Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Son of a Bitch. Here we go.

From The DMN Cowboy Blog:

"Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite in this locker room or in Texas Stadium," T.O. said. "I think with everything that has happened, and obviously the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel like she's probably taking his focus away.

"Other than that, she was at the top of my list until last week."

Romo didn't make his usual Wednesday appearance in the locker room, so we didn't have a chance to get his reply to T.O.'s concern about Ms. Simpson. And T.O. isn't done dealing with her, either.

"I've got a message for her when we make the playoffs," T.O. said. "Just stay tuned."

Here we go. Jeff Garcia is gay. Donovan McNabb doesn't care. Tony Romo has dumb, blond pussy on his mind.

TO's at the mic, anyone listening?

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gerry dorsey said...

fwiw, i just heard one guy on espn radio (don't ask me why i was listening to them) say that t.o. was joking. when informed that this dude makes it a point to say t.o. was joking he said either he has other sources, or he misinterpreted. who knows??