Monday, December 17, 2007

The Brown Five - 12/17/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) The Cowboys lost because of inconsistency and injury
Don't kid yourself into thinking it was anything else. Romo had a bad day, and that happens to even the best of quarterbacks. You never get into a rhythym, you can't find your receivers, your line isn't getting off the snap and you've got no running game. You compound the inconsistent play with the key injuries to guys like Canty, Gurode, Watkins and Romo, and you're bound to drop a game. It happens.

2) Or was it because of a certain bombshell in the box
No. Listen, anyone who blames Jessica Simpson for the Cowboys' struggles is either going for comedy or is retarded. Here's the problem: FOX. There is absolutely no need to show anyone short of the athletes, the commentators and those associated with the game itself. I didn't need a cut away to Jessica Simpson every 2 minutes. For God's sake, you had Joe Buck commenting to his OWN FUCKING CAMERA CREW that they were turning Fox NFL into Access Hollywood. Let's get this straight, no one cares. I don't need sports commentary from the bubble gum pop radio station. And here's another hot sports opinion about Jessica Simpson: Not. That. Great. If you want to find a large breasted, man-face having girl who can't sing well and has an over bearing father, go to Baylor's campus any day of the week. It had to be said.

Some disagree

3) Browns and Bills, best game of the year
Thanks to the advent of the NFL Sunday Ticket, I spent my early afternoon watching the Browns play the Bills. This was the best 8-0 game I've ever seen because it was just disgusting and nasty weather. My entire television screen was white, and the wind and the snow made it impossible to see what was happening. It was football without any frills. Jam Jam Lewis versus Marshawn Lynch and the offensive line. Phil Dawson (former Texas great!) line driving a 49 yard field goal. Fumbled punts. Just greatness. Did I mention that Gus Johnson had the call? Oh yeah.

4) Rich Rodriguez, greener pastures?
Well, The FanHouse is reporting that Rich Rodriguez is leaving West Virginia to take the job at Michigan. To sum it up? West Virginia is pissed and Michigan is doing the happy dance. This proves that NO COACH is safe. No matter how committed they seem, Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, all of 'em are fair game to the sweet temptation of the cash. Only the Bowdens and Paternos are staying put. Well, benefit of the doubt to Rodriguez, he just said he was "interested" and he did pull out of the Bama job last minute last year, but this seems to be something everyone is running with. Big is shedding a tear because he loves him some West Virginia.

5) Dan Haren to the Diamondbacks
This was a trade that got buried in the Mitchel Report and weekend football, but should not be overlooked. It was Dan Haren for six prospects and, a separate trade, of Valverde to the Astros for Chris Burke (not from "Life Goes On") and Chad Qualls. The A's, under the Moneyball empire, ship off their stud pitcher for prospects. The D'Backs are obviously saying "we think we can win the NL this year" after a visit to the NLCS last year and now have a very formidable one-two punch with Webb and Haren, and a solid (NL) utility man in Burke. Who's going to close for them without Valverde is the question. A few more things to note with this move: the Astros have been quietly active this winter AND they have officially given up on Brad Lidge. See what Pujols will do to a man?

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gerry dorsey said...

disclaimer: this post was written by a bitter cowboys fan who watched his boys lose to an inferior team with home field in the playoffs still on the line. jessica simpson IS in fact smokin' hot and although she got way too much face time, she did deserve at least a little bit of it. please direct your anger at fox as it was not her fault they kept focusing on her sweet, sweet rack. thank you.

ps-rich rod is making a mistake. mark it down.