Thursday, January 3, 2008

a look..... part 2

Here goes part 2. Part one is here, teams 1-6, or 32-26 depending on how you look at it.

7. San Francisco 49ers 5-11

Good: Man this team is in all kinds of trouble. There are more questions here than there is during a male only gang bang. Is Alex Smith a decent QB? Is Shaun Hill really as good as his 101 QB rating says he is? Is Frank Gore OK? Is Vernon Davis the game changer they thought he was? All of this leads to me thinking, this team might suck again next year.

Bad: The worst part of this team has got to be the offense. 32nd in points, 32nd in yards, 32nd in passing yards, and 27th in rushing. Wow. The worst part of this is, they don't have this pick here at 7. They traded it to New England. Yes the undefeated 16-0 New England.

Prediction: They did make a move to get back into the first round, although it was with Indy so they won't pick till around 28th or so. They need just about everything , and that late round 1 pick and there 2nd rounder needs to be BPA that's not a QB or a RB, or a TE.

Draft: So they don't have the number 7 pick, but with either the late 20's that they have, or the early 2nd they need to look at a WR and a DT or LB. BPA. Think Limas Sweed, Texas, or Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma if they are going WR. Frank Okam, Texas, Quentin Groves, Auburn, if they go D line, or Ali Highsmith, LSU or J Lehman, Illinois if your fancy is LB.

8. Baltimore Ravens 5-11

Good: Willis McGahee was good, 1200 yards, 4.1 YPC. The Def is solid still, although they are old. Lastly, did you know Derrick Mason had 103 reception for 1081 yards. Not too shabby. The o-line really wasn't that bad either in giving up only 39 sacks.

Bad: This team straight up gave up on their coach this year. They don't really know what they got at QB, the def is good, but OLD, Mason is 33 years old, and Todd Heap was hurt all year.

Prediction: This team needs a new coach, and one that knows how to handle a old team. I don't know who, but with the right FA moves this team could make one more run at title next year. I have seen a lot of people say they need to go get themselves a QB in the draft, but that's not really what this team needs. The window for them will be open for about 1 or 2 more years, and that's it. Go get a vet QB that isn't all that bad( Pennington, Cullpepper) and let the run game eat up clock, and let Troy Smith sit another year. To do this I think they might need another RB to spell McGahee from time to time.

Draft: I would give up this pick if Philly wants to get rid of McNabb, or NYG wants to get rid of Eli, (don't be surprised if that happens). If they stay here, they could go 2 ways, if they want to blow this stuff up, then they will get a QB like Ryan or Woodson. If they want to make another shot at it next year, look for them to go after CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio St, or Calais Campbell, DE, Miami, or Vernon Gholston, Ohio St. DE. Why the DE's? They need to get more sacks. Suggs is a great player, but if you can get someone on the other side who is just as bad ass at rushing the QB, then that could really help this team.

9. Cincinnati Bengals 7-9

Good: The O is still there. 10th in total yards, 7th in the pass. Kenny Watson came out of nowhere and averaged 4.3 ypc. TJ and Chad both had monster years, and therefore so did Palmer. Best stat to take into next year? They only allowed 17 sacks all year. Nice.

Bad: 27th in total def. 26 against the pass, 21st against the rush. They have got to do better than that. Nobody on this Def had more than 4 sacks, or more than 5 picks.

Prediction: If this team can just get respectable on Def, they can make a playoff run with that explosive offense. Leon Hall was a good pick last year, so they need to build on that. Watson was a nice surprise, and they now have that nice RBBC that every team likes. I really think this team needs to open up its pocket books and really try to go get some DEF FA. Go after Lance Briggs and Boss Baily, that would be a great place to start. They won't trade Chad.

Draft: They need DEF. BPA on that side of the ball. One of these guys should be there, and I would take any of them in this order; James Lauinitus, LB, OSU, Kenny Phillips, S, Mia, Vernon Ghloston, DE, OSU, or Calias Campbell, DE, MIA.

10. New Orleans Saints 7-9

Good: The O was great this year. 4th in yards, 3rd in the pass, 12th in points. Drew Bree's was pretty good, 44 hundred yards, and he was only sacked 16 times. Marques Colston, had another good year, 98 rec, 1202 yards. Will Smith played well this year too, chipping in with 7 sacks.

Bad: As great as the passing game was, it had to be, because the running game was TERRIBLE. Deuce got hurt early and then down hill it went. The two guys taking over for him was the great Reggie Bush, and the very average Aaron Stecker. Bush is a play maker, but it just seemed he was used wrong. He only had 3.7 ypc, and 5.7 yards per catch. I don't know what Sean Payton should do with this guys, but not what he has been. Stecker was a little better, but not much. They were 26th is total Def, 30 against the pass, and 13 against the rush.

Prediction: They have to find a way to use Bush so he can max out his skills. I say stop trying to be cute with him and just give him the ball 25 times on the ground and trow to him when he's open out of the backfield. No crazy ass reverses or lining him up in the slot. They need to go get some help on the def side of the ball. If DET is really trying to get rid of Shawn Rodgers, he might fit pretty well here. They kinda lucked out in a way this year, seeing as how they had a shot at the playoffs all the way till the last week of the season, and then still get a top 10 pick.

Draft: BPA on the defense. Dan Conner, LB Penn State, Kenny Philips, S Miami, or even Calais Campbell, Miami DE. Should all be here and be good picks for the Saints.

That's all for now. More tonight if I don't go get my drink on, but that might happen so sex me.

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gerry dorsey said...

the saints will be fine on offense. no matter how they did it, they finished 3rd or 4th in total offense. say what you want about aaron stecker, but he performed well in limited action until the end of the year when as the full timer he averaged about 90ypg on about 4ypc. not to mention undrafted pierre thomas (whom the saints cut late round pick antonio pittman to keep), who averaged 5ypc for the season and went 20 for 105 in his only start of the season.

having said all of that, if they don't draft some sort of db in the first round (and in 1 or 2 of the later rounds) i will throw my tv out the window. last year i said the same thing, but gave sean peyton the benefit of the doubt after his first season. however, seeing as first round pick robert meachum was the only first round pick not to suit up this year, its db or bust.

damn that was long.