have all the non playoff teams up before SAT, but it all depends on life.

Keep on truckin.
Master of Thuganomics,

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