Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dubya? The Next Commish?

Tis the season indeed. One of the best times in sports is right now. NFL, Bowl games, NBA, NHL, College Basketball, and the hot stove season in the MLB. Recently I was at a Christmas party where, after a few drinks, the topic of the Mitchel report came up. It was pretty standard chat, but then we got onto the issue that something had to be done with baseball, and there needs to be a new commish. One of my good friends, who's opinions i actually listen to brought up a name i had never heard before, our current president George W. Bush. At first this thought was crazy to me, but the more and more he talked about it, the more and more it made since.

So i asked him to write something for the website. Explaining what "dubya" ment for Dallas's landscape to baseball, and more importantly to Arlington, a city halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. Here is what he had to say.

Arlington, Texas, the Texas Rangers and President George W. Bush

In 1989 George W. Bush purchased a share of the Texas Rangers baseball franchise where he served as managing general partner for 5 years. During this time the Rangers and the City of Arlington agreed to build a new ballpark for the franchise. With this new ballpark the City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers hosted the 1995 All-star game and truly put Arlington on the map.

The growth of the Rangers and the construction of The Ballpark in Arlington (now known as Rangers Ballpark in Arlington) are a direct result of the efforts of George W. Bush. There were many people who worked to make sure that the Ballpark was built but the influence and affability of the future President are undeniable. As a result Arlington, Texas was to continue to thrive as a tourist destination thanks to its theme parks and brand new ballpark.

In 2009 the real legacy of George W. Bush and his role with the Texas Rangers will be realized. The Dallas Cowboys will begin playing home games in a brand new stadium in Arlington, Texas. I think it is only fair to point out how important a role President Bush indirectly played in this happening. Sure there were numerous attempts to bring the Cowboys back to Dallas but in the end Arlington is where they will call home. If not for the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington I don’t think the appeal of Arlington would have been the same.

Sure the Cowboys may very well have ended up in Arlington; after all it has a number of positives working for it. Still the Ballpark had to be the most attractive. Now in Arlington the Cowboys will have a state of the art new stadium next to one of the nicest ballparks in all of Major League Baseball. These things will in turn only help Arlington continue to thrive. With the Dallas Cowboys calling it home Arlington, Texas will now feature professional sports 9 months out of the year.

Only the future will tell what kind of legacy President George W. Bush leaves for the World. We now see what kind of legacy team owner George W. Bush has left. The Rangers have a great ballpark that brings millions of dollars in revenue each year to Arlington. The Dallas Cowboys will bring that much more. I think President George W. Bush deserves a great deal of credit for this. Like him or not his impact in Arlington, Texas is undeniably positive.

Thats the great work of our friend Nayfa.

Two big things come from that in respect to Bush and the job of Commish.

1: He has been an owner that helped create a new ballpark, meaning the owners who are trying, or will be trying to do the same thing can respect this man for what he did in the past.

2: His like-ability. Say what you want about hi job as President, the fact that he comes of as just a likable guy is without question. This is something that good ol' Bud has never been able to do.

Now I have no clue if Bush even wants to go this rout after his term is up, or even if he would be in consideration, but I do know that the idea of Dubya as the Commish of MLB, isn't that far fetched.

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