Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Brown Five - 1/15/08 - LeBron can't drive...55!

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) He's not a machine! He bleeds!
The Wizards dropped the Celtics yesterday, marking the Celts losing their third out of the last four they've played since entrenching themselves as the league's best team. Why, you may ask? I'll tell you. In trading the farm for the two to go with the one and make the big three, the Celtics sacrifices A LOT of depth on the bench. Given that Doc is a coach that likes to try and play everyone, there is only so much one man can do when he's rolling out spares to rest stars.

2) So, who is the best point guard?
Big mentioned it in his trade machine dream, that Jason Kidd might be the best point guard in the game today. Throw in Steve Nash and a few other names and there is a good debate. What about tomorrow? Chris Paul or Deron Williams? Williams has size and range, Paul has speed and court vision. Think about it...Williams bullies and punishes opposing guards with a pick and roll that bugs your eyes. Paul is like Speedy Gonzalez, only with Nash's ability to find the smallest of passing windows.

3) Cavs extend Brown's contract
Even though the Cavaliers have struggled to stay on top of the East after going to the Finals last season, Dan Gilbert and Danny Ferry haave decided to tack on two more years to Mike Brown's contract. The excuse for the poor play this year is the Varejao and Pavlovic hold outs and the LeBron finger injury. James is saying the right thing about Brown's extension being a good thing, but I'm not so sure that Brown has really done much of anything. James carries this team, and no one has made a move to get him a second banana.

4) Mavs season starts with a loss
Yes, I know the Mavs are deep into the season, but things don't "officially" start in Dallas until the Cowboys lose. Just to remind people how the season really did start, the Mavs lost to the Sad Sac Kings. They played pretty sloppy ball, and by the time they regained their style of play, it was too late. Kevin Martin was the star in Sacramento after hurting his knee ealier this year. If you're wondering about defense my only answer is to shrug my shoulders and say "I dunno"

5) Jerry Stackhouse is dropping an album
Oh yeah, here's a good idea. Remember Shaq, Kobe, Jason Kidd, etc all dropped albums? Well, now Stack is thinking he should do so as well. HOWEVER...remember the few times Stack has sung the national anthem at Mavs games? Pretty good, right? I'm just saying...

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gerry dorsey said...

i'm a huuuuuuuge chris paul fan. that guy is a stud.