Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Brown Five - 12/19/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) Who cares about the Pro Bowl?
I dont think the Pro Bowl has mattered in a LONG time. So for players to feel hurt if they get snubbed or for coach's to think they are being disrespected if more players from a rival are chosen is stupid. The Pro Bowl is not like other league's all star games. It has no weight and no substance. Larry Allen making it for 30 years straight and Roy Williams being a fucking alternate should tell you it doesn't matter. I care more about the quarterback challenge that gets played at like 2 in the afternoon on ABC in the middle of July.

2) The Falcons want Big Bill
As the VP of Football Operations, this might be a good move. Bill Parcells is not responsible for coaching the team, or even for executing any player moves, per se. He can hire a new GM (if they fire McKay), he can hire a new coach (Zimmer, Carthon, one of his guys) and Arthur Blank can point to a guy who has a track record for fixing shit storms. I think this would be a smart move by Blank, but he's got to beat Miami to the punch.

3) Someone practices with the Bobcats
An M. Jordan, no, that's too obvious, Michael J. MJ is the managing director of operations for the Bobcats and, for the most part, has been pretty quiet and unassuming in his role on the team. However, he claims that after watching the team sputter to an 8-14 start, he realized he needed to get in the room and watch film with them and show them how to work together and win. What's the countdown clock before he's lacing up again?

4) You're paying Silva how much?
According to Fox Sports, the Mariners have made an offer to Carlos Silva in the nieghborhood of 4 yrs/$44 million. What. The. Hell. Are we at a point where baseball owners just have a big ass pile of money and they don't care who gets it? I thought the Gil Meche contract was out of sorts last year, but Silva for $11 million a year? I think the real question here is, if Silva gets that much per year, is it crazy to think Santana won't ask for more than A-Rod money??

5) Just sports?
I stopped blogging on my old blog because I wanted to start this little blog instead. Since it's much more sportsy, that tends to be the slant here. Do I have commentary about the Spears girls being little whores? Yes. Am I going to share that? Maybe. Sorry for those of you who enjoyed my ramblings about MyFaceSpace or whatever, but unless I feel really compelled, I'm not gonna write it here.


Big said...

I say fuck it, the fact that the 16 year old spears is now preggos, that might deserve a rant. Perhapes a weekly "Dennis Miller-ian" like rant? Can we hit the spotlight start playing some wham please?

gerry dorsey said...

i gotta be honest, i would read a "the spears family is full of white trash whores" rant.

and i think whoever big bill fills that role for it is a good hire. say what you want about the guy, but he is a helluva talent evaluator.