Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Power is in the Eye of.....

I'm going to make this one quick. Lots of good stuff to talk about, but for now your going to have to deal with my list. Hooray!

The Opps I Crapped My Pants Tier

32. Atlanta Falcons 3-11 - Damn what a bad week these guys. I would feel sorry for them, but I haven't liked Atlanta since they got rid of Steve DeBerg and then Jam Jam Anderson.

31. Miami Dolphins 1-13 - Man I was really rooting for the fins to get their only win this Sunday against New England, that would have been fun.

30. San Francisco 49ers 4-10 - I thought Shawn King was an analyst now? Wait is that the same guy?

The Praying for the beatings to stop Tier.

29. St. Louis Rams 3-11 - I still think this team will make the playoffs next year. That is if they don't fire their coach.

28. Baltimore Ravens 4-10 - Can you say give up? Good news is I thought Troy Smith looked pretty good. Maybe?

27. New York Jets 3-11 - That's the third (?) straight competitive game from these guys. I wonder what Johnathan Vilma is doing right now?

26. Kansas City Chiefs 4-10 - Well I think Herm's gone, so that sucks. Ever since I got bounced from my fantasy league's i haven't kept up with LJ's return. Is he still going to try and play?

25. Chicago Bears 5-9 - So, is there anyway the Bears can go up and get D-Mac? That would be some good stuff. I say go get him, sign McNabb and you got a team built for cold weather baby!

24. Cincinnati Bengals 5-9 - The Niner's? Really?

23. Oakland Raiders 4-10 - I still like this team. I don't know why, maybe its that crazy ass porter guy. He's funny.

The "Welp, we gave it shot, now who can we dump all the blame on" Tier

22. Detroit Lions 6-8 - Wow, I never thought this team was that good, but damn have they fallen.

21. Carolina Panthers 6-8 - Vinny didn't play last week because of what is listed as "general soreness." Insert Old Joke Here.

20. Denver Broncos 6-8 - Hmmm. I would still give Cutler another year. If they can shore up their d-line, then this team could be a breakout team next year.

19. Arizona Cardinals 6-8 - So much for my thoughts/hopes of this team making the playoffs.

18. Philadelphia Eagles 6-8 - Something has got to change for this team next year. I don't know if its Donavon, or the coach, or some def overhaul, but they need some help.

17. Buffalo Bills 7-7 - This is probably the worst .500 team right now. I mean come on they get to play the Jets and Fins twice!

16. Washington Redskins 7-7 - Glad to see Sean Taylor make the Pro Bowl. I hope they start just 10 men the first NFC def play.

Wow, could a 9-5 team really not make the playoffs Tier

15. New York Giants 9-5 - I really doubt they miss the playoffs, but they might. And trust me they will get DRILLED in the first round even if they do.

The Playoff Hopefulls

14. Houston Texans 7-7 - Despite the fact I hated the all red Jersey, looks like straight out of Any Give Sunday, watching Mario Williams play is fantastic. How this guy didn't get invited to Hawaii is beyond me. And I don't think they have a shot at the playoffs, but I wish they did.

13. Tennessee Titans 8-6 - Could this be the second year in a row this team just misses the playoffs? Yes it can.

12. New Orleans Saints 7-7 - Reggie is going to try and play, therefore this team is about to be out of the playoffs.

11. Minnesota Vikings 8-6 - Good D, great runners, shitty QB. If only this teams Defence was GREAT then they could have a shot at doing something. They make the playoffs but not my top 10.

Playoff Bound, bound to lose early that is, Tier

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-5 - How is this team this good again? I've been watching but I can't seem to see it.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-5 - You know what? Call me crazy, but i think this team isn't that good. They might just drop one more this year and then we won't get to watch that shitty field in Jan, and that sucks.

8. Cleveland Browns 9-5 - If Cle goes 11-5, I will buy a t-shirt that reads Cle Screwed the Boys" on the front. And "Hoseballs" on the back.

Playoff Big Boys

7. Seattle Seahawks 9-5 - Slowly getting ready to make that final push for Holmgren.

6. San Diego Chargers 9-5 - What if Norv lead this team to a title? How funny would that be? And how many time Marty try and end his own life?

5. Jacksonville Jaguars 10-4 - Man if this team can just not play Indy in the playoffs, they could win it all.

4. Green Bay Packers 12-2 - Way to go Farve, go get you some yards!

3. Dallas Cowboys 12-2 - See I told you i have a bad feeling. Let hope its just one game and not their usually collapse in dec.

Number 2

2. Indianapolis Colts 12-2 - They are starting to get some of that big mo going for um again.

And the Kings

1. New England Patriots 14-0 - Even when Brady plays like shit, Kool Aid is there to take the walls down.

Its short I know but I have been working on my College Football Bowl Guide, so stay tuned for that. Hard.

-The Biggster.

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